Lakewood University Offers Prospective Student Grants, Financial Aid, and Other Monetary Support

The accredited university offers generous financial support to students from various backgrounds.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 21st April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Lakewood University is one of the leading online-learning universities in the US, specializing in undergraduate degrees and certifications and graduate degrees across various disciplines.

The university accepts students from across the US and prides itself on prioritizing merit as its primary criterion.

This is why it offers a generous amount of financial aid and monetary support, including grants, scholarships, and student loans, to make education more affordable and accessible.

The university is fully-accredited, which means it is eligible to accept federal loans, grants, scholarships, and internal and external monetary support. Students can explore the various options available and accepted by Lakewood University on its website and see which option they qualify for. It follows a diverse, inclusionary, merit-based admissions policy that applies to its financial aid, grants, and scholarships alike, giving students across the country a fair chance at a high-quality education.

With increasing costs of college, never-ending student debt, and financial constraints that would otherwise deter students from pursuing degrees and professional certifications, Lakewood University’s monetary support is a significant help. Dozens of students a year complete their educational goals and dreams due to this financial assistance.

A representative of the university shared the following insight:

 “As a non-profit university, Lakewood University is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals, regardless of their financial standing. We’re offering several scholarships, grants, and different forms of financial aid that enable students to enroll at our university and make their dreams a reality. We already have a highly-subsidized tuition structure since we teach online, and monetary support makes it all the more accessible. We believe education is a right and finances should not be a barrier.”    

Lakewood University specializes in one of the most well-rounded remote-learning experiences for its students, and prospective applicants can find a wide range of resources and support materials online.

About Lakewood University

Lakewood University is an accredited online university that offers various degree programs and certifications for undergraduate and graduate levels. The non-profit online school provides academic programs for various subjects, including law, healthcare, business management, IT, and entrepreneurship.  

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Lakewood University Practices an Inclusive Admissions Policy, Creating a Diverse Student Body

Lakewood University offers undergraduate degrees and certifications to students across various social groups.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 21st April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Lakewood University has built a reputation that precedes them as one of the premier online-learning universities in the country. They offer an extensive range of courses, certifications, and degrees at varying levels.

Their certifications and degrees also span multiple disciplines, such as information technology, business management, and administration, among many others.

However, it’s not just their online certificate programs, associate’s degree programs, or bachelor’s degrees that set this university apart. It’s also the fact that they have invested heavily in implementing inclusive admissions policies that allow students from various backgrounds to enroll here.

They practice inclusion in its truest sense, bringing in students from multiple socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to inclusive, affordable, and world-class educational programs. The university ensures no discrimination against students from communities of color, gender minorities, or other social differentiators.

Their commitment to diversity and inclusion goes far beyond the norm, as they make a concerted effort to make their students feel welcome and facilitate them however necessary.

Students can also concurrently obtain undergraduate certifications while enrolled in degree programs, studying at their own pace and preferences. Lakewood University’s talented counselors and faculty members are more than willing to help students make the right choice based on their goals and career path.

A representative of the university provided the following comment in regard to their diversity and inclusion practices:

 “Lakewood University is committed to ensuring that students have fair and equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals on the basis of financial, geographical, age-based, or gender-based restrictions. Our remote education model ensures that students can continue learning despite their circumstances, whether they’re returning to school, raising a family, or building a career. Education is a right, not a privilege.. Our student body is incredibly diverse, and we couldn’t be prouder!”    

Lakewood University is a fully-online and formally accredited university that aspires to transform the higher education model by making it more affordable, accessible, and convenient for students. They have some of the most extensive programs and courses available.

About Lakewood University

Lakewood University is an accredited online university that offers various degree programs and certifications for undergraduate and graduate levels. The non-profit online school provides academic programs for various subjects, including law, healthcare, business management, IT, and entrepreneurship.  

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Airlangga University Hospital signs MOU with Singapore’s Icon Cancer Center

Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA) has signed an agreement for medical exchange covering service, education and research with Singapore’s Icon Cancer Centre. Hospital director Prof. Nasronudin says that the agreement with Icon Cancer Centre will lead to a new era for the hospital.

Airlangga University Hospital Director Prof. Nasronudin (left) and Icon SOC Pte Ltd CEO Serena Wee (center) ink a cooperation agreement on cancer treatment in Surabaya, East Java, on April 5, 2023. (ANTARA/ HO-Humas Unair)

As the first hospital in Indonesia to cooperate with Icon Cancer Center, Airlangga University Hospital is supporting the government’s efforts to promote health tourism in the country. “So many Indonesians go to Singapore for treatment who can be referred to RSUA for follow up. Likewise, there are patients seeking treatment in Singapore for routine control, which could be treated at Airlangga Hospital,” Nasronudin said.

