Bio-Generative Artist Agoria Concludes Scorpios, Mykonos’ $3m Summer Art Program

French AI artist and polyhyphenate creative Agoria will on 24 August 2023 launch his new collection of bio-generative artworks ‘Bohem-IA’ in the highly anticipated closing act of the successful Encounters ‘In Resonance’ 7-week summer arts program at Scorpios, Mykonos (ends 3 September 2023).
The program is part of a visionary experimental platform created by renowned Mykonos-based creative and culture collective, Scorpios, to explore innovative art and culture experiences and the artists bold enough to make them. For the inaugural edition of Encounters, Scorpios collaborated with London-based contemporary art gallery and tech entrepreneurs HOFA to curate an unprecedented collaboration between artists and musicians.
So far, sales of the artwork collections released have topped $3m, with secondary sales in excess of $800k and counting.

One of many highlights of ‘In Resonance’ was the release of ‘Winds of Yawanawa’, a series of sold-out digital artworks by the popular Turkish-American generative artist, Refik Anadol, co-created with the Yawanawa Indigenous communities of Aldeia Sagrada and Nova Esperanca. The artwork series was commissioned by Impact One as part of its Possible Futures program, to reflect the dynamic interrelationship between Yawanawa culture and the Amazon Forest. Pre-sales of this collection sold out within hours and the project has raised $1.5m so far, thanks to Anadol and Impact One’s donations to support long-term initiatives for the protection of Yawanawa heritage.

Agoria is a veteran generative artist, having begun his exploration of AI-based artworks using bespoke models inspired by the organic forms and the vibrance of living systems in the mid-2010s. He is a talented DJ, music producer, AI-model developer, scientist, and expert on the role of technology in creating and mediating art experiences.

In ‘Bohem-IA’, Agoria celebrates the creative, collaborative ethos of Scorpios and the captivating beauty of Mykonos Island. The collection of 22 unique works conjures the magnificent vibrance of the Island’s coral reefs, alive with colour and motion, and the life-giving luminosity of the sunlight that bathes it through the pristine waters of the coast. It is as much an ode to nature’s matchless palette of chameleonic hues as it is a celebration of what has made Scorpios, Mykonos a summer gathering place for artists and art lovers alike.

Shedding light on the inspiration behind ‘Bohem-IA’, Agoria explains, “Scorpios Mykonos is a very special place. It’s an artistic and cultural sanctuary that has given AI artists like me a rare platform to showcase our work and experiment with new, innovative models this summer. ‘Bohem-IA’ is my way of celebrating the unique essence of Scorpios.”

For HOFA Co-Founder and art-tech Entrepreneur Elio D’Anna, it is fitting that the closing act of Scorpios Encounters’ ‘In Resonance’ will be an emphatic visual homage to the values that inspired it. “HOFA was one of the first contemporary galleries in the world to embrace the role of technology and Web3 in creating art and delivering new, exciting art experiences. The success of our partnership with Scorpios, bringing the world’s best generative artists to collaborate with musicians and musical directors, is as clear an indication as ever that the market for digital art is maturing and is here to stay.”

Listen to exclusive interviews about ‘In Resonance’ from Art Talks curated by HOFA, Spotify & Apple Podcasts.


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Yorkshire Artist Clare Haley to Open New Exhibition of Paintings at York Fine Arts

 York Fine Arts is delighted to announce “Clare Haley: Light of Yorkshire,” its eighth annual solo exhibition of original paintings by contemporary landscape artist Clare Haley. From rolling, verdant dales to dark, ominous skies, Clare once more weaves a narrative of the changeable northern landscape as it responds to light and the elements. Collectors old and new are invited to roam and lose themselves in the raw, dramatic beauty of nature’s wild panoramas.

As one of the most exciting artistic talents to emerge out of Yorkshire in recent years, Clare Haley, praised as the “Light of Yorkshire,” captures the emotion and ethereal essence of the British landscape with unparalleled perception. As an active and ardent observer of cloud and weather consequences, Clare works primarily from memory, pushing the boundaries of imagination whilst retaining the organic integrity of her subject. In just a few short years, Clare has achieved marked success and recognition as a professional artist, gaining an international and loyal collector base enamoured of her work.

