The valves are in different pressures, diameters, and materials, each of them has and fulfills different tasks and functions. In this article we will talk about them and how they are used.


Valves can be classified as a mechanical object which can start, stop, or regulate the passage of liquids. Or gases using an internal system that opens closes or partially obstructs one or more orifices or conduits.

Ball Valve:

Ball valves are low pressure and simple in design, often used to regulate and control flow. They are a versatile type of valve in fluid control making it one of the most famous valves. Certainly, it’s quick closing of ¼ turn normally with a wrench allows its operation to be very simple as well its design is smaller than the gate valves. You will get varieties at the Duplex steel ball valve manufacturer.


– High capacity.

– Bidirectional cut.

– Circulation in a straight line.

– Easy maintenance.

– Hermetic seal with low torsion (torque).

Globe valve:

Globe valves have a fixed cone-shaped plug stopper and actuated by a stem to open, close or regulate the flow of liquids or gases. That passes through the through-hole located inside the valve.

These valves allow regulating the passage of the fluid, which, when passing through the valve, changes direction due to its design. So, it offers great resistance to its circulation. They can be manufactured in almost any material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, PVC, CPVC, bronze, forged and end-steel, threaded, flanged, socket Weld (SW), and Butt Weld. Check more details with the Steam globe valve manufacturer.


– They make a hermetic seal when it has a flexible seat.

– Easy maintenance.

– They act quickly

Gate valve:

This valve has a gate or blade actuated by a stem to open close or regulate the flow of the liquid or gas that passes through the interior of the valve. They are implemented in general service, oils and petroleum, gas air, semi-liquid pastes, thick liquids, vapor gases and non-condensable liquids, corrosive liquids. Do you want a high-quality gate valve, it is recommended to buy it from Rising stem Gate valve manufacturer in Germany.


– High capacity.

– Hermetic seal.

– Simple design and operation.

All valves are made of various types of materials such as bronze, iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel to name a few, also these valves are used with their respective accessories and pipes for proper operation.

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