It can be challenging to decorate an apartment, as you want to include all of your personal items in the apartment. The key to decorating an apartment is storage and utilizing storage possibilities in tables and empty corners. The overall goal when decorating an apartment is to aim for a well-lit and clean apartment that allows you to move around and add decorations without giving the apartment a cluttered feel.
Paint the walls of the apartment light color, such as white, beige or one of the various shades in between. Lighter colored walls will make the room appear larger and brighter, compared to a room with darker walls.
Create a color palette or a theme that you want in your apartment. This theme or color selection will help you decide on your furniture, fabrics and even decorations for the apartment. Each time you see something you like, place it beside your chosen theme or colors to determine whether or not it fits into the theme. The apartment can end up looking random and cluttered if the items do not match the theme.
Use storage units, such as shelving units, drawers and cabinets, to store your smaller items. If you live in a smaller apartment, use a coffee table that also functions as a storage box, for example. These dual-function solutions can help you save space and money when decorating your apartment and are ideal solutions for small items, like DVDs, magazines and games. Place larger items, such as jackets, shoes, vacuums and sporting equipment, in closets or in storage facilities on the property.
Add proper lighting to the space without using larger lighting fixtures like chandeliers and hanging lights. Instead, use floor lamps, table lamps or ceiling lights that are fixed directly to the ceiling. This will help save space and light up the entire apartment, so it looks well-lit and larger due to the lighting.
Place smaller furniture in the apartment, such as two love-seat sofas and a chair instead of a corner couch. Having smaller furniture in your apartment makes the room look larger, due to the use of many smaller items compared to a few large ones. Instead of adding a large coffee table, add two square tables that have storage underneath them.
Use corners to create corner storage or a corner desk for working. Corners are often underestimated in terms of usage and are often left empty. Install a corner desk if you need working space or create a corner storage shelf for books, movies or even an entertainment unit.|
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