Hong Kong – LCSD holds Launching Ceremony of Asian Games Hangzhou Live Zone (with photos)

LCSD holds Launching Ceremony of Asian Games Hangzhou Live Zone (with photos)


     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) held the “Launching Ceremony of the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou Live Zone” at the Secondary Hall of the Kowloon Park Sports Centre today (September 23). The Live Zone located at 36 designated sports centres in 18 districts are open after the ceremony for the public to watch the competitions and show their support for Hong Kong athletes as they strive for excellence at the Games.
     The Hong Kong, China Delegation will send about 660 athletes to the Games, the biggest-ever delegation in Hong Kong’s history. Speaking at the ceremony, the Acting Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Miss Winnie Chui, said, “Like other Hong Kong people, I am eager to see our Hong Kong athletes to strive for the best performance and succeed in every endeavour in the Games. The LCSD set up the Asian Games Hangzhou Live Zone at 36 designated sports centres to broadcast the Games’ competitions. Members of the public are welcome to visit and watch the live broadcast and highlights of competitions to enjoy the ambience of this spectacular sports event and cheer for Hong Kong athletes participating at the Games.”
     During the ceremony, guests watched demonstrations of cycling and rowing as well as participating in interactive games to cheer for Hong Kong athletes. The video of the ceremony will be available on the dedicated website and the locations of the Asian Games Live Zone are also shown on the website for public access.
     The opening hours for all Asian Games Live Zone between September 24 and October 8 will be from 8am to 10.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to visit and watch the live broadcast to experience the excitement of this spectacular sports event.
     To encourage the public to actively take part in sports while having fun in watching the competitions, the LCSD has uploaded a series of Asian Games sports videos, which feature introduction and demonstration of sports skills by elite athletes, to the website.

TD VC is Launching a $100M Web3 ‘Special Situation’ Fund with $10M in GP Commitments

TradeDog Group, the parent company of TD VC, announced the launch of their $100 Million Web3 “special situation” fund. The fund announcement comes with a GP commitment of $10 Million. The fund will re-structure and invest in projects with good products and businesses but struggling token markets.

This strategic move is a reflection of the commitment of TradeDog Group to web3 technology and blockchain-based applications. It paves a path for funding web3 initiatives that aim to make web-based services powered by blockchain better and more accessible.

TradeDog will leverage its following of more than 3 million Traders and Investors to build an active trading community for the portfolio of TD VC Fund 2, while TradeDog Market Management (TDMM) will be useful to execute sophisticated strategies in live markets (exchanges & DEXs) if required.

TD VC is a Multi-Strategy fund with a portion allocated to a flagship strategy “special situations investment.” Through this, TD VC will provide crypto businesses with tailored injections of capital based on the requirements of the token. The thematic fund will primarily invest in companies with strong fundamental businesses but whose token markets are underperforming. TD VC’s goal is to support the long-term growth of the digital ecosystem while maximizing risk-adjusted returns for investors, all underpinned by an emphasis on value, downside protection, and upside optionality.

As the fund’s strategic partner, TDeFi will leverage its successful track record as a blockchain startup incubator and support TD VC with a range of deal flow and advisory services.

Rupesh Pednekar will be leading the operations for the fund. He is a partner and a seasoned strategic business leader who will bring his experience in building and growing startups on board as well as extensive technology and institutional financial experience. Rupesh has advised multiple entrepreneurs, startups, and mid-size firms in their growth strategy and venture capital raise as part of a boutique advisory firm. Previously, he spent more than eight years at Moody’s Investors Service in New York City, where he led several critical initiatives around regulatory compliance, process and methodology upgrades, and technology transformation. Prior to Moodys, Rupesh successfully led high-impact projects at Verizon Wireless, including the 4G launch, billing systems upgrades, and technology integration for the company’s many acquisitions.

