SCS meets with student interns of Administrative Service (with photos)


     The Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Patrick Nip, today (July 27) met with university students participating in the Administrative Service Summer Internship Programme to learn about their internship experience, and encouraged them to apply for the Administrative Officer (AO) post upon graduation to contribute to the country and serve society.
     Mr Nip said the Administrative Service Summer Internship Programme aims at offering university students a better grasp of the work of AOs and the chance to get hands-on experience of working in the Government, thereby facilitating their future career planning. He said he was pleased to learn that the programme was well received among students, with a record high of some 280 applications this year.
     “The civil service constitutes an important component of the political structure of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and is the backbone of the HKSAR Government. The Administrative Service is the core of the civil service. Being multi-skilled professional administrators, AOs are posted to different bureaux, departments and district offices as well as offices outside Hong Kong at regular intervals to undertake different areas of work, including assisting in the formulation and implementation of policies, resource allocation and district administration, as well as important duties such as the promotion of Hong Kong’s interests in the Mainland and overseas. In the face of the many challenges, we are looking for talents who have outstanding capabilities and are highly committed to contributing to the country and serving society to join the Administrative Service to support Hong Kong to strive ahead with renewed perseverance.”
     This year, a total of 84 Hong Kong students studying in local and non-local universities have been posted to 28 government bureaux and departments, taking up duties similar in nature to those of AOs. The participants generally hold the view that the internship programme has enabled them to obtain hands-on experience in working with serving AOs to see for themselves the Government’s operation and the diversified work of AOs, and to gain a more in-depth understanding of public administration.