Launching Ambrose Construction Website – Beyond Excellence Within Construction and Property Services

 AMBROSE Construction is a reliable construction company providing expert residential and commercial services in the field of construction, design and remodelling. They offer construction and property services to residential and commercial customers on all types of projects. The firm recently launched its website, which has all the possible information a client would need to get started with their project.

Ambrose Construction is led by a team of highly skilled professionals with over a decade of experience in construction and property services. The team thrives on their thirst to provide an unparalleled experience and outstanding solutions to every one of their client’s needs.

The team of professionals has wide experience in creating something new with the right mix of creativity, innovation, and space usage. The expert team of architects, engineers, and site supervisors have been trained to provide quality service to the clients by building their dream spaces. Their goal is to use their expertise to enhance and redefine living spaces.

Ambrose Construction offer a wide range of solutions, such as residential construction and renovation, residential design and development, commercial construction and renovation, commercial design and development, landscape architecture and project management. They are committed to delivering the projects on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption to their clients.

They also provide a complete range of property maintenance services from whole house renovations to conversions and extensions through to the exceptional kitchen and bathroom fitting as well as structural work and joinery.

Building Dream Spaces that Excels Expectations

The AMBROSE team has the technical expertise to handle any size project using only the finest materials at competitive rates. They are passionate about delivering exceptional services emphasizing reliability, efficiency, and attention to detail.

AMBROSE Construction has a unique approach to construction projects. The team will work closely with the client to design and develop your dream space according to their tastes and requirements.

From the very start of any residential or commercial project, the experienced team will be there to assist in making the most of your available space and budget. They also help clients make informed decisions about the best design for a new home or office space and work with them to develop a plan within their budget.

After analysing the needs, the team will prepare a detailed scope of work, including approximate pricing and an estimated time frame for each phase of the project. They use this as a guide to keep the project on schedule and meet upfront cost expectations.

Apart from building new houses or renovating old ones, this company offers services related to groundworks too. They help clients with designing and developing garden designs as well as landscaping. Also, they work on extension and remodelling projects as well as specific issues regarding structural work. The team also has a great eye for suggesting and fitting kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

No matter the scale of your project, the team works with complete dedication to make your vision come true.

Experience the New Website and Get a Free Online Quote

The skilled team at AMBROSE Construction will work closely throughout the entire project, from the initial consultation to the finishing touches, to ensure that the work meets the client’s exact specifications. Their technical expertise, innovative ideas and hard work are reflected in their novel designs and plans.

The team handles every project with care and completes it with utmost professionalism. They aim to provide competent and professional services to their clients and satisfy them.

The new website of AMBROSE Construction is quite comprehensive enough about the broad range of construction and property services they offer, along with an easy way to reach the team for free quotes and discussion. They have trained engineers and architects who can give proper guidance about your project.

You can contact them at 07398 844403 for a quick discussion over the call or fill out the form and they will get back to you with a free quote for your desired project.

About AMBROSE Construction: Ambrose Construction is one of the up and coming firms offering construction and property services in the UK, backed by a team with an extensive background in developing, designing, and modernising residential and commercial spaces. They provide a wide scope of services, starting from complete project development of residential and commercial properties to designing, structural work, garden design, landscaping and space extensions.

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All Eyes on SeaPup -The Next Moon Shot Launching on BSC with Nostalgic Allure

Kicking off the new year, an expert team of crypto enthusiasts, web & blockchain developers, graphic designers, and marketing specialists will be introducing the world to SeaPup. Inspired by childhood nostalgia stemming from the late ’90s, SeaPup is a fun & original twist on the most popular meme coins. Over the years, the crew has honed their skills working with various crypto initiatives, developed partnerships & closely observed the ever-evolving crypto space. As a result, a decision was made to utilize their combined talent and begin creating a project to solve many of the issues associated with newly launched tokens. It graciously rewards its holders and provides both virtual & real-world utility through its continued development. SeaPup was recently being launched in early January on BSC.

Early on, SeaPup will offer a contract boasting unique functionality and security, fantastic BNB rewards to its holders, and tokenomics, or as the team calls it, “Puppernomics,” that allow for healthy and consistent growth. Once introduced, the SeaPup community will acquire their very own NFT SeaPup, with added incentives such as inclusion into the PupShot lottery. These are a few of the many exciting benefits $SPUP will offer its community.

