A local student insurance agency, Insurance For Students (IFS), has rolled out its next generation of student insurance products. Unlike traditional student insurance products, IFS has teamed up with FutureHealth to provide health promotion services which includes educational programs on alcohol misuse, opioids misuse, sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, loneliness etc. The program consists of documentaries on each topic, plus reading material that students can go through.

Given the past few years and the number of mental health issues students face and the challenges students are going through, IFS has added counseling services and case management in addition to the health insurance benefits. Our services are not just for college students, we offer insurance for higher education institutions, but for K-12 schools, private schools, nursey day care, sports, camps, etc. as well. We want all students to have the ongoing support to be successful at their institution and complete their education and not give up.

Insurance For Students/FutureHealth has offices in Delray Beach, FL and in West Springfield, MA. For additional information, please contact Gina Warga at GWarga@fhsmail.com.

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