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Atlanta, Georgia, 21st April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta (CWSA) is happy to inform you that they now provide precise crane load indicator systems to assist crane operators in avoiding overloading risks. Crane operators can now make better-informed judgments and prevent overloading the crane by using load indicators to give them real-time information on their cargo weight.

A crane operator and other nearby employees might experience injuries or perhaps fatalities due to overloading the crane. In construction sites and other places where cranes are used, CWSA is assisting in lowering the danger of these risks and enhancing safety by offering precise load indicators.

CWSA is a prominent supplier of crane safety tools and services, including crane warning systems, crane overload indicators, and crane load monitoring systems in Atlanta. Several crane types can have load indicators installed by their skilled technicians, who also offer continuous maintenance and support to ensure the machinery works correctly.

According to a CWSA spokeswoman, the load indicators must be simple and highly accurate. They give crane operators real-time data on the mass of the cargo they lift, enabling them to decide how much weight to raise and when to stop. As a result, everyone on the job site is safer and overloading risks are reduced.

Moreover, the CWSA staff takes satisfaction in contributing to increased safety on construction sites around Atlanta and beyond. One of the many ways we try to make construction sites and other workplaces safer for everyone is by using their load indicators.

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About Crane Warning Systems Atlanta

Since 2001, Crane Warning Systems Atlanta has offered Rayco – Wylie product sales, support, repair, and parts. Wylie Systems is considered a pioneer in the crane safety instrumentation field. Wylie created the initial crane overload warning system in 1933.

As a US distributor for RaycoWylie, they provide clients with a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge crane indication systems, including wireless anti-two-block devices (ATB), offshore intrinsically safe rated capacity indicators (RCI), and load movement indicators (LMI). We stock the most popular systems and parts to serve their clients better.

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