Why use a Salesforce CRM instead of Spreadsheets?

IMAGINE THIS – You are managing a business with more than a hundred transactions per day. Emails and phone calls are being received and sent out continuously. And you use spreadsheets to keep track of all the information.

Then there’s five other staff working with you on your team – who, just like you, also receive emails and phone calls. You update the original spreadsheet, share it with the team, they make their own changes, send it back to you, and then you share it back to them.

This staff-sharing scenario will have a big impact on the accuracy of your records. Spreadsheets have a lot of limitations when it comes to function – it makes it almost impossible to track every phone call made, every email that has been sent, and every agreement with a customer made.

These problems can be solved when you use a CRM that can keep and update all your information in one place.

SalesFix encourages business owners and managers to use Salesforce, a CRM that could connect every part of your business in a single intelligent platform, where you can keep and update all your information in one place.

SalesFix works exclusively with Salesforce. Jason Lawrence, CEO or SalesFix, answers the most frequently asked questions about Salesforce CRM and why businesses need it.

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