ZeroOutages Has Launched a Telecom Connectivity Revolution as a Global Provider of Satellite Internet Service With Integrated SD-WAN

 ZeroOutages, a pioneering technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the world of global internet connectivity and network reliability, has recently launched its groundbreaking global deployment of its Managed Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Telecom Network Service integrated with its patented SD-WAN technology.

“ZeroOutages is an evolutionary disruptor,” as stated by Gartner, recognized as one of the world’s best management consulting firms.

As an award-winning single-source provider, ZeroOutages empowers businesses with managed, secure, and uninterrupted LEO Satellite Connectivity in over 60 countries, with 1000+ scalable site-to-site locations and 100% private end-to-end connectivity.

The core features of ZeroOutages’ globally deployed LEO satellite-enabled services include:

Managed SD-WAN Services: ZeroOutages offers managed Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) services that come with enhanced Quality of Service (QoS). This technology ensures that businesses can optimize their network traffic, prioritize critical applications, and maintain seamless communication, even in the most challenging environments.
Meshed Networking: ZeroOutages’ solutions enable businesses to create a resilient and meshed network architecture that can adapt to changing conditions. This ensures that network performance remains reliable and responsive, regardless of disruptions or outages.
Integrated Network Security: ZeroOutages places a premium on security, providing integrated network security services to safeguard data and communications. This includes encryption, threat detection, and intrusion prevention, all designed to protect against modern cyber threats.
White Glove Technical Assistance: ZeroOutages goes above and beyond by offering white glove technical assistance, simplifying the deployment process for clients. With a dedicated team of experts on hand, businesses can rest assured that their satellite-enabled services are configured and maintained seamlessly.
50+ ZeroOutages Data Centers: ZeroOutages leverages a robust network of data centers to enhance reliability and performance, ensuring that businesses can operate smoothly and securely.

“What makes ZeroOutages truly unique is our global infrastructure with global reach,” said ZeroOutages CEO, Daren French. “Our patented and award-winning SD-WAN technology integrated with our LEO satellite service and managed global deployment has been a game changer. So now, whether it’s connectivity to the Internet, between branch offices, or remote worker deployments, we can get and keep you connected in over 60 countries, with 1000+ scalable site-to-site locations and 100% private end-to-end connectivity.”

As the tech industry continues to evolve, ZeroOutages remains at the forefront, driving innovation and setting new standards for global network connectivity and security solutions.

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About ZeroOutages:
ZeroOutages is a pioneering technology company specializing in Managed LEO Satellite Telecom Network services. As the first global managed business-class LEO Satellite Telecom Network vendor, ZeroOutages empowers businesses with comprehensive managed Internet solutions, managed SD-WAN services, meshed networking, and integrated network security. With a focus on excellence and innovation, ZeroOutages aims to redefine global connectivity.

For more information about ZeroOutages and its Managed LEO Satellite Telecom Network services, please visit

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TravelTube Launched Nearby Stories to Help African Travellers Discover and Learn About Local Historic Sites and Monuments

 TravelTube is excited to announce the launch of a new feature on the app call Nearby Stories. This is to help travellers explore and engage with historical landmarks and monuments across Africa.

With TravelTube Nearby Stories, travellers in cities such as Nairobi, Cape Town, Marrakech, Cairo, Accra, and Lagos can now embark on a captivating journey through time. This innovative feature brings the stories of these iconic places in Ato life through immersive audio storytelling.

Imagine strolling through the vibrant streets of Nairobi and suddenly being transported back in time as you pass by the historical Railway Museum. With Nearby Stories, your smartphone becomes a time machine, providing you with fascinating narratives about the construction of the railway and its impact on the city’s development.

Travellers and locals exploring the majestic Table Mountain in Cape Town or wandering through the bustling streets of Marrakech’s Medina, Nearby Stories ensures that they don’t miss out on the rich history surrounding them. Travellers can listen to the captivating stories of the people, events, and cultural heritage associated with each location, enhancing their travel experience and deepening the connection with the destination.

