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Endpoint Security is key focus at Cybersecurity Expo in Amsterdam in June

Endpoint security is a key challenge for enterprises as each point of access to a network is a potential target for exploitation. Although there is no solution that will offer enterprises complete security to all endpoints against threats, there is however an option of ultising and combining emerging technology coupling your Cybersecurity effect with Artificial Intelligence.

Risk signals must be incorporated over the enterprise for AI and machine learning to impact endpoint security — not just the endpoint. Endpoint Security from Erik Scherff, Head of Business Technology Center, Royal Schiphol Group goes into more depth at the Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo 19-20 June at the RAI, Amsterdam.

Hear from a number of companies that offer AI and Cyber solutions for endpoint security such as Darktrace and Symantec at the Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo Europe. Learn how these companies are forging a new industry standard for endpoint security.

Speakers at the event include:
• Simon Bradley, Global Head of Cyber Detection Services, Siemens
• Berend Tel, Director, Axxemble
• Lars Putteneers, Sales Engineer, Sophos
• Piotr Ciepiela, EMEIA IoT/OT Security & Critical Infrastructure Leader, EY
• Orlando Scott-Cowley, Principal Technology Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
• Ben Krutzen, Partner Risk Consulting Cyber Security, KPMG Nederland
• Guy Rombaut, CTO, OneFit
• Talal Rajab, Head of Cyber and National Security, TechUk

To see all of the above speakers and exhibitors and many more at the Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo Europe. There are a range of tickets available from free passes to all-access conference and networking passes.

The event is co-located with the AI & Big Data, IoT Tech Expo, and the Blockchain expo.

You can find out more about the World Series 2019 and register for each event here:
Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo Global–25-26 April – Olympia London
Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo Europe – 19-20 June – RAI Amsterdam
Cybersecurity & Cloud Expo North America – 13-14 November – Santa Clara, Silicon Valley

VSR Universal Express is India’s fastest and large domestic and International supply chain company

VSR Universal Express is a reputed courier service provider that provides timely courier service in India and abroad.
Delhi, India, 28th February 2019
Courier services are widely used to deliver letters, parcels, and packages. These are used by individuals and also by companies to deliver to people or companies in India and abroad. A reliable courier service is what everyone looks for when they want to send something by courier. The letter or package they send will be important for them and they would want it to reach on time without any damage to the contents. This is where a quality organization like VSR Universal Express comes in to the picture. A leading provider of Dhl courier services in delhi, they are well-known for being reliable and for on-time delivery.

VSR provides a range of courier services in India and abroad. This includes air courier, medicine delivery, commercial shipment of goods, document delivery, parcel delivery, delivery of food items, SEA cargo delivery, excess baggage delivery, household item delivery, express import services, and international courier services. The company has made a name for itself in courier services and is trusted by clients for the reliable and timely services provided.

VSR Universal Express provides International courier services in delhi. For any courier to be sent, whichever place in the world it may be VSL is an obvious choice as the courier partner. They would ensure that the important courier you are sending reaches on time. Whatever may be the contents of the courier and wherever may be the destination, VSR provides timely courier services for the satisfaction of its clients.

The company that provides International courier services in gurgaon is a supply chain company that prides itself of being the fastest in terms of delivery of shipment to the destination. They are also the largest, thanks to the wide network, coverage, and the vast services that is offered. Being a logistics company, it does not restrict itself to courier services, goods delivery, Sea cargo services, express import are other services it provides to clients.

The company also provides for easy and simple tracking of courier or shipment sent. Once you send a consignment through VSR, whether it is a letter, a parcel or goods, you would be given a bill with a consignment number. All you have to do is visit the website of the company and open the tracking page. You need to enter the consignment number and you can get to know the status of the courier. You can know where the courier is at the moment. This is useful for individuals and companies sending couriers and shipments as they can track it easily.

VSR Universal Express that provides International courier services in Faridabad is undoubtedly the best in the sector thanks to its focus on being reliable and providing on-time services. It has a team of committed professionals who work to make this happen.

For any courier requirement, they can be contacted on

The amazing benefits CNC machining zones can deliver

CNC machining is not something new to the world we live in. We have witnessed a boom in the CNC industry throughout the past few years. As a result, we are able to see a lot of CNC castings Canada as well. Along with that, CBC machining zones have also come to play. People who are looking for machinist engineer jobs Guelph Ontario have already started working in these machining zones.
The CNC machining zones act as a platform, where like-minded individuals come together and interact along with each other. In other words, the individuals who want advice and the individuals who offer advice come together and share their knowledge in an effective manner.
Several methods are available for the people who are engaged with CNC milling Canada to get in touch with the CNC. Subscribing to the newsletters has received a lot of attention out of them. If you are a member in an association that is related to the CNC industry, this can be considered as a good option available for you to go ahead with.
Along with the penetration of internet and technology, it has become possible for a large number of websites in order to come together and exchange the views about different aspects that exist in the CNC industry. The forums act as an excellent platform ,where people share their knowledge with each other in an effective manner. They include all sorts of information related to CNC, which include CNC cutters, CNC engravers, CBC routers and CNC lathes. In addition, information related to programming, training, expert advice and upgrading are also being shared in an effective manner.
It is also important to understand what different methods are available to extract specific information about the CNC machining zones. Then it will be possible to end up with effective results within a short period of time. In addition, there will be a possibility to enhance knowledge without any hassle as well.
Online forums share a lot of information about CNC castings Canada. Therefore, you will be able to understand the functionality of CNC pipe bending machines, CNC lathes, and information related to other machines. In addition to that, a large number of ebooks related to CNC milling Canada are available out there for you to consider as well.
It is recommended for you to take a look at all these methods and figure out what the most convenient method out of them is. Then it will be possible to proceed and make sure that the details are being captured in an effective manner and they can be used for a variety of future developments in the CNC industry.For cnc castings Canada and cnc milling Canada or machinist engineer jobs Guelph Ontario, please visit our website

