RPF rescues 150 girls/women during pan India drive “Operation Mahila Suraksha”

Safety and Security of women have always been paramount to the Indian Railways. Railway Protection Force (RPF) and frontline railway staff are relentlessly working to ensure safe & secure travel of women over the Indian railways. Dedicated to this objective of women security a pan India drive “Operation Mahila Suraksha” was launched from 3rd to 31st May 2022.

During this drive, RPF has arrested more than 7000 persons who were traveling unauthorizedly in the coaches reserved for women. RPF also rescued 150 girls/women from becoming the victims of human trafficking.

With an objective of providing enhanced safety and security to lady passengers travelling by trains for their entire journey a pan India initiative “Meri Saheli” is also operational. 283 teams (covering 223 stations) of trained mahila officers and personnel with an average total deployment of 1125 lady RPF personnel per day, are deployed across the Indian railways who interacted with more than 2 Lakh 25 thousand ladies during this period and provided them end to end security.

Train escort duties with mixed composition of male & female RPF personnel were also widely deployed during this period. Mixed escort duties have commenced few months back and are getting a positive feedback.

To educate the rail users regarding their safety and Dos & Don’ts during their journey, 5742 awareness campaigns were organized. During this month long operation, RPF personnel risking their own life, saved the life of 10 ladies who had slipped while boarding/ deboarding the moving train and were likely to get run over by the moving train.

Indian Railways is keen and determined to continue to enhance women security cover over the railway network.


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Girls Empowerment in “A Grand Slam Birthday,” by Chrysa Smith

 Chrysa Smith, a resident of Bucks County, PA has just released her eighth children’s book titled, “A Grand Slam Birthday.” Smith has an easy reader series, “The Adventures of the Poodle Posse,” a prequel picture book, “Once upon a Poodle,” and her previous release, “The Upside-Down Gardener.”

“In A Grand Slam Birthday,” Dory Oslo arrives at her cousin’s birthday party, and nobody looks like they’re having too much fun. In fact, the kids are lined up against the wall like toy soldiers. But Dory, (from The Upside-Down Gardener), turns up the excitement once again as her cousin opens her gift and finds something that turns the party inside-out and into something quite unexpected. A piñata becomes baseball practice as frilly cousin Izzy tries her hand at whacking that donkey with a big spoon. After a few tries, she wallops the toy and it’s contents come flying out. Balls, candy and whistles turn into the backdrop for a super-exciting game of baseball, complete with announcer! All the kids jump in, as paper plates serve as bases, big spoon as a bat and a ring pop as a microphone. The MVP of the game turns out to be none other than the unlikely Izzy, but Dory and her cousin Izzy, and the whole gang at the party learn a thing or two about fun, trying new things, and having confidence in yourself.

According to The Midwest Book Review,

Chrysa Smith offers a different birthday celebration theme that revolves around translating one’s passion into achievable, enjoyable fun everyone can pursue… Her depiction of how two unfamiliar pursuits eventually engage the entire party in trying something new makes for an appealing story that goes beyond the usual birthday themes to encourage kids to problem-solve in more cooperative ways. The message about trying new things is really a lesson on positivity and creative pursuits. This approach will delight both picture book readers and their read-aloud parents with a taste of something different.

The book is suggested for primary grade independent readers (age 6+) , Dory fans, baseball and fun lovers. It is available on her website: wellbredbook.net, where it can be dedicated and signed, or through Amazon or the Newtown Bookshop.

Smith also writes for adults. She has a column in Bucks County Magazine and Lake & Country Magazine out of Lake Geneva, WI, and has penned articles for Costco Connections, Philly Style and others.

For more information, log onto: www.wellbredbook.net.

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Girls Inc. of NYC Honors Moody’s at 2021 Annual Spring Gala

Girls Inc. of New York City announced today the honoree for the 22nd Anniversary of Girls Inc. of New York City’s annual Spring Gala. This year’s Lifting Girls Up gala will honor Moody’s Corporation. The gala will take place virtually on May 13, 2021 at 6:00pm ET. Girls Inc. of New York City will celebrate 22 years of providing programs that transform girls’ lives, educating and inspiring thousands of low-income girls to better navigate gender, economic, and social barriers in order to be prepared for leadership and academic opportunities. Proceeds from the gala will support Girls Inc. of New York City’s mental wellness, financial literacy, STEM, and college readiness and retention programs for underserved girls across New York City who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

“The Lifting Girls Up Gala is about rallying together to address gender inequalities that have been magnified during the pandemic. We hope you’ll join us for some fabulous performances, but also to hear firsthand from the girls’ experiences. We look forward to seeing you there,” said Dr. Pamela Maraldo, CEO of Girls Inc. of New York City.

The 2021 Lifting Girls Up gala, hosted by comedian Abbi Crutchfield, will feature a special performance by Broadway star, Jawan Jackson, of Ain’t Too Proud-The Life and Times of the Temptations. Also during the event, various girls from the Girls Inc. of New York City community will share their experiences, and speak on how being involved with Girls Inc. has impacted their lives.

This year’s gala will also give guests the opportunity to join an exclusive VIP Experience. The VIP Experience, offered to donors and sponsors at $10,000 and up, will begin an hour before the gala at 5:00pm ET. VIP members will enjoy perks such as a bottle of Schramsberg Mirabelle Brut Rosé, a private performance by Broadway performer and actress, Isabelle McCalla, a toast from Girls Inc. of NYC’s Board Chair, and a custom, interactive cocktail demonstration by celebrated bartender Joaquín Simó of Pouring Ribbons.

