NexBloc Adds .NEX and .ARTIST Decentralized Top-Level Domains to its Arsenal of Web 3.0 dDNS Offerings

NexBloc today announced the creation of several new decentralized top-level domains (dTLD) including .NEX and .ARTIST. This adds to the expanding list of domains that are being developed on multiple blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as Polygon, XDC and Hedera. As well, buyers will now be able to use a credit or debit card in addition to the Coinbase Commerce platform currently used for taking payments.
NexBloc is developing infrastructure for the decentralized web with their decentralized domain naming system (dDNS) to make Web 3.0 a usable ecosystem of connected websites and applications. They use an omnichain approach by creating root domains on core blockchains and then interconnecting any DLT or blockchain for use of a consistent naming path.

The .NEX dTLD represents a cross-chain “nexus” of the decentralized internet and also represents the foundation of the Nex in NexBloc. Nexus means the connecting of spaces and the most important point. It is representative of the bridge between the ICANN centralized Web 2.0 world and the new Internet with decentralization as the future of personal data usage and control.

With .ARTIST, NexBloc is giving creators a way to claim a domain that fits their passion. Owners of .artist domains will be able to use them to create decentralized websites, authentication access to theme-based decentralized applications (dApps), and more.

“The future is about personalization and control,” Dana Farbo, Founder and CEO of NexBloc stated. “We are building systems that interoperate between the old internet and the new to ensure that individuals are at the center of their digital lives, with full control and lifetime access to their data.”

Account-holders on the NexBloc domain registration platform can reserve their domains of choice and begin to take advantage of an expanding array of services. Once purchased, there are no renewal fees, ever and NexBloc pays the gas fees for minting on most chains and distributed ledgers.

About NexBloc

NexBloc is building the next generation of the internet with decentralized DNS at the core. Digital entities tied to the decentralized web are the future of personal data protection and use.

With both a New York City based commercial operation and a British Virgin Islands token Foundation, NexBloc uses technology stacks to create custom deployments of dDNS systems.

They currently have over ten private blockchain top-level domains (dTLD) in various forms of deployment.

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MTS Artist Lady Redneck Releases First Christian Music Single

 For the past 3+ years, MTS Artist, Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck has been releasing her brand of quirky country music. She has racked up nearly 70K Spotify streams on her hits like “I Dented Your Truck” (#1 iTunes South Africa) and “Don’t Try To Take Our Guns” (Top 10 UK). Most of these streams occurred in the past 12 months. In the meantime, Ms. Lee has amassed a huge social media following of over 1 million strong. But, it’s her faith that remains the most important thing in her life.

Not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, or let her feelings be known, Lady Redneck has offered up her first Christian single release, “After The Rain, You’ll Find The Son.” The self-penned track dropped at retail on March 4th.

“It’s through the trials of life, the hardest things we go through, quite often that we draw near to the Savior,” Stephanie says. “We find Him and He is always there with open arms.”

About Lady Redneck: For Stephanie Lee aka Lady Redneck, writing songs about her downhome roots and everyday life comes naturally. Raised in a musical family from the small town of Howe, Idaho (population 23), Stephanie grew up playing mandolin, fiddle, bass, guitar and drums, performing all over the pacific northwest in Dusty Boots. The family band sold over 40,000 units! After going solo, Lady Redneck has released numerous original and cover songs to the delight of her more than 1 million social media followers. She is a Josie Music Awards nominee.

Stephanie Lee is a dark chocolate lover and a workout-a-holic. She loves her family, her Savior, and her country. Now living in Texas, she also speaks Spanish and a little Cebuano.

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Artist and Architect Paulo Zavala, Takes Readers on a Journey Through the Lens of His Camera, in His Book “Farewell to Valparaiso”


Valparaiso–the Jewel of the Pacific is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Chile. The city of Valparaiso was a port of call for commercial freighters until the Panama Canal opened in 1914. Valparaiso was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its unique urban design and distinctive architecture.


Paulo Zavala, an artist, and architect, roamed the quirky pathways and steep slopes of this intriguing port town. However, Chile went through a turbulent time when the military launched and succeeded in a coup d’état against Salvador Allende. The event ushered in a dark era in which civil rights, were not respected. Paulo is one of the brave people who opposed the dictatorship, but his bravery was why he had to leave the city he had called home for thirty-six years.


Paulo takes us on a journey through the lens of his camera in the book “Farewell to Valparaiso.” This photobook elicits extreme emotions and showcases a wealth of colored photographs. The pictures featured in the book allow the readers to roam Valparaiso’s historic streets. Paulo will let the readers experience the heart-racing melancholy he felt when he took the photos.


“These photographs reflect the emotional intensity of the moment, the pain of viewing a familiar place, only inhabited by the souls of the people gone. The photographic images that you see in this book are the graphic rendering of my soul at the time of leaving such a loved place.” —Paulo writes.


Walk with Paulo as he bids farewell to a piece of his heart. 


Get your copy. Buy the book at:


Farewell to Valparaiso

Author: Paulo Zavala

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: March 2022

Book Genre: Arts & Photography


About the Author:

Paulo Zavala is an architect and artist. He wants to share with his readers a few moments of his life.

Artist, Producer and Songwriter Releases His New EP

 Artist, Producer and Songwriter, Shapiro Releases His New EP “CLOUDS.”

Listen to the EP CLOUDS here.

After a momentous year of writing and featuring on Roc Nation’s artist, Oyabun, album No Hard Feelings and the hit single You Need Me for Black Coffee’s Grammy-nominated album Subconsciously. Songwriter and artist, Shapiro, returns to the music scene releasing his new EP CLOUDS.

