As homes are now serving as offices and classrooms, Boulders at Puget Sound Apartments provides details on how tenants are coping with work & school from home.

The same is true for residents at Boulders at Puget Sound, a luxury apartment in Tacoma, WA. Like most, the tenants here are juggling careers and parenting while the state remains under lockdown. But the real estate company says that its apartment community has proven especially suited for this scenario. As Boulders at Puget Sound says: “Unlike other apartments, we offer spacious units with open-plan layouts, allowing people to have separate work and study areas. All units are also equipped with high-speed internet, which is vital when working or studying remotely.”

Settling into work in Boulders at Puget Sound

Many of the residents in Boulders at Puget Sound community are successful professionals who have demanding jobs. The property management team observed that while working from home required some adjustment. Their tenants seem to have adapted quickly by setting up their space for remote work and online learning.

Designate a dedicated work area

Working from home can be quite distracting, as people have to manage both their job and their households. That’s why residents say that having a dedicated area where they can work undisturbed is vital. Some have converted a spare bedroom into a home office, though a quiet nook in the apartment can work as well. Being in this designated work area tells spouses and kids that its “business mode,” so they are less likely to interrupt. It also makes it easier to disengage from the job once the workday is over.

Make it as similar to an office desk as possible

Residents also keep their productivity up when working from home by making sure that they work in similar surroundings. Some have recreated their home office to be as close to what they might have in their office. This might mean getting a second computer screen, buying a printer, and ordering that filing cabinet to keep things organized. Having this type of setup makes it easier to get back in the groove of things.

Ergonomics matter

The property team has also observed residents investing in ergonomics for their health and well-being. A comfortable workspace is crucial, whether it’s located in the office or at home. It pays to invest in high-quality, office equipment to make the workday as pleasant and productive as possible. Begin with looking for a big enough desk that should be at least 29 inches in height and can hold all a good deal of stuff. Just as important is an ergonomic chair. Choose one with a sturdy, reclining backrest and adjustable height.

Get enough lighting

Good lighting isn’t just about taking care of your eyes; it also helps to get in the mood to work. If there are windows in a work area, draw the blinds and let the natural light stream in. The units in Boulders at Puget Sound have oversized windows that make workspaces bright, airy, and energizing. Supplement this natural light by installing ceiling lamps and other overhead lighting. Desk lamps are also a good option as long as you place them in a way that won’t cause screen glare.

Setting up to study

Because there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding face-to-face instruction this coming school year, many private and public schools plan to welcome kids back with a remote learning setup for safety reasons. To prepare for this, many residents have built a dedicated space for their children to help them study effectively. The residents in Boulder at Puget Sound share these tips.

Make space for learning

Just like the set up of a dedicated home office, create a space where kids can learn. Whether it’s a desk in the living room or your kitchen island, parents must make sure that it’s a distraction-free environment that allows the child to concentrate. The space should also be big enough for your child’s laptop, books, and other school requirements. Consider using walls to mount learning aids such as maps and charts, or put up a bulletin board for displaying artwork and important reminders like exam dates.

Keep it organized

A messy space won’t make for a proper study area. Keep clutter to a minimum and prioritize good organization. Make sure all school supplies are within arm’s reach for convenience. Likewise, purchase shelves or pull-out drawers where textbooks can be stored after class. Make sure to develop a filing system as well to record the child’s academic progress. These will be submitted to the school district and will be the basis for whether they are ready to move up to the next grade.

Make it fun

Kids are more willing to study lessons if the study area is fun. For instance, create a cozy reading nook where they can read lessons away from the desk. Children also aren’t inclined to sit down all day, so consider getting bean bags so they can be more comfortable. Also set up an art station where they can do creative projects and handicrafts. Another idea is to create an activity area where kids can play during breaks–as they would be in an actual school.

Account for younger kids

Tables and chairs are staples of any homeschooling setup, but get miniature ones for the smaller kids. Make the study area colorful and fun as well to keep them engaged during lessons. Provide plenty of art supplies and educational activities for the tots as well. Keep the area clear of gadgets and toys to minimize distractions.

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