The beauty of Nearby Stories lies in its convenience. Travellers can play the audio in the background as they explore, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the sights and sounds of the city while absorbing captivating historical tales. It’s like having a knowledgeable local guide by your side, sharing hidden gems and intriguing anecdotes at every step of the way.

Nearby Stories is not only an educational tool but also a means to foster a deeper appreciation for the cultural diversity and historical significance of these iconic cities. It encourages travellers to engage with their surroundings and sparks curiosity about the stories behind the landmarks they encounter.

Nearby stories can be found on the Museum section of the TravelTube app availble on both Android and IOS. Through the history-filled streets of Nairobi, Cape Town, Marrakech, Cairo, Accra, and Lagos. Let Nearby Stories be your guide, unveiling the untold stories of Africa’s most captivating cities.

Other cities in Africa like Kampala, Dar es Salaam, Johannesburg, Harare are currently been added on the nearby places for both locals and travellers.

Esther Legette
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100,000 Snowballs Get Launched on the First Day of Summer

 Just as summer is getting underway, Colorado-based Big Discoveries gets 100,000 cushiony, fuzzy “snowballs” delivered to their offices.

In what is now the world’s first indoor snowball fight board game, Big Discoveries is launching Yeti Snowbrawl, a snowball stacking brawl for the whole family.

“After playing with a bucket of indoor snowballs, Mike Szalajko and I started thinking, there’s got to be something more than just tossing these around,” said Alex Mackey, Co-owner of Lethal Chicken Games. “While developing Yeti Snowbrawl for Big Discoveries, we came up with the idea of adding a little dexterity stacking, fun board game play and ultimately the perfect excuse for pelting my kids with soft, fluffy snowballs.”

Yeti Snowbrawl is a two to four player game where players must be the first to stack 10 snowballs on their Yeti Lair to win the game. But players also have the opportunity to try to knock over other player’s piles or even start a snowball fight.

Upon playing Yeti Snowbrawl for the first time, David Cross, CEO of Big Discoveries said, “I think Yeti Snowbrawl is an out-of-the-box way to get to interact with your family in a fun, competitive activity. It’s the perfect game for everyone you love…to throw things at.”

The ever elusive Yeti has been spotted more frequently with Yeti themed games on the rise such as Yeti Slap, Yeti, Set, Go! and Yeti in My Spaghetti amongst others.

Yeti Snowbrawl is available on Amazon along with Camping with Sasquatch and What The Film?! all by the same creative minds at Lethal Chicken Games.

Camping with Sasquatch, a card game with a ROAR is a “Rummy meets Slapjack” hybrid with cute camping characters such as a s’mores chocolate bar guiltily eating itself.

What The Film?! is a party game where players combine an Actor, Plot and Set card to create their best 36 second pitch. It’s a chance to ideate movies and backstab friends all at the same time. What The Film?! was a Toy of the Year finalist as well as TAGIE finalist.

About Lethal Chicken Games
Lethal Chicken Games began in 2017 during cleanup from Hurricane Irma. They create light-hearted, family-friendly games. For more information visit

About Big Discoveries
Screens off, play on. Big Discoveries creates the best toys, games, and puzzles to spark imagination and encourage discovery. Promote active play and exploration with our fun and functional animal lights or have a family game night at home with our collection of interactive tabletop games. There is so much to discover!

Lethal Chicken Games
Alex Mackey


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Canada – Call for proposals launched to improve the participation and social inclusion of persons with disabilities across Canada  

Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must leave no one behind, including the one in five Canadians who identify as having a disability. That is why the Government of Canada is working with partners from the disability community to address barriers to accessibility and inclusion, so that every Canadian can fully participate in all aspects of society.