For more information about the 2021 Spring Gala or to purchase tickets, please visit: https://www.girlsincnyc.org/gala2021

About Moody’s Corporation
Moody’s Corporation is the parent company of Moody’s Investor Service and Moody’s Analytics, and provides investors with credit ratings, risk analysis, and research for stocks, bonds, and government entities. Composed of a diverse team, Moody’s is dedicated to promoting clarity, knowledge, and transparency in the global community, and helps decision-makers manage risk and identify opportunities by providing valuable insights and trusted standards. Girls Inc. of New York City is pleased to honor Moody’s for its partnership with the non-profit organization in launching the first data analytics program of its kind for high school girls: Generation Giga Girls (G3). G3 is intended to bolster interest for girls ages 14-17 in the exciting new field of data analytics. This program centers on building girls’ skills in mathematics, critical thinking, and technology.

About Girls Inc. of New York City
Girls Inc. of New York City inspires New York City girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy. Our comprehensive approach to whole girl development equips girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers and grow up healthy, educated, and independent. These positive outcomes are achieved through three core elements: people – trained staff and volunteers who build lasting, mentoring relationships; environment – girls-only, physically and emotionally safe, where there is a sisterhood of support, high expectations, and mutual respect; and programming – research-based, hands-on and minds-on, age-appropriate, meeting the needs of today’s girls. Join us at www.girlsincnyc.org, @girlsincny, and www.facebook.com/girlsincnyc.

The Power of 100 Girls Seeks Inspiring Youth to Make a Difference in Their Communities

If 100 girls from fifth grade through college joined forces to make a difference in their communities by giving voice to other girls, what could they accomplish? The Power of 100 Girls, fiscally-sponsored by Hack+, is recruiting inspiring and dedicated girls and young women to join its Founders Circle to support girls overlooked in a traditional grant or scholarship system.

To become a Founders Circle member, girls must commit to raising and/or donating 100 dollars annually, then meet quarterly to review applications and select girls, women, and related organizations to support. They will also provide leadership for The Power of 100 Girls organization as ambassadors for the initiative through recruitment, sponsorship and growth opportunities for the new nonprofit.

“Founders Circle members are independent thinkers who are passionate about helping girls and young women who are, for various reasons, overlooked or unable to pursue the help they need to succeed,” says Merrill Keating, 16-year old founder of The Power of 100 Girls and a freshman at the University of Washington. “As an introvert myself, I have noticed so many girls miss out on scholarships and awards because society favors extroversion. Without access to a good support system and connections, many of these girls can fall through the cracks. When I observed so many engaged and passionate girls struggle to launch their causes or projects, I decided to attract 100 of them so we could make a difference in the future of other girls and young women like them. By harnessing the power of girls at an early age, Founders Circle girls become investors and entrepreneurial catalysts who uplift, empower, and help shape the destinies of others.”

The Founders Circle membership will be made up of girls who are dedicated to being allies and keeping a fair and open mind. More than a community service opportunity, participation in The Power of 100 Girls is a chance to learn and grow together in an authentic and collaborative environment while pledging to do good and pay it forward. 100 percent of the minimum 100-dollar annual investment will become part of the scholarship fund, and the organization hopes to recruit sponsors and partners to help offset the administrative costs and expenses associated with starting and running the organization. “My hope is that an intentional Founders Circle of inspired young change makers will make the open-hearted decisions to make a difference,” she said. “Rather than waiting for funding from an external source, we can boldly and purposefully create a world of our choosing.”

Visit powerof100girls.org for more information.

Two white girls, tender love is in the air

MONROE, Conn.April 20, 2021PRLog — “I like your shoes,” one of the girls said to me as I walked past after shooting some hoops at the park. “They match your cap,” she added. Delightfully surprised, I lifted my head and smiled. “Thank you,” I replied, “they are my soccer shoes.” Then I continued going my way, walking toward the edge of the basketball court where the two girls were playing. They had arrived about two hours before me and took up a game on one of the adjacent courts, and I pretended not to notice them. But for some reason, one of the girls decided to say something about my shoes as I was leaving. Maybe she wanted to cheer me up after reading my gloomy face glued to the ground. I don’t remember my exact inner feelings at the time I walked past them.

Until she said that she liked my shoes, I did not even notice that the sky-blue color of my soccer shoes matched the color of my hat. Dressing to match is something I consciously stopped doing years ago. However, now and then lightning strikes, and that day my dress colors matched like the winning numbers of a Mohegan Sun slot machine.

Of the many times I put on those shoes and hat, that was the first time I received a compliment. Where did this teenager learn to cheer up a black middle-aged stranger? It seems that every time the world spins with mayhem and racism, any act of kindness across the racial line becomes magnified. Martin Luther King, Jr. talked about how a little white girl wrote him to express how happy she was that a blade-wielding assailant missed his neck jugular veins by inches. A slash through the big vein would have killed him. Thank goodness the assailant missed, the little white girl wrote to Martin Luther King, Jr.

In case you have not noticed, there is a fight between evil and good in this world. Every time evil men and women spit out fires of hatred, good people fight back with arms and love. As such, acts of violence in one part of the world evoke generosity from other parts of the world. Acts of hatred from one pathetic soul evoke acts of love from many souls.

When Hitler invaded France, American soldiers went after him. When Gowon bombed and starved Biafran Igbo Children during the 1967-1970 Nigerian civil wars, mercenaries and humanitarian organizations from across the globe countered his efforts to kill us. With the death of George Floyd and the mistreatment of Asian people, whites, blacks, and all races have escalated their benevolence.

I can sense it; tender love is in the air at this moment around the world. Without what is going on in the United States and around the world, I wonder whether that teenage white girl would have been so nice and gifted in wisdom.

For my childhood’s memoir about the Nigeria-Biafra civil war, visit https://www.amazon.com/Biafran-Conscriptors-Memoirs-Niger…