Born and raised in West Yorkshire, it is no coincidence that Clare Haley’s largest solo exhibition of the year coincides with Yorkshire Day, celebrated on the 1st of August. Gallery Manager Deanna Dawkins says,

“Clare’s proud Yorkshire roots and passion for the northern landscape are such an integral part of her work that really, a celebration of her work is a celebration of God’s Own Country itself. Shining a light on Clare and her contribution to the county’s rich and longstanding artistic heritage is the perfect way to both mark the occasion and showcase the wealth of talent Yorkshire has to offer.”

Clare describes her work as “contemporary northern landscapes which mostly appear timeless, of any era—earthy, wild places to become lost in.” She develops the atmospheric content of her paintings through location photography, research of weather and cloud consequences, imagined places and her experience living in an area of raw beauty. With nods to the drama of John Martin’s apocalyptic paintings and to the colours and heritage of Sidney Richard Percy’s landscapes, Clare’s own unique style resurrects the tradition of British landscape painting and brings it into the 21st century with graceful transcendence.

The exhibition opens at York Fine Arts on Friday, 28th of July and runs until Sunday, 20th of August 2023. Due to expected high volume of interest in the show, an early viewing is recommended. Preview catalogues will also be available upon request.

For press enquiries or high-resolution images, please telephone Deanna Dawkins on 01904 634221 or email

York Fine Arts
Deanna Dawkins
01904 634221



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Disabled Artist Showcase: Creating Our Spaces Wins a Telly Award at the 44th Annual Awards Presentation

 The Telly Awards honors excellence in video and television across all screens and is judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks, production companies and including Adobe, BBC World Service, Netflix, Dow Jones, A&E Networks, Hearst Media, Nickelodeon, National Geographic Society, ESPN Films. “The caliber of the work this season coming from creators such as disabled filmmaker Emmitt Thrower and Wabi Sabi Productions Inc truly has reflected the theme of breaking out and standing out,” said Telly’s Executive Director Sabrina Dridje.

The film is directed by disabled award winning filmmaker Emmitt H. Thrower.

Emmitt Thrower said, “As a disabled filmmaker and creative I am seeking the opportunities to produce and share my work while being provided any necessary accommodations to help fulfill my dreams.”

The documentary features four disabled artists/activists. They are vocalist/lyricist James Ian and Director Dominick Evans. They both have the rare disease SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy). Dominick also has multiple other less visible disabilities. He is a member of the Trans community. Their music video entitled “Spaces” was sponsored by the biotech company Genentech which is part of their SMA My Way program. The song “Spaces” won “music video of the year” at the 2022 Wavy Awards in NYC. James Ian was the vocalist and songwriter of “Spaces” while Dominick Evans was the virtual director. James is a resident of Los Angeles and Dominick a resident in Ohio. Leroy Moore Jr. and Keith Jones both have cerebral palsy and are co-founders of the international collective of disabled musicians and poets called “Krip Hop Nation.” They received sports Emmys in 2021 for their work on Netflix’s 2020 award-winning film Rising Phoenix. Leroy who is currently working on his PhD at UCLA is also a poet and journalist. Keith Jones is currently planning the launching of “DA CHNL,” a disabled channel featuring disability related content made accessible to the disability community created by disabled artists.

Emmitt H. Thrower is the CEO and founder of Wabi Sabi Productions Inc., a small Bronx not for profit. He is a stroke survivor with loss of vision in one eye. He is a retired NYC Police Officer.

Media Contact
Emmitt Thrower

Wabi Sabi Productions Inc.
Emmitt Thrower, President/Founder


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Local Artist Geoffrey C. Smith Has Raised $15,000 for a Charity That Supports Veterans by Selling a Patriotic American Flag Painting

 Local Artist Geoffrey C. Smith has raised $15,000 for a charity that supports veterans by selling a patriotic American flag painting.

Two paintings, which is a stunning representation of the American flag, was sold for $15,000, with all the proceeds going to Leaving a Legacy, an organization that provides support to veterans who have served our country.

“I am extremely proud to be able to support our veterans in this way,” said Geoffrey C. Smith. “As an artist, it’s my privilege to use my work to give back to our community, and supporting our veterans is a cause that is very close to my heart.”

The painting quickly gained attention for its striking beauty, and art collectors from all over the country took notice of the piece. However, Geoffrey C. Smith was determined to use the painting to support a cause that was important to them.

“I wanted to create something that represented the strength and unity of our country, and I couldn’t think of a better way to honor our veterans than by supporting Leaving a Legacy,” said Geoffrey C. Smith. “I’m humbled by the outpouring of support from the community, and I’m grateful that my painting can make a difference in the lives of those who have served our country.”

