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Pulse Oximeter can prove to be extremely helpful in keeping track of the pulse rate and oxygen levels in the blood.

These devices can read your SpO2 and heart rate with one easy push button on top.

Being accurate enough to give a pretty good picture of how well your body is taking the oxygen these are essential to have, especially when you are suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma and others.

These devices are extremely light-weighted and can be easily carried on the go.

If you’re required to go for blood gas testing on a regular basis pulse oximeter is the best one to go for.

Santamedical Generation 2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

If you are looking for an oximeter or oxygen saturation monitor for your asthmatic kid or another family member, Santamedical Generation 2 OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter can prove to be a great at-home device.

Santamedical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter comes with updated design and is equipped with improved features. This unit has a wide pulse reading range, which enables to measure the pulse rate from 30 – 254 bpm

Accurate and easy, the device helps you to monitor your health during daily activities and exercise. With one touch measurements and big OLED display, it makes it easy to view your readings at a glance.

Few other key features of this device include:

· User-friendly, it provides a real-time spot check

· It has 2-way text displays which make it easy to read from different directions

· All the measurements are displayed within 10 seconds after putting the device on

· The device comes with batteries and lanyard for easy portability

· It has a 1-year warranty and easily available at all leading pharmacy as well as online stores

Overall, pulse oximeter devices are highly essential to keep a check on your health.

These devices are not only easy to track historical trends and readings, but some of these devices can also be remotely connected which makes it easy to share historical data with your doctor by entering the details into the app account.