Trivium Media Group, since its inception 8 years ago, has grown to be a collaborative one stop platform, and a thought leader in integrated marketing communications. At Trivium, you will find a community of professionals and industry experts that put a spin on traditional ways of working within the advertising industry. Trivium is home to a network of hard workers, experienced souls and new industry entrants hungry for success and the satisfaction of being able to see their ideas fabricate into something.
Trivium Media Group is a full-service media and content communication agency with a myriad of divisions, that not only function as parallel brands, but are proud pillars for the organization harbouring experts in their respective fields. Trivium Public Relations offers to supplement and enhance the image and identity of brands, exhibiting the features in the media and adding value to what they have been standing for. Their years of consistent experience and the know how of the traditional as well as new age PR makes them one to keep an eye out for. Trivium creative works as a creative boutique consisting of individuals fluent in the language of ideas and innovations driving the face of the brand to the success line. Trivium Productions captures frames, frozen moments in time that hand visuals to associate the brand with. To make its mark its in the virtual sphere, GlobaLocal Digital provides targeted exposures for brands on digital platforms, and with respect to getting their hands-on Influencer Connects as well, there’s GIMA (Global Influencer Management Agency) is another project currently at its inception stage.
Playing on its ideology of ‘connecting the dots’, Trivium provides a 360-degree experience with a widespread approach owing to them functioning out of Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Dubai as well. The categories and services catered to, by them, offers a holistic all-round experience for those looking for collaboration. The agency has brought forth the concept of ‘connecting the dots’ as mentioned earlier, where they show the brands a definitive path, helping them to follow it and understand the track for the brands’ growth.
The output is shown through a comprehensive set of implementation systems and strategies to extract optimum results. The core value that drives the organization, “Where work matters, brands matter, but most of all, people matter” seems to affirm its goal of creating long lasting brand connects in the advertising world.
The multifaceted parallel brands make it imperative to have versatility in the client base as well. A few popular mentions of the brands working with Trivium are IHG, Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blue, The Ritz Carlton, Guess, Nakkashi, Label Varsha, FarmERP, GeoAMPS, Studio Gaaba, Clad in Luxury, Uber Luxuries, Prime Class, Levis, Future Group, Bajaj Allianz, Acropolis Purple Group, Emmar, Double tree by Hilton and more.
Trivium is at the forefront of the Hospitality Industry and is associated with some of the best brands globally. Fashion, is another field of expertise with the right connects for couture, retail, luxury and lifestyle. Trivium is also setting the example in Real Estate, Interior Design and Architecture, Textile, Informational Technology and many more. With a ton of familiarity in catering to a variety of industries, today, the wish to expand their association with additional verticals as well. A community within a media agency, Trivium is a thought process, a mindset.
‘By paying obsessive attention to detail, Trivium shows you things you wouldn’t believe were there and formulates extensive strategies to help your brand make advancing strides into a profitable future.’- Founder and CEO, Ovez Khan.