Session on Tightly-Coupled Processor Array Organized
by the Department of ECE & CSE:
A session was organized by the Departments of ECE & CSE, IILM-CET, where the keynote speaker was Dr. SrinivasBoppu, working as Assistant Professor in School of Electrical Sciences in IIT Bhubaneswar. The session was inaugurated by our director academics Dr. Meenu Singh. Dr. SrinivasBoppugave an enlightened talk on the topic “Tightly-Coupled Processor Arrays”, discussing about their suitability in invasive computing for exploitation of runtime parallelism of future Multi-processor System on-Chips (MPSoC) architectures. These architectures employ resource-aware programming, dynamic reconfiguration and are highly energy efficient. Further, the talk addressed the needs for mapping a given nested loop application or algorithm, specified in a high level language onto tightly coupled processing arrays. In this context, a high-level synthesis framework called PARO was discussed and the software language named PAULA was explained. Lastly, its applicability in the ubiquitous consumer markets such as mobile devices and in future complex embedded system design was discussed giving students a platform for improving their career prospects by providing them knowledge about MSc in Integrated Circuit Design two-year program jointly given by Technical University of Munich and Nanyang Technological University.