As the $SPUP ecosystem develops, SeaPup will be steered towards realizing real-world utility & application. It will be brought to life in the form of a youth-focused crypto educational platform known as the SeaPup academy. The roots will form with introducing an engaging & memorable novel series, allowing the younger generations to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency early on, preparing them for their inevitable future enveloped in blockchain technology. 

With their long-term vision in mind, it is apparent the SeaPup team & its ecosystems allow for their path to be carved, cementing their originality and positioning them in a way that ensures long-term project development. It gives the opportunity of the achievable pursuit of project legitimacy & actual, real-world application. SeaPup, in its nature, creates a sense of childlike nostalgia & with that comes a certain allure. It significantly increases its likelihood to be widely adopted and accepted amongst the most exceptional projects today. With the overall preparedness, cumulative talent, and ambition that the team behind SeaPup offers, $SPUP is most definitely a project to keep on one’s radar!

For users who are interested in exploring SeaPup further, they can head over to their website,, to learn more.


Launching VacayMyWay: Vacation Rental Bookings, Simplified

Travel Industry Veterans Unveil No-Nonsense Vacation Rental Website Without Guest Service Fees

DENTON, TexasNov. 18, 2021PRLog — VacayMyWay takes the confusion out of vacation rentals with a new, simplified vacation rental booking website. Founded on three principles – value, price transparency and open communication – provides travelers the opportunity to plan and book vacations with ease, without complexities and frivolous fees.

“This is an immensely exciting day as we officially launch VacayMyWay following years of monumental planning, dedication and invaluable input from our team,” states Jim Stewart, CEO & Co-Founder. “VacayMyWay was created with the traveler in mind. Over the past years, our collective team of hosts and industry veterans has watched the vacation rental industry decline in customer service and become more complicated, overly profit centric and selfish. At VacayMyWay, our goal is to return to the fundamental joy of planning vacations by simplifying the process and eliminating excessive fee structures.”

Primary factors differentiating VacayMyWay from industry competitors:

  • No guest service fees
  • Transparent pricing, with no surprise at checkout
  • Robust amenity search function that best fulfills travelers’ criteria and budget without distracting sponsored listings or ads
  • Conveniently connects travelers and hosts through clear, unfiltered communications
  • Personalized, easily accessible and competent customer care
  • Host financial control provides full autonomy for issuing refunds
  • Guest identity verification and $1.3 million in damage protection included in every booking

“We do not believe in charging guest service fees that overtake vacation budgets, leading travelers to feel nickel and dimed. Our approach is fair and transparent – guests only pay the nightly rate, associated cleaning service and taxes with travel insurance as optional – no nonsense. Guests will never feel surprised by additional fees appearing at check out,” explains Stewart. “By removing guest service fees, offering free cancellation options and foregoing security deposits, customers will save up to 20% and have more travel funds available with VacayMyWay.”

At launch, VacayMyWay offers travelers vacation rentals throughout North America, ranging from beach to mountain destinations. Vacation options showcased on VacayMyWay must be entire private accommodations (no shared spaces) containing at least one kitchenette and at least one full bathroom. Travelers may choose from beach or lake houses and bungalows to cabins and cottages and much more. The platform encourages hosts to meet it’s “Vacay Standard” of vacation rental criteria listed here (…). Additionally, VacayMyWay’s extensive list of features and amenities is designed to enable travelers to make the best vacation rental selection for their needs and preferences, eliminating surprises. Top markets include New Orleans, the Carolinas, Florida, the Pacific Northwest, Texas and Costa Rica with plans to enter the European market in 2022.

“At the end of the day, VacayMyWay is in the business of connecting hosts and travelers,” Stewart adds. “By providing value adds such as guest identity verification, $1.3 million in damage protection on every booking and an overall ease of doing business, we project to deliver a boost in revenue of up to 20% annually for hosts versus the competition.”

To celebrate its launch, VacayMyWay is offering new hosts the chance to win a complimentary marketing campaign and home page feature.

Travelers and prospective hosts can discover more and sign up for updates at

Click here ( for fact sheet and view downloadable imagery here ( (Photo credit: VacayMyWay)

About VacayMyWay:

About VacayMyWay

VacayMyWay is an industry-disrupting vacation rental website designed to simplify the booking journey for guests and listing process for hosts. Specializing in value-centric, low-cost bookings with transparent pricing and no guest fees, VacayMyWay includes guest identity verification and $1.3 million damage protection in every booking. Empowering open communication between hosts and guests and providing personalized, competent care, VacayMyWay strives to enhance trust, clarity and convenience in the vacation rental booking experience. Partners powering VacayMyWay include OKsystem, SUPERHOG, Rental Guardian and TruPlace. Learn more at and follow on Instagram (, facebook ( and Linkedin (

Cros is Launching to Streamline Collaboration between Enterprises on Distributed Ledger

Cros Network ( is launching to streamline the collaboration between enterprises using distributed ledger. Cros is a cross-organizational platform designed to facilitate business process execution on a foundation of ownership, trust, and control. With this protocol, businesses can collaborate and securely execute their business processes in a tamper proof manner, without trusted intermediaries.

