As fall approaches, it’s important to watch how older horses handle the changing seasons. Fast temperature changes can affect aging equines –when they often suffer from arthritis in their joints as well as age-related metabolic disorders that can affect their bones, joints, and hooves.

Cavallo Hoof Boots ( offer older equines enhanced comfort as they move. The soles absorb shock, re-distribute weight and pressure, and help encourage blood circulation – all essential ingredients for health and longevity. While some older horses can be ridden lightly, others are retired earlier than their owners would like. With extra support, these horses may have a chance to move freely again.

“Bodies feel better when they move,” says Cavallo President Carole Herder. “Yes, this goes for horses too. Movement lubricates joints, increases blood circulation and aids in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The more horses move, the greater the opportunity to extend their working active lives. Older horses are more willing when movement doesn’t cause pain.”

Hoof boots, combined with optional cushioned pads, offer support for horses’ hooves as well as joints. Cavallo Boots are also easy on aging riders’ hands. If arthritis or bending down are an issue, the boots fasten simply, quickly and securely. Read on to find out how hoof boots helped three aging equines move easily and get back on the trails.

Out of Retirement

Riding with Trek boots helps older horses – and any horses – feel cushioned support while riding on any trail terrain.

Marie Reimer rides with the Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia. Having Trek Boots ( helped her rekindle her riding relationship with her 26-year-old quarter horse, Ricky.

“I ended up taking Ricky on a four-day camping trip,” she says. “My five-year-old horse wouldn’t load, so Ricky was pressed into service.”

Reimer says Ricky stepped out nicely and moved better than he has in recent days while wearing the Trek Boots.

“I’m going to take him out more, based on this trip,” she says. “We did some steep terrain at one point, and he had no trouble with grip. I am really impressed. Plus, we did trot some, went into the lake for him to drink and I didn’t worry about them coming off.”

Still Enjoying the Trails

Kim Fish rides the California trails with her 25-year-old horse, Josie. Fish credits Cavallo Hoof Boots with keeping her horse soundly on the trail for summer treks.

“We rode a small bit of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail in the lower foothills of Calaveras County, California,” Fish says. “Josie is breaking in her Trek Boots that I will be using from here on out on our adventures. Josie will be 25 years old in April and with her boots she is still going strong and loves to get out on the trail!”

Minis on the Move

Aging miniature horses also walk out with more confidence and drive when wearing their CLB Hoof Boots for miniature horses and very small equines (

A 19-year-old Shetland Pony named Tigger has chronically tender hooves. Watch his fast-paced walk with his new boots in place:

“He normally has to be so cautious,” his owner reports on her Moses Carriage Driving Diary Instagram account, @mosesdrives. “I haven’t seen him move out on the road like this for some time. He normally pulls to be on the grass. He’s normally so tentative and worried about ouchies. This is lovely. These are amazing. I was so skeptical and worried that boots wouldn’t make a significant difference but I’m over the moon to have been proven wrong!”

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