Are you a theme developer looking to offer support for Paid Memberships Pro? If so, you’re in luck. We might just have the exact resource you’ve been looking for.

A “Ready to Go” CSS Customization File

We know that it can be tough to navigate through a CSS file you didn’t create. You need to understand what class or ID selectors will target what areas of a plugin’s frontend elements. And there is nothing quite like that feeling of updating a line of CSS, hitting refresh, and…nothing changed.
You’re left wondering where you went wrong. Knowing that you have to, once again, go back to the code and find the ‘right’ class. Sure, you could probably just go ahead and plant the infamous !important property to that CSS rule, but that can prove to be problematic later on. As theme developers ourselves, we know the struggle.

Adding the Customizations to Your Theme

If you know that a majority of sites that use you theme will also use Paid Memberships Pro, you can include any of the classes you would like directly in your free or premium theme’s style.css file.

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