The emerging R&B artist soothing vocals and rhythmic lyrics curates the perfect vibe as he sings over melodic beats.

“CLOUDS is a depiction of temporary moments,” says Shapiro. “Some have clouded my judgment and others have brought me clarity.”

Each song’s reminiscence flow stands out to listeners as they relate to the lyrics and woes of love. Shapiro shares those emotions through the album and following songs. You Deserve, which explores love without limits. Distance a song explaining the feeling of growing apart from someone that’s right beside you. Rather than physically being in two different places, you’re emotionally in two different places. While, Every time is about getting too close to someone to the point it creates insecurities.

With the highly anticipated project, Shapiro hopes to invoke amiable emotions of love, joy and disappointment.

About Shapiro

Shapiro is a master of sound letting his music speak without distraction. Masking his face allows listeners to lose themselves in each musical note. As a multidisciplinary artist from Mississuga, ON, a neighboring city to Toronto, ON, Shapiro’s smooth sultry sound echoes a distinct Toronto style of music.

From ambient R&B to energetic dancehall, Shapiro music reflects his many victories and hardships.Through witty metaphors and detailed storytelling, albums such as, LUDUS allows listeners to decode life complexities, vibe out or romance a love interest. As an ambitious Song writer, Producer & Artist Shapiro continues to fearlessly push boundaries in any discipline he chooses.

Shapiro worked alongside some of the most sought after artists and producers. After signing to EMPIRE in 2017, Shapiro released the following singles: Blue Chanel, Urgent, South Central and Face Pace. With the success of LUDUS, Shapiro expands his artistic effort through his most recent project LUDUS Deluxe and acoustic single Never Change.

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Pop Culture Artist Rob Prior Closes Multi-Million Dollar Art Sale at Art Basel Miami

 Internationally renowned pop artist and painter, Rob Prior, announced today an historic, multi-million dollar art sale at Art Basel Miami. The sale included the purchase of a watercolor portrait of ​​famed fashion designer Virgil Abloh by real estate executive Daniel Pettit for $1 million. Prior painted the piece live in Miami, and Pettit immediately offered to purchase it.

“As an art collector, it’s one thing to make a transactional purchase and own a piece of art,” Pettit said. “But watching Rob paint, and then getting to take that piece home and relive that experience, it takes his art to an entirely different level.”

Among other artworks were a pair of portraits featuring multi-world championship winning boxer Canelo Álvarez, which sold together for $500,000. The proceeds of one Canelo piece, “To the Left: Canelo Portrait No. 1,” will be donated entirely to charity. Additional sales included a heart-touching portrait of global art icon Frida Kahlo, which was inspired by the recent sale of her “Diego Y yo” self portrait at Sotheby’s for $34.9 million. Prior also completed and sold a pair of Bruce Lee portraits, and one of his “Stan Lee Legacy Collection” parody comic book covers featuring and signed by comic titan Stan Lee, which will go to the home of an anonymous Hillsboro, FL, pharmaceutical executive.

Steven Wang is an executive for Las Vegas-based fantasy sports company Superdraft. He is a long-time admirer of Bruce Lee, and he became enthralled watching Prior work while attending Art Basel Miami. Following its completion, Wang purchased the portraits.

“Bruce Lee has always been my hero,” said Wang. “When I saw Rob’s paintings of the great Bruce Lee, I connected instantly. Rob is a talented artist who was able to reflect the greatness of Bruce Lee and his character, such lively pieces, I felt Bruce was moving in these paintings.”

After the sale, Prior expressed his gratitude to the collectors, stating “I always tell fans ‘I do art.’ But, I have to say, it’s kind of humbling that collectors express the interest and faith in my pieces to place a value like this on them.”

Most of the works sold were completed at various large-scale venues throughout Miami, such as Context Hall. Prior’s Miami appearance proved once again his ability to mesmerize immense crowds of art connoisseurs from all over the world.

One audience member, present for the live painting of Virgil Abloh noted, “I watched as onlookers cried, overcome by the power of the live creation of this true art.”

In addition to his sales at Art Basel Miami, Prior is expanding his work with NFTs. Prior’s first NFT offering, “Reign of Money: What the F#$%,” a 1:1 NFT sold for $182,050. The artist will build on his previous NFT achievements with a new crypto-based project.

For this new venture, Prior will work with QNFT, a blockchain marketplace development group, to bring a selection of NFTs featuring works like Prior’s Frida Kahlo portrait to NFT collectors. QNFT is operated by BQT Technologies. BQT Technologies CEO, Edward W. Mandel, called the partnership with Prior “a no-brainer.”

“Watching Rob paint is like watching a symphony conductor at Carnegie Hall and we are humbled to be part of Rob’s team. We are saving all the ‘back-stage’ content of Rob’s making his masterpieces for the NFT metadata to be recorded in history,” Mandel said.

About Rob Prior

Rob Prior’s career in fine art and content creation spans more than thirty years, with the demand for his pieces traveling far and wide. He has exhibited in museums and galleries across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Prior is known for his live paintings, which draw audiences in excess of 300,000 every year, captivating their imaginations with both his pop and fine art. When he is not painting, Prior creates and directs motion pictures and television. He has been called “one of the preeminent content creators” of his generation.

About BQT / QNFT

BQT is a company providing an ecosystem of blockchain applications. QNFT is a creator of revolutionary DeFi NFT vertical driven marketplaces, allowing NFT collectors to mint, trade and swap their NFT assets.

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