Mother, marketing maven, and fashionista Klaleh Parker is on a mission to share the tools that helped her become a successful entrepreneur.

As the visionary of 1000 Professionals, a group of professionals that monetize their skills while living a healthy lifestyle, Klaleh Parker has seen a tremendous amount of success in both the corporate and entrepreneurial arenas and has now been able to duplicate her success. Currently a top earner within her CBD weight loss company, Klaleh has no plans on stopping.

Klaleh is the perfect example of mastering the art of motherhood and entrepreneurship. When she became a first-time mom, she decided to take her businesses to the next level by delving into e-commerce – eventually creating an e-commerce platform for her empire and relocating to Las Vegas, where she managed her multiple businesses.

At present, Klaleh manages three successful platforms – High Maintenance Boutique, High Maintenance Health and Beauty, and Inner Circle Coaching.

High Maintenance Boutique was founded as a premiere fashion destination for trendy runway finds. Meanwhile, High Maintenance Health and Beauty is the one-stop shop for those who want to achieve a healthy lifestyle with the help of TLC products. And finally, there is Inner Circle Coaching, which is a portal equipped with easy to understand tools and videos about the fundamentals of winning as an investor, entrepreneur, or corporate enthusiast.

Today, thousands of men and women seek Klaleh’s guidance daily through 1000 Professionals. For more information, visit Klaleh on all social media platforms @klaleh or visit her website at or

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About 1000 Professionals

1000 Professionals is a group of professionals that monetize their skills while living a healthy lifestyle. It was founded by Klaleh Parker, a Las Vegas-based entrepreneur, who became a Record Breaking National Director for her network in 2020. Her platform with TLC has garnered attention from all over the world, with Klaleh being labeled as a powerhouse.