Speaking about TD VC’s vision for the fund, Pednekar said: “There has been a massive influx of talent from WEB2 to WEB3 and at TD VC we are looking to leverage that and bring about more adoption. There are a plethora of use cases for Web3 technologies and it is changing how value and equity is distributed. We aim to be a catalyst for innovation and believe our funding models will empower creators and disruptors in the web3 space to revolutionize the existing multi-layered blockchain ecosystem.”

TD VC’s fund will invest in promising young companies and support the limitless possibilities of Web3 tech, allowing entrepreneurs to bring forth innovative projects offering actual value in building the internet on blockchain. TD VC believes the crypto industry must keep volatile markets from getting in the way of innovation driving mass adoption.

About TradeDog Group

TradeDog is a Group of Crypto companies that helps projects in their token life cycle. In addition to TD VC, the companies in the ecosystem consist of TDeFi (https://tde.fi), a Web3 incubator. TDx, a Token launchpad with more than 30,000 whitelisted retail investors. TDMM (https://tdmm.io) enables Liquidity and Markets Management, helping tokens with Price and Volume management. TD Research is a Market Intelligence and on-chain analytics provider.

Website: https://td.vc/

Name: Rishabh Gupta
Designation: Director
Mobile: +91 9045622473
Email: pr@td.vc

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ALSEGO is Now Launching a Solution to Help Protect Your Organization Against Cybercrime

 LetzRelay-MX, the first module of LetzRelay offer, is the new cloud technology-powered email security solution that ALSEGO developed for your organization’s cybersecurity. It utilizes advanced email filtering capabilities to detect and protect emails from malicious actors. Its cloud-based nature ensures that it is easy, flexible, robust, and secure on all fronts.

CyberScore Your Inbound Internet Emails

CyberScore is an instant and embedded clear indicator that shows risks associated to the received email. LetzRelay-MX upgrades this feature by analyzing internet inbound emails with a completely holistic approach. Amongst other aspects, it will consider technical security standards and the sender’s reputation before it enters your mail system.

LetzRelay-MX also utilizes URL sandboxing and deep analysis, ensuring that target websites will not attempt phishing or inject malicious components into your computer. Moreover, this solution analyzes attachments from your emails to uncover their true nature.

Apart from virus and malware signatures that hide in emails, cybercriminals would use fake files or links. Hackers use these techniques to mask the true attachment file that would end up harming your computers. LetzRelay-MX helps you uncover those lies before they even reach you.

Utilize AI Processes to Assist People

LetzRelay-MX separates itself from the competition by using artificial intelligence technology and evolving algorithmic processes. AI-driven email security processes track and monitor threats automatically, eliminating the risks. These solutions focus on your reinforcement strategy consistently, ensuring that you have constant email security protecting your organization.

Enjoy Cost-efficient Email Security Solution

Considering everything LetzRelay-MX offers, it stands as the most cost-effective solution on the market. It includes all material and training costs associated with maintaining technical users and end-user awareness about security risks. With a wide scope of provisions, you can save on extra email security expenses.

Why is LetzRelay-MX Launching Now?

ALSEGO is aware of the tremendous growth in email security threats that target organizations around the world. Spam and phishing attacks have caused businesses significant losses, proving that traditional solutions can no longer keep up with the creativity of cybercriminals in getting what they want. This cybersecurity solution aims to protect your business from email-based cybercrime while offering cost savings.

No Installation Required

LetzRelay-MX provides email security in a cloud-based platform that is reliable, secure, and cost-effective. You don’t need to install any new software to set up the program and enjoy its features. Simply go through the following steps after completing the registration process:

Review Settings: You may update the default settings to better suit your organization’s standards. LetzRelay-MX creates these settings for you upon registration.

Add Emails: Enter all the email addresses associated with your organization. This step ensures all-around protection for everyone involved.

Update Domain DNS MX Records: Depending on your region, you will be assigned DNS MX records with hostnames. You can edit these accordingly.

For further assistance or inquiries, feel free to contact us through letzrelay.com.


