Cavallo Horse & Rider: Fitting Boots for Hoof Emergencies

 When emergencies strike, Cavallo Hoof Boots ( can help protect horse’s hooves to heal from abscesses, laminitis, or other hoof injuries. Here’s how to make sure new hoof boots fit well when horses need to keep them on during extended healing times.

Size First

Start by finding correctly sized boots. Watch Cavallo’s measuring videos or chat online with Cavallo staff to help make sure the horse’s new emergency boots will fit. Remember that even if only one hoof is affected, using two boots to match the front or back in height will help a horse balanced and help avoid future problems. Visit, contact ( for help, or message Cavallo through Facebook Messenger ( for help finding the correct size and boot type.

Added Protection

When ordering horse hoof boots, order protective Pastern Wraps or Comfort Sleeves at the same time ( If the boots are required for use around the clock, the heels and pasterns will be protected while the boots break-in. The Cavallo Comfort Sleeves will fit most easily if a horse has a bandage in place. The Cavallo Pastern Wraps will stay in place and guard the horse’s heels and pasterns while wearing the boots. Depending on the horse’s injury, add cushioning pads inside the boots to help reduce stress (

If time is available to break in the boots while the horse rests in a stall filled with shavings, he will get accustomed to the boots over time. Like breaking in any high-quality footwear, hoof boots can take a little time to shape to a horse’s hooves. Try the boots for 10 minutes on the first day. If there are no signs of irritation, increase the time worn by another 15 minutes each day.

However, when boots arrive, it may be required for the horse to wear them consistently to help with a hoof emergency. There may not be time for the usually-advised, gradual, break-in period. Cavallo boots will provide comfort immediately when following these tips. Reduce any possible friction with a new boot by using Cavallo Pastern Wraps or Comfort Sleeves. Help soften the new-boot leather with a leather conditioner or soak the boot in hot water. Loosening up the padded leather area at the back of the boots will help to lessen pressure against the horse’s heel bulbs.

If immediate comfort is required without time to break boots in, check them frequently at first for signs of friction. Look closely for red or shiny skin or any sign that hair is rubbing off. Check the back of the horse’s heels and bulbs several times a day. If there are signs of discomfort, give the horse a rest from the boots before trying again. When putting the boots on again, make sure to use the Pastern Wraps or Comfort Sleeves. Watch this video for more tips about breaking in Cavallo boots:

Keep it Clean

Air circulation is crucial to prevent the build-up of fungal growth and bacteria. Watch for anaerobic conditions during rehab and balance between providing comfort and protection and allowing breathability. Mix 50 percent apple cider vinegar and 50 percent water, then spray the mix often into the boots and to the hoof soles.

Immediate Relief

Cavallo Hoof Boots have technically advanced shock-absorbing soles, making every step predictable for the horse (horses will stop anticipating that a step could hurt and start to move more freely). The soles absorb the concussive forces that would refer through the hoof. The result is an immediate difference in the horse’s willingness to move. Painful hoof conditions such as laminitis, navicular disease, hoof cracks, abscesses, sole bruising, and thrush stop horses in their tracks –but not when wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots. A horse’s stride appears more confident with boots on. Keeping the horse moving is essential for health as movement encourages blood circulation, hoof expansion, oxygenation, and proper overall hoof function. Cavallo Hoof Boots provide the comfort and protection required for ease of movement.

While all styles of Cavallo Boots are used successfully for rehab, the Trek stands out ( The Trek upper is soft, flexible, and comfortable for the horse to wear.

Wear For All

There is a large bonus waiting when the horse turns the corner and is active again. The boots can be used to ride over any terrain at any speed. Cavallo soles and uppers are incredibly resistant to rocks, abrasion, asphalt, and creek beds. Trek boots can see a horse through pain reduction and rehabilitation to the joyous days of riding again.

Visit to learn about the full line of Cavallo Horse & Rider products. Call toll-free from the USA or Canada: (877) 818-0037.

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The Horse Studio Soundstage Expansion

 Multi-media industry hub, The Horse Studio Inc., located in the Mohawk region of the New York State Film program, announces the new offering of their services of New York State Film and TV Qualified Production Facilities (QPFs).

Availability of a 60′ x 190′ soundstage offers productions participating in the New York State Film Tax Credit Program the opportunity to shoot on a certified soundstage at this Qualified Production Facility.

A unique blend of enterprising facilities are included at the soundstage location that encompass glamping locations with resource “fixing”; full RV/trailer connectivity for 30 amp electric/sewer, etc.; on site professional horse “wranglers” with expertise in English riding; horse models and riding talent.

Additionally, the location offers 80+ acres of breathtaking views from its location 2500+ above sea level, with open fields, woodlands with a south facing rolling landscape.

Local accommodations include national award winning hotels such as The Roxbury Experience, B&B and Airbnb options and the usual chain hotels. Catering services are available from a myriad of vendors, in addition to celebrated regional restaurants and cafes in the local village of Stamford. The village of Stamford, once heralded as, “The Queen of the Catskills,” is currently enjoying a cultural resurgence and offers foodie delights, activities and and backdrops for the discerning director.

