With CMIT Solutions, Austin-based companies can protect their data and recover them if the need arises. The IT experts’ plan, implement, recover, and provide continuous IT support to these SMBs.

[AUSTIN, 2/21/2019] – CMIT Solutions offers IT support and technology services. With the company’s help, small to midsized enterprises in Austin, Texas can outsource customized IT needs, including data protection and backup.

Data Protection Services for SMBs

Many factors threaten a company’s data, including natural disasters, human errors, and malicious attacks. Because company information is sensitive and significant to daily operations, Austin-based business executives should invest in data protection and backup solutions.

CMIT Solutions protects company data from ransomware, which locks users out of their devices and forces them to pay ransom to hackers for access. According to the solution provider, 67 percent of ransomware victims are SMBs with insufficient data protection features in their system.

Big Protection for Small Businesses

While CMIT Solutions has the advantage of having close partnerships with national industry leaders, it protects company information by working directly with its clients, mapping out their needs. The company starts by sorting out the most vulnerable data and drafting the appropriate data protection and recovery plan.

To execute the plan, CMIT Solutions purchases the appropriate hardware and software for the company. The IT experts’ install all programs needed and run tests to guarantee that the applications and software run as expected.

The services don’t stop at hardware and software installation. Even after this, the data protection service provider manages and backs up company data. For an added layer of security, CMIT Solutions also run regular tests and inspections of backup data to make sure they work like their original counterparts.
CMIT Solutions offers its services not only to SMBs around Austin but also in more than 200 locations across the country. With over 700 technicians scattered across the US, the IT solution provider can manage clients’ data efficiently, even those with multi-site businesses.

About CMIT Solutions

True to its tagline “Never Worry About IT Again,” CMIT Solutions offers customized IT services to small businesses in Austin and around the country. Its services include mobile device management, IT procurement, hosting and cloud, and network security.

To know more about CMIT Solutions and its products, visit https://cmitsolutions.com/.