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Salads 2 Your Door is Launching Artisan Thanksgiving Salads for 2022, Delivering Healthy and Convenient Options for Entertaining

 Salads 2 Your Door is announcing its launch of Artisan Thanksgiving Salads for 2022. This service delivers family-sized salads to the door of homes in the greater St. Louis area for Thanksgiving. Each salad feeds 8 to 10 people, making them a healthy and convenient option. This gives families one less thing to think about when entertaining.

The menu includes:

– Fresh Broccoli Salad With Poppy Seed Dressing – fresh broccoli, dried cranberries, goji berries, red onion, nut and seed topping, and poppy seed dressing.

– Millennium Vegan Caesar Salad – salad greens, spiralized carrots, tri-colored cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic croutons, avocado, hemp seeds, and Caesar dressing.

– Pomegranate Pear Salad – salad greens, shaved brussel sprouts, sliced pears, pomegranate seeds, cashews, toasted pepitas, sunflower seeds, and balsamic dressing.

– Sesame Pasta Salad – angel hair pasta, scallions, sesame seeds, nut and seed topping, and toasted sesame dressing.

– Spinach Strawberry Salad With Honey Mustard – spinach, watermelon radish, sliced strawberries, avocado wedges, pecans, cashews, and honey mustard vinaigrette.

– Spiralized Beet & Roasted Butternut Squash With Candied Pecans – salad greens, spiralized beets, roasted butternut squash, candied pecans, dried cranberries, pepitas, and sweet mustard.

– Sweet Potato Salad – salad greens, sweet potato curls, grape tomatoes, avocados, red onions, pickles, nut and seed topping, and maple shallot dressing.

All salads are customizable. After the order is placed, customers receive a form to fill out, where they’ll have the option to list any allergies or preferences.

The deadline to order is Thursday, November 17 as long as spots are available, and delivery is on the morning of Thursday, November 24. To order, go to https://www.salads2yourdoor.com/catering. For questions, please email Chanala Rubenfeld at office@salads2yourdoor.com.

About Salads 2 Your Door

Salads 2 Your Door is a monthly subscription service that delivers full salad meals each week. All salads on the menu are crafted with a healthy balance of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates and can be customized to each individual’s preferences. For more information, please visit https://www.salads2yourdoor.com/.

Salads 2 Your Door

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MIR Creations Launching E-Platform for Traders in UK to Easily Outsource the Manufacturing of Bulk Custom Textile Products

 Mir Creations is an emerging B2B E-marketplace with multiple products at its online store. They have a wide variety of custom brand products, mostly from the textile industry. Their business model enables them to connect with buyers, directly cutting the middlemen’s costs. In this way, they are able to offer the best least market rates to international traders.

Shipping is one of the crucial parts of importing products from direct manufacturers internationally. Mir Creations as the leading textile products supplier helps traders & buyers from the global market to easily outsource what they need. This bridge is created with the help of many different shipping agencies and courier service companies. When they give their potential buyers an easy way out to get their consignments delivered on time, they create an impact in online B2B trading.

The additional headache is the insurance of the products. Mir Creations offers their clients multiple Incoterms so that buyers can pay as per their interest and with ease. Their Incoterms include:

· FAS Free Alongside Ship

· FCA Free Carrier

· FOB Free On Board

· DDP Delivered Duty Paid

· CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight

Manufacturers and traders offering such convenience get a competitive edge in the international market, and Mir Creations is surely doing their work on this side.

The prominent product line of Mir Creations private label manufacturing includes polo shirts, school uniforms, linen bath towels, linen bathrobes, bedsheets, workwear, staff uniforms, and much more. Their manufacturing units are in Pakistan as the textile quality there is excellent. The cost-cutting structure of Mir Creations by reducing the commissions of intermediaries is a win-win situation for them for offering wholesale rates. Their website (www.mircreations.com) is now live, helping global traders to outsource their desired products at a low cost.

Mir Creations

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