More information will be published shortly across The Horse Studio social media platforms and a new website with metrics and further details are slated for launch December 2021.

The Horse Studio Inc.

Nikki Brazier




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Horse in a Kilt Media Inc. Notes: How to Amp Up Your 4Q Pop and Kick Into 2022 with Confidence

 Horse in a Kilt Media’s President, Nikki Alvin-Smith, brings these notes and advice for business owners looking to amp up 4Q sales. This advice is based on her 20+ year professional career in PR/Marketing and creative content writing:

As the final quarter of 2021 is well underway, the final countdown is on to boost the annual sales figures for businesses across the pet and equestrian spectrum. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and there is no need to be a magical leprechaun to find it.

Smart business owners take savvy steps to successfully guide prospective customers to a clever sales funnel and watch them disappear down the rabbit hole.

Sadly, the business of running a business is fraught with unexpected twists and turns that take even the most ardent B2B and B2C owners by surprise. Pop up competitors, copycat products, net neutrality (yes, that is still a thing), out of date and ill-synced websites, old-fashioned sales funnel designs, poor social media management and a lack of positive influencing all combine to cause headaches for the multi-tasking multiple hat wearing business manager.

Here are some notes from Horse in a Kilt Media Inc., on how to stay relevant in today’s PR/Marketing world.

Do You Have The Talent?

A talent for producing eloquent and carefully crafted wordsmith materials is required to maximize conversion rates, and thus, positively contribute hard cash to the bottom line.

Is your business writing dry and derelict of interest for the consumer? Or does it chat and offer a personal viewpoint from a professional POV?

Nothing Works That is Static

Horse in a Kilt Media’s main focus as a media production hub is in the equestrian and pet industry but creative content is also produced for a myriad of other businesses, from niche material science industry firms rebuilding infrastructure with scientific breakthroughs to highly technical medical industry manufacturers. Whatever the industry, the world of PR/Marketing is never static. E-blasts change, formats for websites change, depths of discussion for articles and evidence based education change, needs change. The consumer is not sitting on a couch anymore waiting for someone to drop in on a pop-up and garner their attention.

Make sure content creation produced is abreast on current trends to ensure best results.

Hung Up On Copyright?

Another hot topic is the endless arguments over copyright ownership and fair use definitions. The addition of the author’s name to content produced from writers not directly employed “in-house” by a company, i.e. payroll taxes paid, etc., should be considered a plus, not a minus, when it comes to branding.

Don’t Be Shy Not To Be Dry

Embrace writers that bring a positive energy in content production. Creative angles in any writing format are essential for reader engagement. Don’t let perspective become monotonous or tedious to read.

Serious business can be fun. Look for a unique writing voice in the content writer you employ. Ensure their language infuses the topic with enthusiasm and passion in a meaningful way.

Horse in a Kilt Media Inc.

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Horse in Pink Pajamas to Inspire #InnerBeauty at NYC World Premiere “SAVING SANTALAND” on Nov 9

Regal Cinema on Tues. Nov. 9 – Red Carpet to host Celebrities, Luxury Brands, ie. to Save Hometown Theaters through a New Christmas Tradition Re-Releasing 2020’s Best Seller Family, Christmas Comedy Movie “The Farmer and The Belle: SAVING SANTALAND.”



NEW YORKOct. 29, 2021PRLog — Interviews with The Farmer and The Belle‘s star Belle Winters (Jenn Gotzon, Oscar-Nom’d Frost/Nixon) and the movie’s picture horse will take place outside in Times Square around Regal Cinema, 247 W. 42nd St, NYC from 5:00pm to 5:30p. Gotzon will speak on why our value is not based on our physical appearance, but on how we love one another. The movie’s message inspires #InnerBeauty and overwhelming impacted women 34-65.

The World Premiere for The Farmer and The Belle: SAVING SANTALAND is presented by Unite Health Share Ministries (UHSM) a nonprofit, faith-based health sharing ministry founded on Christian beliefs and values. The evening will take place on the second floor of Regal Cinema. Doors open at 6pm with Red Carpet from 6:15pm to 7:15pm. Followed by Christmas festivities, screening, gift bags, #InnerBeauty jewelry, books and merchandise from the movie.

For press pass or to schedule an interview, email

A fan favorite Christmas movie — Amazon Best Seller (New Releases in Romance, Nov 17 – Dec 29. 2020) and award-winning best ensemble cast, direction. and script — the family, Christmas comedy movie, The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland (TV-G) is releasing in hand-picked theaters nationwide Nov. 19 bringing local communities back together. Most showings will have church youth groups sing Christmas carols coupled with a nearby bookstore selling gifts to the movie-goers for the Christmas season. Ugly Christmas sweaters add to the fun.