“We hope that this agreement will be the start of a real exchange between Indonesia and Singapore in cancer care and treatment. And in accordance with the government’s program, this cooperation will continue to be built,” said Prof. Nasronudin during the MOU signing ceremony in Surabaya, East Java, on April 5.

Cancer treatment will be one of the leading health tourism services carried out by the hospital. “There are many cases of cancer that are progressively fatal. There needs to be technology developed together, so that the possibility of fatality can be reduced, so quality of life for cancer patients improves, and life expectancy is increased,” he explained.

RSUA hopes to propose an integrated service system for cancer treatment that allows patients to be treated by doctors from multiple disciplines. “There are treatments from oncology and internal medicine to surgery, as well as palliative care. Our hospital and our colleagues from Singapore are currently developing these services,” said Nasronudin.

Undoubted quality was the reason for the selection of RSUA as Icon Cancer Centre’s partner in Indonesia, according to its CEO Serena Wee Hui Yan. “There are many hospitals in Indonesia, but Airlangga Hospital is the best for us in terms of collaborating,” she said, adding that she is optimistic that the collaboration will run well.

This opportunity allows Icon Cancer Center’s doctors to establish relations with RSUA doctors, that they will learn from each other in the management of cancer patients, both in Singapore and in Indonesia. “As we can both increase our competences, I think this collaboration will go very well,” added Ms. Wee.

For more information about Airlangga University and RSUA, please visit and, and visit Icon Cancer Centre in Singapore at, or

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Bay Atlantic University Announces Accreditation from the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)

 Bay Atlantic University (BAU) has announced its accreditation by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). BAU is the first university in the capital region to receive the honor. NECHE is one of the premier accreditors in higher education, counting Harvard, Yale and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology among its ranks. BAU’s accreditation certifies that the academic standards at Bay Atlantic University meet the same rigorous benchmarks of some of the biggest names in higher education.

“It is my great honor and pride to announce that Bay Atlantic University has received accreditation from NECHE after more than two years of diligent preparation and eager anticipation,” said BAU President Dr. Sinem Vatanartiran. “This esteemed recognition will give our students a competitive edge by adding the stamp of approval from a highly respected commission to their degrees, opening many doors of opportunity. We remain committed to providing our students with the best educational experience possible and creating value in Washington, D.C.”

About Bay Atlantic University

Located on H street NW, just steps from the White House, BAU is a private, not-for-profit university, offering bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration & Management, Economics & Finance, Political Science & International Relations, and Information Technology, as well as master’s degrees in Business Administration, Cyber Security, and Big Data Analytics.

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Guangxi University of Foreign Language signs Memorandum of Understanding with Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Guangxi University of Foreign Languages (“GUFL”) and The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (“HSUHK”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on 30 November 2022. The MoU promotes a deeper cooperation between the two universities by integrating resources, academic strengths, research and other specialized academic fields. It also enhances the cultivation of top-notch multilingual talents with international perspectives that are needed to support the Greater Bay Area’s future development. Additionally, it encourages graduates from the two universities to explore the tremendous market opportunities available within the ASEAN economies that are being fueled by the Belt and Road Initiative.

Front row from left, Professor Gibert Fong (2nd), Professor Bradley R. Barnes (3rd), Ms. Wei Qian (4th), and Mr. Chow Ka Wo, Alex as well as other representatives took a group photo after the signing ceremony.

Representatives who attended the online signing ceremony include Professor Gibert Fong, Dean from School of Translation & Foreign Languages of HSUHK, Professor Bradley R. Barnes, Dean from Business of School of HSUHK, Ms. Wei Qian, Executive Director, the chairlady of the Board and the chief executive officer of InnoEd Group Limited, Chairman and CEO, and Mr. Chow Ka Wo, Alex, Chief financial officer of InnoEd Group Limited.

The MoU creates a unique collaborative arrangement that establishes exchange services between the two universities and enriches students learning experience. The student exchange program enables eligible students to enroll at the other’s university in order to widen their academic exposure and enhance their international experience. Additionally, a faculty exchange program is being established to promote academic interaction and cooperation, as well as create a strong foundation to develop joint training programs, joint research programs, and share teaching curriculum. The two universities will promote academic cooperation and educational programs development by regular exchanges, mutual visits, academic interaction and cooperation between faculty and students. Futhermore, the universities will actively explore opportunities to cooperate in joint research projects, international conferences, seminars and other academic exchange activities to enhance their academic reputations, strengthen their education programs in related industries and promote mutual progress in teaching, research and other academic aspects.

