Are you a fashion freak looking for some summer fashion inspiration? Or are you not into fashion at all but on a hunt for some kick-ass (i.e. practical) pair of shades? replica versace Sunglasses
Two of our favorite Slovak influencers shared the 3 greatest trends of this summer. Read away, friends, replica Sunglasses
they both look heavenly and you will too!
No matter the trend, the style you choose is the style of the season – those are the trends we abide, at least. On the other hand, let’s get inspired a tiny bit by what our influencers love for this season!
Naty Kerny is a Slovak Instagram entrepreneur. She is beautiful and bold, her fashion taste is so incredible that many could envy it, and we bet they do (well, we do). These jewelled Gucci sunglasses looks gorgeous on her, don’t they? Here is what she said: “Although for insane money, this Gucci collection holds incredible class and eye-catching luxury. This pair is the right choice when you are after the celebrity-like feeling. You will be unnoticeable!” What more do you need to know? Take the piece of advice from someone who knows the fashion ways too well!
If you read the previous, Spring Blogger’s Guide to Sunglasses, you are familiar with our beautiful blogger Natalia Pazicka. We admire her style and her fearlessness when it comes to fashion choices! She chose this Miu Miu pair of shades and accessorized very simple, white casual outfit with them. Why was this pair the summer choice for Naty then? Here is why: “Compared with other pieces coming from this brand, the colour combination of these Miu Miu shades is quite classic. It has been totally compensated by its cat-eye “curves” though! If I were about to choose only one pair of shades for life, these would be the ones. They represent incredible extravagance and everlastingness to me.”