With the aim of introducing products that address the evolving dynamic requirements of the frozen dessert industry, Elanpro, India’s leading commercial refrigeration company, added K Soft to its portfolio. A product by SPM, a leading beverage dispenser company from Italy, it is designed for low to medium scale establishments. K Soft is configurable for various assortments and equipped with hallmark features like user-friendly commands, quiet operation and low maintenance.

K Soft is an innovative, compact soft serve dispenser for ice creams. Available in two models- Gravity and Pump, the product works efficiently to freeze and add air (volume) to special liquid soft serve ice cream mixtures.

K Soft is a compact counter-top unit, very small and very quiet. Ideal for cafés, coffee shops, restaurants and kiosks lacking in available space, the unique design of the K Soft results in a footprint of just 24cm x 58cm x 70cm (W x D x H). A versatile unit, the product can be used for both liquid and dry mix. An easy to use appliance, K-Soft delivers an hourly output of up to 5 kg. It is fitted with a unique tank agitator to ensure an exceptional product consistency and texture, while also allowing operators to use the appliance to produce frozen yoghurt. With its simple and easy design, the product ensures efficient and quick cleaning procedure and maintenance. K Soft is perfect for users who want to target new market areas, without investing in expensive industrial and oversized equipment.

After entering a strategic agreement with Elanpro in 2016, the company aims at launching an array of sophisticated machines in the country. Credited with numerous innovations in the soft serve equipment market, SPM’s range presented by ELANPRO provides sturdy, solid steel frames and bases for unparalleled support for each display. Pursuant to the agreement, ELANPRO will market, sell and provide after-sale service and support through ELANPRO’s existing Hi-Tech Experience Center Service Network for SPM’s commercial products. With this association, the company plans to accommodate the growing demand for machines that deliver blended beverages with more speed, accuracy, and efficiency than competing products in India.