Expanding higher education’s prospects through cooperation, cultivating talents with international perspectives

GUFL’s management stated that GUFL aims to cultivate talents with multiple language skills, practical business knowledge and international perspectives. GUFL is ideally positioned in Guangxi, a frontier and important window for exchanges and cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries. The university is using its geographical advantage to develop the necessary talent to support the development of the ASEAN region and Belt and Road Initiative.

In contrast, HSUHK is based in Hong Kong, a renowned international city that plays an important role in the development of the Greater Bay Area. The university implements a unique “Liberal + Professional” education model that prioritizes teaching quality and students’ all-round development to foster students realizing their full potential.

Through the universities’ exchange programs and cooperation, the Management believes that it will not only help expand cooperation between other universities in Mainland China and Hong Kong to develop similar academic exchange programs, joint research and other collaborations, but also promote students from the two places to gain a broader international perspective and contribute to the country’s future development. The GUFL program will bolster students’ knowledge of non-language majors while also developing their foreign language skills. This program embraces the school’s educational philosophy of placing equal emphasis on language learning and professional education, while also enabling students to broaden their international perspective through attending HSUHK. Additionally, the cooperation provides an opportunity for HSUHK students to develop a second language, and learn about Southeast Asian culture. Essentially, the exchange program cultivates outstanding talents who can contribute to the deepening ASEAN economic cooperation and development. With unique teaching backgrounds and geographical advantages, the cooperation is expected to develop talents with international vision and promote the diversification and internationalization of the higher education industry in both Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Pursing national policies to advance the Greater Bay Area development

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council issued its “Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”, which calls for building an education and talent highland in the Greater Bay Area. The outline includes cooperation among schools and universities, encouraging joint development of advantageous disciplines, laboratories and research centers, supporting the construction of an international education demonstration zone in the Greater Bay area, encouraging Hong Kong and Macao youths to study in Mainland China schools, promoting cooperation in various aspects of vocational education in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, expanding cooperation between the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao universities, and supporting exchanges and cooperation among various vocational education training bases.

“This cooperation closely follows the Greater Bay Area development plan and is in line with the Greater Bay Area’s talent cultivation policy. Both institutions will further explore innovative ways to strengthen students’ academic progress through exchange programs and interactions between teachers and students, so as to empower the future development of the Greater Bay Area.” The Management continued.

Providing Hong Kong’s needed multilingual talent, deepening and expanding the market opportunities in ASEAN region and the Belt and Road Initiative

As the international city of the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong has many permanent residents from ASEAN countries. The open economic system and position as an international financial, trade and shipping centre creates strong demand for multilingual talents. GUFL, as the only private undergraduate university of foreign languages in Guangxi, specializes in providing top quality language programs focusing on Southeast Asian languages. The university embraces the mission of “Established in Guangxi, Oriented towards China, Radiate to Southeast Asia” to meet the many evolving demands driven by local and regional socio-economic developments. The exchange programs and cooperation will not only help meet Hong Kong’s demand for multilingual talents, but will also provide Hong Kong students with the opportunity to experience Guangxi and learn about Southeast Asia’s diverse culture. This knowledge will be invaluable to developing career opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

The GUFL Management commented, “Signing the MoU with HSUHK opens up new prospects for the university and our students. The cooperation will enable us to cultivate more multilingual talents with an international perspective. Simultaneously, it enhances the relationship between two top universities, and further strengthens the communication between the Mainland China and Hong Kong in the field of higher education.”

Looking forward, Management expects to develop stronger professional and applied Southeast Asian language programs and cultivate more talents with a balanced emphasis on strengthening language skills and professional education, thereby promoting the integrated development of Guangxi and the ASEAN regions for building a strong highly educated society.

About Guangxi University of Foreign Languages

Guangxi University of Foreign Languages (“GUFL”) is affiliated to the InnoEd Group Limited, who is the largest private foreign language higher education institution in China. GUFL is the largest private undergraduate education institution in Guangxi in terms of undergraduate enrolment in the 2020/2021 academic year, according to Frost & Sullivan. GUFL primarily offers bachelor’s degree programmes and junior college diploma programmes. The curricula is designed with a distinct emphasis on the integration of language learning with professional education. It specializes in the education of Southeast Asian languages, including Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Lao and Indonesian. Meanwhile, it offers 56 majors across six main academic disciplines, including literature, economics, management, education, arts and engineering.

The two campuses of GUFL are situated in Nanning, Guangxi, the permanent site of the China-ASEAN Expo, and Fusui, Guangxi, National Nanning – ASEAN Economic Development Zone, being strategic locations in the development of free trade and economic cooperation between China and the ASEAN. GUFL has adopted the service-oriented positioning of “Established in Guangxi, Oriented towards the entire China, Radiate to the Southeast Asia” and has a mission to cultivate talent with niche language skills, practical knowledge and an international perspective to meet the evolving demands driven by local and regional socio-economic developments.

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