Choose From a Range of Best Whip Cream Chargers- Showing Specialty

You can now choose from a range of charger brands and use pretty much any cream whipper available throughout the country. Our charger at is manufactured either in factory or in plant. Many hotel kitchens purchase the best whip cream chargers from us and use them to make airs, espumas, or mousses. For whipped cream making one nitrous oxide charge will charge half litre of whipping cream and expand its volume to 1.5 liters. This is far greater volume that you can get from mechanical whipping.

Universal fitting for any standard cream whipper

You can make a dense and more delicious whipped cream than disposable aerosols. Pies, ice creams, lattes, hot chocolate and sundaes will never be complete without a dollop of fluffy whipped cream. Even if you utilize an electric mixer or whisk for making the whipped cream, the experience of using to buy cream chargers has different significance. It is crucial to choose the best dispenser in order to get whipped cream of premium quality possible. We have a complete list of best whipped cream dispenser and you can find informed decision by meeting one of our specialized services.

Highlighted Features

Some of our whipped cream dispenser has got features like:

– Durable and safe
– Comes with black lacquered canister, cleaning brush, decorating tips, brushed aluminum head, etc
– Takes your culinary creation to the next level
– Ideal for chocolate enthusiasts, artisan bakers, home chefs, professional caters and so forth

Warranty and express money-back guarantee

For Cream Chargers Wholesale you will never miss on your favourite in the form of creamy and delicate whipped cream and sauces. Here, you can elevate the entire experience of fancy desserts, mousses, baked goods, crepes, beverages, sundaes and more. Our durable whipped cream dispenser let you make tastier and healthier treats. Also, the aeration process of our dispenser needs less fat and you’ll be able to make light and airy indulgences that are less on calories but not flavours. The aluminum body and head are light weight and are developed keeping safety in mind.

You can place the dispenser in the fridge if you have any leftover you can use it the next day. The air tight vacuum seal will prevent any breakdown of your delicate topping. Now, this easy care equipment can be cleaned in no time with just hand wash and you can use a brush to clean the dispenser head and the decorating tips.

Absolute pros

– Recipe book is offered along with the product
– Comes with a charger holder and valve cover
– Easy to use and clean
– Come with decorating tips to make a professional looking presentation
– Durable aluminum body

This multifunctional cream whipper makes a perfect solution to both your home kitchen ideal for professionals. It is designed to prepare desserts, hot creams, cold creams, sauces, soups, whipped cream. This is quit kitchen friend tool and lets you to enjoy fresh whipped cream in no time. Also, you can create preservative free quality whipped cream of 2 liter in just 30 seconds. All you need to do is pour ingredient into the cream whipper and charge it with Best Whip Cream Chargers.


We open doors with the expressed purpose of rendering hard to find culinary items and world hard to find the highest quality product at the lowest cost to you. We pride ourselves in providing quality service at best price and offer prices far lower than most other companies.

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Crown Group of Hotels welcome colleagues and guest to Hotel from University College London

United Kingdom, Feb’ 19: Crown Group of Hotels provide the best hotel service in the city of London. Also welcome the colleagues and guest of the University of London which is across the road of Crown Group of Hotels.

In order to get a hotel with all the facilities and comfort you may need to do some struggle, but your struggle has been end here. Crown Group of Hotels, one of the best hotel in London who built for travelers looking for a simple and friendly place where they can settle-in, keep their routine. All you need to explore the beauty of London with no worries of searching the best and convenient hotel in London. University of London is just across the road from Crown Group of hotels, so they are pleasingly welcome the guest and colleagues from University of London as well.

In the University of London there are lakhs of students are perusing their education, so, there is no need of searching the best service hotel nearby college for student’s parents or any other visitor, Crown Group of Hotel is more convenient for them.

Crown Group of hotel is running their hotel since 20 years, who believe in serving the best for their guest. Now, they believe to serve the best hotel services not only to the traveler to the city of London but also willing to welcome all the guest and colleagues from the University of London. University of London is one of the largest university in UK and the student are studying from different countries and they believe in serving the best of the luxury hotel services to the guest who came from different countries as well as local students.

Crown Group of Hotels offers many attractive facilities for all of the guest, traveler, and visitors like free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea in your room to start a refreshing day. With all these amazing services their hotel staff always ready and available to help you out. All these comfort and luxury can make your trip more interesting and smooth as you expect.

So, if you are planning for a trip to London or visit university of London, don’t let them miss the chance for serving you the best hotel service nearby University of London. Contact them now and avail the attractive hotel service.

About the Company:

Crown Group of Hotels have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. They have comfortable, affordable hotels within London (the capital of UK), which provide for all customer needs during their jam-packed trips to the capital. All hotels are located close to national and local train stations as well as business venues and prominent tourist attractions. All their hotels are of a good standard and are regularly renovated to ensure they retain their standards. They combine the old with the new exceptionally well, so each of their customers receives the modern comforts they are used to whilst also feeling like they are a part of this historic city.

Contact Information:

Address – Bloomsbury Palace Hotel. 29-31 Gower Street
City – London
State – London
Country – United Kingdom
Zip code/ PIN code – WC1E 6HG
Phone Number – 0207 636 5801
Company Email ID –