“Our hope is local businesses will go back into the black after a post-pandemic struggle. With only 30% of movie goers returning in 2021 independent theater’s doors are under threat of closing. We pray families from kiddos to grands will experience nostalgia as they usher in the Spirit of Christmas together watching our family Christmas comedy, The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland at their home-town theater. Let’s make a new Christmas tradition together!” states husband and wife producing duo and stars of the The Farmer and The Belle, Gotzon and Jim E. Chandler (Stranger Things).

Trailer and critics feedback

Sponsors include Zun Royal Group with partnerships worldwide, ie. Vogue China, Shinshot Media in Beijing, etc; Inspiration TV, a beacon of light in more than 200 nations via, and Kay’s Acres and Harmonia Equestrian training up horses in the Harmony Horsemanship discipline

USHM welcomes all to evaluate their options for Open Enrollment. Open Enrollment, acts as an opportunity where individuals and families can make changes to their existing health plans or sign up for new coverage ahead of the Saturday, January 15, 2022 deadline. For more information please visit

Cavallo Horse & Rider Boots Help Older Horses Move Easily During Fall Season Changes

 As fall approaches, it’s important to watch how older horses handle the changing seasons. Fast temperature changes can affect aging equines –when they often suffer from arthritis in their joints as well as age-related metabolic disorders that can affect their bones, joints, and hooves.

Cavallo Hoof Boots ( offer older equines enhanced comfort as they move. The soles absorb shock, re-distribute weight and pressure, and help encourage blood circulation – all essential ingredients for health and longevity. While some older horses can be ridden lightly, others are retired earlier than their owners would like. With extra support, these horses may have a chance to move freely again.

“Bodies feel better when they move,” says Cavallo President Carole Herder. “Yes, this goes for horses too. Movement lubricates joints, increases blood circulation and aids in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The more horses move, the greater the opportunity to extend their working active lives. Older horses are more willing when movement doesn’t cause pain.”

Hoof boots, combined with optional cushioned pads, offer support for horses’ hooves as well as joints. Cavallo Boots are also easy on aging riders’ hands. If arthritis or bending down are an issue, the boots fasten simply, quickly and securely. Read on to find out how hoof boots helped three aging equines move easily and get back on the trails.

Out of Retirement

Riding with Trek boots helps older horses – and any horses – feel cushioned support while riding on any trail terrain.

Marie Reimer rides with the Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia. Having Trek Boots ( helped her rekindle her riding relationship with her 26-year-old quarter horse, Ricky.

“I ended up taking Ricky on a four-day camping trip,” she says. “My five-year-old horse wouldn’t load, so Ricky was pressed into service.”

Reimer says Ricky stepped out nicely and moved better than he has in recent days while wearing the Trek Boots.

“I’m going to take him out more, based on this trip,” she says. “We did some steep terrain at one point, and he had no trouble with grip. I am really impressed. Plus, we did trot some, went into the lake for him to drink and I didn’t worry about them coming off.”

Still Enjoying the Trails

Kim Fish rides the California trails with her 25-year-old horse, Josie. Fish credits Cavallo Hoof Boots with keeping her horse soundly on the trail for summer treks.

“We rode a small bit of the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail in the lower foothills of Calaveras County, California,” Fish says. “Josie is breaking in her Trek Boots that I will be using from here on out on our adventures. Josie will be 25 years old in April and with her boots she is still going strong and loves to get out on the trail!”

Minis on the Move

Aging miniature horses also walk out with more confidence and drive when wearing their CLB Hoof Boots for miniature horses and very small equines (

A 19-year-old Shetland Pony named Tigger has chronically tender hooves. Watch his fast-paced walk with his new boots in place:

“He normally has to be so cautious,” his owner reports on her Moses Carriage Driving Diary Instagram account, @mosesdrives. “I haven’t seen him move out on the road like this for some time. He normally pulls to be on the grass. He’s normally so tentative and worried about ouchies. This is lovely. These are amazing. I was so skeptical and worried that boots wouldn’t make a significant difference but I’m over the moon to have been proven wrong!”

Share Your Aging Equine Story

Tell us about your older horse and how Cavallo Boots have revitalized his movements or work life. Send us a message at or

Sign up here for Cavallo’s free newsletter and special community discounts:

Carole Herder is the author of the #1-bestselling books: “There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven,” and the newly-released, “Hoofprints on The Journey.” Her company, Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., manufactures and distributes horse products, including Cavallo Hoof Boots and Saddle Pads, to 26 countries worldwide. Herder designed and developed Cavallo Hoof Boots and Total Comfort System Saddle Pads. She’s an honored recipient of the BCBusiness Women Innovator Award, Royal Bank of Canada Woman Entrepreneur Award, a member of the Women Presidents’ Organization, and a certified Chopra University Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Teacher.

Visit to learn about the full line of Cavallo Horse & Rider products. Call (877) 818-0037 from the USA or Canada or call direct, (604) 740-0037.

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