Lakewood University offers undergraduate degrees and certifications to students across various social groups.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 21st April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Lakewood University has built a reputation that precedes them as one of the premier online-learning universities in the country. They offer an extensive range of courses, certifications, and degrees at varying levels.

Their certifications and degrees also span multiple disciplines, such as information technology, business management, and administration, among many others.

However, it’s not just their online certificate programs, associate’s degree programs, or bachelor’s degrees that set this university apart. It’s also the fact that they have invested heavily in implementing inclusive admissions policies that allow students from various backgrounds to enroll here.

They practice inclusion in its truest sense, bringing in students from multiple socio-economic and cultural backgrounds to inclusive, affordable, and world-class educational programs. The university ensures no discrimination against students from communities of color, gender minorities, or other social differentiators.

Their commitment to diversity and inclusion goes far beyond the norm, as they make a concerted effort to make their students feel welcome and facilitate them however necessary.

Students can also concurrently obtain undergraduate certifications while enrolled in degree programs, studying at their own pace and preferences. Lakewood University’s talented counselors and faculty members are more than willing to help students make the right choice based on their goals and career path.

A representative of the university provided the following comment in regard to their diversity and inclusion practices:

 “Lakewood University is committed to ensuring that students have fair and equal opportunity to pursue their educational goals on the basis of financial, geographical, age-based, or gender-based restrictions. Our remote education model ensures that students can continue learning despite their circumstances, whether they’re returning to school, raising a family, or building a career. Education is a right, not a privilege.. Our student body is incredibly diverse, and we couldn’t be prouder!”    

Lakewood University is a fully-online and formally accredited university that aspires to transform the higher education model by making it more affordable, accessible, and convenient for students. They have some of the most extensive programs and courses available.

About Lakewood University

Lakewood University is an accredited online university that offers various degree programs and certifications for undergraduate and graduate levels. The non-profit online school provides academic programs for various subjects, including law, healthcare, business management, IT, and entrepreneurship.  

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