The accredited university offers generous financial support to students from various backgrounds.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 21st April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Lakewood University is one of the leading online-learning universities in the US, specializing in undergraduate degrees and certifications and graduate degrees across various disciplines.

The university accepts students from across the US and prides itself on prioritizing merit as its primary criterion.

This is why it offers a generous amount of financial aid and monetary support, including grants, scholarships, and student loans, to make education more affordable and accessible.

The university is fully-accredited, which means it is eligible to accept federal loans, grants, scholarships, and internal and external monetary support. Students can explore the various options available and accepted by Lakewood University on its website and see which option they qualify for. It follows a diverse, inclusionary, merit-based admissions policy that applies to its financial aid, grants, and scholarships alike, giving students across the country a fair chance at a high-quality education.

With increasing costs of college, never-ending student debt, and financial constraints that would otherwise deter students from pursuing degrees and professional certifications, Lakewood University’s monetary support is a significant help. Dozens of students a year complete their educational goals and dreams due to this financial assistance.

A representative of the university shared the following insight:

 “As a non-profit university, Lakewood University is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals, regardless of their financial standing. We’re offering several scholarships, grants, and different forms of financial aid that enable students to enroll at our university and make their dreams a reality. We already have a highly-subsidized tuition structure since we teach online, and monetary support makes it all the more accessible. We believe education is a right and finances should not be a barrier.”    

Lakewood University specializes in one of the most well-rounded remote-learning experiences for its students, and prospective applicants can find a wide range of resources and support materials online.

About Lakewood University

Lakewood University is an accredited online university that offers various degree programs and certifications for undergraduate and graduate levels. The non-profit online school provides academic programs for various subjects, including law, healthcare, business management, IT, and entrepreneurship.  

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