Leaving a Legacy expressed their appreciation for Geoffrey C. Smith generosity, stating that the funds raised will make a significant impact on the lives of veterans in need.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Geoffrey C. Smith for their support,” said Dee Decker. “The funds raised from the sale of this painting will go a long way in helping us provide vital resources and services to veterans who have sacrifice so much for our country.”

Geoffrey C. Smith hopes that their success will inspire others to use their talents and creativity to support important causes in their communities.

“I believe that as artists, we have a unique opportunity to use our work to make a positive impact on the world,” said Geoffrey C. Smith. “I encourage everyone to consider how they can use their talents to support the causes they care about most.”

Local artist, Geoffrey C. Smith, has dedicated the past 25+ years to collaborating with both local and national charities, championing a range of causes. Smith’s impressive portfolio includes a variety of artistic pieces; however, he is most notably recognized for his iconic Stuart Sailfish, recently published in USA Today, as well as the revered “Lotus, Rise Above” that has found a permanent home in the Vatican.

Geoffrey C. Smith Galleries runs a non-profit called the Art of Nature, Art is a bridge between nature and conservation, each inspires the other. Our mission is to promote an emotional connection and understanding of nature and the environment using the art and voice of Geoffrey C. Smith, we can make a difference in the world.

To learn more about Geoffrey C. Smith and his work, please visit To learn more about Leaving a Legacy and their mission, please visit

Geoffrey C. Smith
Geoffrey C. Smith Galleries

Geoffrey C. Smith Galleries
Geoffrey Smith



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The Quantum Muse Artist Pushes The Boundaries Of The Human Expression, With AI Technology

Cynthia Pinot Dinelli, AKA The Quantum Muse, Sees The Next Frontier In The Artistic Community, And It Is Very Integrated In Technology. ​

The Quantum Muse

The Quantum Muse

AUSTIN, TexasJan. 2, 2023PRLog — The Quantum Muse, Cynthia Pinot Dinelli is an American artist, jewelry designer, and product photographer. Cynthia started drawing at  young age, and was a lead photographer at a professional photography studio at age 22 with Kodak in Austin Texas.

Cynthia, A former American film and television actress-model worked in Hollywood for over 12 years, with directors like Brett Ratner, Bryan Spicer, Jon Cassar and James Wong. Cynthia has worked with Jackie Chan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chris Tucker, Jet Lee and Tom Arnold and Jennifer Garner. Pinot has appeared in the television series Alias and featured on the first season of 24 with Kiefer Sutherland.Anne Bancroft was Cynthia’s Mentor in early 2001-2002.

Cynthia creates artworks that use a variety of media and techniques – drawing, sculpture, photography, and generative AI and programmed computer-based interaction.  Cynthia was diagnosed with Synesthesia in two forms: Chromesthesia, and Spatial Sequence Synesthesia at age eight.

Inspired by the Dutch masters and pointillism artists  from the 1800’s comic book era, Cynthia now plays with traditional photography and illustrations, combining that with contemporary digital tools to push the velocity and boundaries of the human expression.

​Cynthia having a close relationship with her brother, an engineer who has worked on such projects involving OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY, [Frontier, the supercomputer that broke the exascale barrier.” That was the introduction by Oak Ridge National Laboratory- at a small, public event on August 17 to officially dedicate the supercomputer, which in May became the first system (…) to achieve over 1.0 exaflops of 64-bit performance on the HPL benchmark, which determines system rankings on the prestigious, semi-annual Top500 list. The unveiling was a crowning achievement for ORNL and the U.S. Department of Energy.], Cynthia sees the next frontier of the artistic community, and it is very integrated with technology.

“Information, time, technology is moving faster, and as artists it is our responsibility to humanity to continue to push the boundaries, communicate, document history through our eyes. We are on the precipice of something big, the next big artistic movement. We, cannot as a community, be afraid of technology. They are tools, that’s all.  I already see my ai work being copied and to me that’s beautiful. It means I’ve inspired someone. I know why the geometry implemented has created the end result, I know why the pearls are where they are, and I know where the faces come from, AI will never wipe out the artist. There are pioneers, and then those that follow. We are soul, organic, and beautiful”

​This artistic provocateur describes her world as both magical and ethereal. She paints her mind with geometry, physics, music, color, her affinity, and deep connection to science & universe.

​An artistic visionary, somewhat elusive, Cynthia Pinot lends her quiet creative voice and powerhouse talent to the Texas artistic community.