Horse in a Kilt Media’s President, Nikki Alvin-Smith, brings these notes and advice for business owners looking to amp up 4Q sales. This advice is based on her 20+ year professional career in PR/Marketing and creative content writing:

As the final quarter of 2021 is well underway, the final countdown is on to boost the annual sales figures for businesses across the pet and equestrian spectrum. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and there is no need to be a magical leprechaun to find it.

Smart business owners take savvy steps to successfully guide prospective customers to a clever sales funnel and watch them disappear down the rabbit hole.

Sadly, the business of running a business is fraught with unexpected twists and turns that take even the most ardent B2B and B2C owners by surprise. Pop up competitors, copycat products, net neutrality (yes, that is still a thing), out of date and ill-synced websites, old-fashioned sales funnel designs, poor social media management and a lack of positive influencing all combine to cause headaches for the multi-tasking multiple hat wearing business manager.

Here are some notes from Horse in a Kilt Media Inc., on how to stay relevant in today’s PR/Marketing world.

Do You Have The Talent?

A talent for producing eloquent and carefully crafted wordsmith materials is required to maximize conversion rates, and thus, positively contribute hard cash to the bottom line.

Is your business writing dry and derelict of interest for the consumer? Or does it chat and offer a personal viewpoint from a professional POV?

Nothing Works That is Static

Horse in a Kilt Media’s main focus as a media production hub is in the equestrian and pet industry but creative content is also produced for a myriad of other businesses, from niche material science industry firms rebuilding infrastructure with scientific breakthroughs to highly technical medical industry manufacturers. Whatever the industry, the world of PR/Marketing is never static. E-blasts change, formats for websites change, depths of discussion for articles and evidence based education change, needs change. The consumer is not sitting on a couch anymore waiting for someone to drop in on a pop-up and garner their attention.

Make sure content creation produced is abreast on current trends to ensure best results.

Hung Up On Copyright?

Another hot topic is the endless arguments over copyright ownership and fair use definitions. The addition of the author’s name to content produced from writers not directly employed “in-house” by a company, i.e. payroll taxes paid, etc., should be considered a plus, not a minus, when it comes to branding.

Don’t Be Shy Not To Be Dry

Embrace writers that bring a positive energy in content production. Creative angles in any writing format are essential for reader engagement. Don’t let perspective become monotonous or tedious to read.

Serious business can be fun. Look for a unique writing voice in the content writer you employ. Ensure their language infuses the topic with enthusiasm and passion in a meaningful way.

Horse in a Kilt Media Inc.

Nikki Alvin-Smith




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