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Those who do not have a good GMAT score can find it quite difficult to secure a seat at the school of their choice. As to be expected, there are any number of study programs that claim that they will be able to help you ace the exam. Before you take any of them up it will be crucial for you to confirm that they will be able to deliver on their promise. One program that has an excellent track record, in the same, is Expert’s Global’s GMAT online prep program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava, in 2008. Since then, the firm has helped countless GMAT aspirants crack this complex examination. Let us take a look at some of the standout features of Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep program.

High- Quality Instructional Videos
One of the key elements of this program is the quality of its instructional videos. The primary instructional videos that Experts’ Global employs are their concept videos, one for each of the 100+ small concepts that they have broken the GMAT syllabus down into. Another, very unique, set of videos that Experts’ Global has is the explanation videos. For every one of the questions on Experts’ Global’s practice exercises and mock tests, there is a corresponding explanation video, detailing exactly how to solve the question, in as time efficient a manner as possible.

Congruence to the GMAT
The program has four-thousand practice questions, which are perfectly in sync with the real GMAT questions; in terms of their scope, complexity, difficulty etc. The mock tests’ questions are similarly accurate. What’s more, the scoring system employed on the tests is fundamentally in-line with the real GMAT scoring algorithm. Hundreds of Experts’ Global’s students have reported that their scores on these practice tests were almost identical to their scores on the GMAT Prep mocks and even their final GMAT scores. Such accuracy is quite rare, indeed. Furthermore, Experts’ Global has taken great care to produce a testing interface that represents the GMAT’s as well as possible. This screen uses similar graphics and controls, as the real GMAT interface and has the same full-screen layout. It even has a timer that turns red, if you take too long on any one question. This congruence is a big part of what makes Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep so effective.

High-Quantity of High-Quality Practice Tests
Experts’ Global’s practice test series includes 15, full-length tests that cover all four GMAT sections. This is more than twice the number of tests that you would find on any other GMAT practice test series. Experts’ Global provides so many mocks because a key part of its GMAT prep approach is frequent testing. The idea behind this is that doing so many tests will help students develop the type of mental endurance that they will need to give an exam as lengthy and complicated as GMAT. If you wish to judge the quality of these tests, for yourself, you can take up a free GMAT mock test, on Experts’ Global’s website.

Weakness Diagnosis and Performance Analysis
Experts’ Global’s performance analysis system can tell you exactly which areas you performed the best on, which areas you performed the worst on, where you took the most time, how long you took on different types of questions, etc., for each mock that you give. It can also analyze your performance across the last several mocks to pinpoint your exact weak and strong areas. Experts’ Global’s students have been quite pleased to have a tool that can analyze their performance, for them and provide such detailed insights.

Additional Features
Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Training Module also includes a number of other highly useful, if minor features. One that most of their students have found to be very useful is the “flag” button. It allows you to highlight, or “flag” questions, so that they are easier to find later. The purpose of this is to allow you to come back to questions that you think are important for understanding a concept and go through it in greater detail. Another useful feature is the “sticky notes”, small colored pop-up screens that can be used to take revision notes and then stuck to your “wall”. These may seem like they are small features, certainly, but they are surprisingly useful, allowing students to save a lot of valuable time.

This program is highly effective. Its pacing and structure are such that the students are able to gain a very firm grasp on the GMAT concepts. Furthermore, its study and practice material are also of the highest quality. Diligently following this program is an assured way to swiftly improve one’s GMAT performance.