While the global B2B e-commerce market size is estimated to reach $20.9 trillion by 2027, the industry has operational shortcomings that would prove more inefficient inching towards this growth; especially that business process collaboration could triple to $100 billion in the next five years, with 80% spent moving, aggregating, cleansing, verifying and sharing data with other businesses and stakeholders. Enterprise revenues are estimated to decrease by 27 to 40% as coordination costs increase proportionally by degree of specialization. Retailers in Asia alone lose around $40 billion annually, reliant on siloed processes and absence of trust among enterprises.

The traditional view of markets and enterprises relies on sequential thinking, whether it is supply-chain or business value chain. Companies are slowly realizing that they are part of a larger network, not a link in a chain. This demands an ecosystem approach to resource planning, business process execution and collaboration between the various nodes of the network. Being a cross-organizational network built on distributed ledger, tamper-proof and seamless, Cros aims to fill in these gaps.

“The solution we envisioned was an innovative cross-org collaboration and integration platform; a decentralized integration platform, into which small and medium businesses can collaborate and correctly execute their business process without the need for trusted intermediaries,” says Cros’ visionary founder Ajay Bhandari, the former Google and Microsoft Chief Architect.

“Cros translates existing collaborative process models to distributed ledger and ensures that the process is secure and is executed correctly. Distributed ledger checks for compliance before changing a state of process, providing a single source of truth to all participants, and full traceability.”

Bhandari offers a solution for challenges related to data exchange, complicated transformations, traceability and shared truth, and trust between parties. Cros would be empowering enterprises to collaborate with ease, integrate with their IT infrastructure and Cloud ERPs, while preserving data guardianship and maintaining control.

Similar problems were solved within the enterprise (intra-business integration) utilizing databases, service bus and ERP systems. However, those technologies and platforms are insufficient for cross-enterprise collaboration, due to concerns of ownership, trust and control. Enterprise today runs on centralized systems, coordinating transactions between suppliers, vendors, business partners and regulators. It is difficult to build consensus on running and operating cross-enterprise collaboration while addressing ownership, trust, and control issues.

A paradigm shift is necessary, based on a completely revised definition of “ownership,” “control,” and “trust”, the hallmarks of the operational model of traditional business. Distributed ledger technology can be the enabler of such a paradigm shift towards cooperative competition, or “co-opetition”.

Cros is the flagship project of Bussr Technologies (, a leading Singaporean payments infrastructure platform for mobility companies. Bussr Technologies is partnering with best-in-class entities to build Cros, and foster the development of services and applications that will run on it.

About Cros
Cros is the natural development evolved from the same ethos and philosophy of Bussr Technologies Ltd, with the aim to streamline collaboration between small, medium, and large enterprises using distributed ledger. Cros’ approach is from enterprise to distributed ledger, thereby easing the familiar challenges of integration with existing infrastructure. Learn more at or contact

Media Contact
HA, Bussr Technologies

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Hong Kong – Launching Ceremony of Junior Police Call Summer Camp held today (with photos/video)

Launching Ceremony of Junior Police Call Summer Camp held today (with photos/video)


     The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr John Lee; the Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung; and the Commissioner of Police, Mr Siu Chak-yee, officiated at the Launching Ceremony of Junior Police Call (JPC) Summer Camp at The Hong Kong Award for Young People Jockey Club Duke of Edinburgh Training Camp in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, today (July 12).

     With the theme of “Be a Leader · Fight Crime Together”, the JPC Summer Camp aimed to encourage young people to step out of their comfort zone, enhancing their resilience, team spirit and leadership skills and cultivating positive values through diversified training activities. At the same time, it also promoted fight crime messages among the participants.

     Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Tang said that the JPC Scheme has devoted full efforts in nurturing the youth to become future leaders, enhancing their law-abiding awareness, as well as the sense of social responsibility. The scheme also played a role in unleashing the potential of young people and thereby contributing to the society.

     Fifteen adventure day camps will be held between July and August, providing training to more than 1,200 JPC members and student leaders.