March 28, 2022             Gatineau, Quebec             Employment and Social Development Canada

Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must leave no one behind, including the one in five Canadians who identify as having a disability.  That is why the Government of Canada is working with partners from the disability community to address barriers to accessibility and inclusion, so that every Canadian can fully participate in all aspects of society.

Today, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, Carla Qualtrough, launched a competitive call for proposals for national operating funding through the Social Development Partnership Program – Disability (SDPP-D) component.

National disability organizations can receive funding to increase the social inclusion of persons with disabilities in learning, work and community life.  Eligible organizations must build capacity in four key areas:

Governance and accountability
Effective leadership and operations
Developing and maintaining partnerships
Measurable impact

Funding provided through the SDPP-D aims to strengthen national disability organizations by supporting such things as: better strategic planning, enhanced recruitment and retention and improved analysis of policies, programs and services. 

This is the second competitive call for proposals for SDPP-D national operating funding, following the renewal of the program in 2017.  At that time, a new Performance and Accountability Framework was developed in collaboration with the disability community to help guide decisions on funding allocations under the component. The Framework addresses four main objectives identified by the disability community as important: fairness, transparency, predictability and accountability.

Not-for-profit organizations have until May 13, 2022 at 5:00 pm EST to apply by visiting:

“In the spirit of ‘Nothing Without Us’, we are continuing to invest in organizations across Canada who are working to make their communities more disability inclusive. By supporting those who are leading this work on the ground, we will continue to build the barrier-free country that all Canadians deserve.” 

–        Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, Carla Qualtrough 

Jane Deeks

Director of Communications

Office of the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, Carla Qualtrough

Free App, ADHDOutLoud, Launched by Dr. Alice Vo Edwards of The CEO Within LLC

 ADHD expert and tech entrepreneur, Dr. Alice Vo Edwards, launches ADHDOutLoud, a new, free mobile app to provide free online support for ADHD.

Dr. Alice Vo Edwards, founder of The CEO Within LLC, has just launched a free mobile app, ADHDOutLoud, now available for pre-order in the Apple app store, and releasing on April 1, 2022. The goal is to bring awareness to the plight of ADHD patients while providing free peer support and increasing social support as well as access to resources for those struggling with ADHD. As a consultant and therapist who works with organizations and individuals on performance and life strategies, Dr. Alice is particularly passionate about supporting those with neurodiverse conditions such as ADHD.

“I did my dissertation on the challenges adults with ADHD face at work because of the socioeconomic disparities that adult ADHD sufferers face over their lifetime. My masters thesis was on the need for a technology tool to help connect individuals to more coaching and support online because not everyone can afford 1:1 coaching or therapy or is ready to invest the time and money it takes to work with a coach or therapist. The data I collected during the pandemic showed me that people are struggling more than ever before with ADHD symptoms, which I believe to be related to the increase in remote working. I felt that it was vital to create a free virtual resource because so many people don’t have people in their local social circle who can give them good advice or point them to resources and there is still so much stigma around ADHD that many are uncomfortable talking to people they know well. With this app, we can start to overcome physical barriers and stigma to help those with ADHD get the help they need to better understand and work with their condition so they can live their best lives.” – Dr. Alice Vo Edwards

Because Dr. Alice is also the founder of a technology consultancy company, that is a no code mobile app developer, Alerive, Inc., she was able to work with her team of interns and business partner, Tracy Nwonyimi, to develop and launch the ADHDOutLoud app and make it free for users to download and use.

ADHDOutLoud is designed to provide free online support for ADHD, enabling users to post questions anonymously and even connect with others who have ADHD or are supporters of those with ADHD. The user-friendly app is ideal for different categories of users, including employers with staff that have ADHD, caregivers, family members with loved ones with ADHD, adults with adhd, and young adults and teens with ADHD.

The app is currently available for pre-order on the App Store and will officially go live on April 1, 2022.

For further information about ADHDOutLoud and other innovative solutions from The CEO Within Me, visit

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