Alexander W Dreyfoos School of the Arts high school student Byron Matysek, 18, creates innovative solution to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at gas stations.

Disposable gloves mount in a small pouch on vehicle fuel doors to protect gas station patrons.

Gas stations, convenience stores, employers, and branding specialists pick up innovative product solution, “Fuel Door Gloves.”

Byron Matysek, 18, a high school senior, along with his father, Christopher Matysek, have developed a unique concept to protect patrons at gas stations from COVID-19.

It is now possible to safely pump gas without touching potentially contaminated gas nozzles or electric car charging plugs. The disposable gloves are stored in a small pouch, conveniently attached to the inside of the vehicle’s fuel door.

“We worked together on the idea, and now we have a provisional patent,” explains Christopher, Byron’s father. “I am so proud of the work my son has done as a high school senior. He wants to help people stay safe during the pandemic, and he is making a difference!”

Most Americans get gas every 7 to 10 days, which means touching those filthy nozzles 3 or 4 times a month. Reuters(TM) reports, “Gas pump handles turned out to be the filthiest surface that Americans encounter on the way to work,” based on a study by Kimberly-Clark(TM). So, avoiding touching those gas pump handles helps reduce exposure to all kinds of germs, not just COVID-19.

The Bretheim Family explains, “We count on Fuel Door Gloves to keep us safe and to not bring the virus home with us. We know that our family can stay safe even when we still have to travel to work, keeping our family safe using Fuel Door Gloves that we can have delivered right to our door!”

Having gloves handy makes a difference in every situation during the pandemic. The hardest part is making sure you always have the gloves where you need them when you need them. That is the ingenious part of the Fuel Door Gloves. They are always right where you need them when you need them.

Byron and Christopher hope that families all across the nation follow the Bretheim family example. Using Fuel Door Gloves at the gas station and while recharging electric cars shows how this 18 year-old high-schooler is fighting the virus One-Glove-At-A-Time.

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