Mir Creations is an emerging B2B E-marketplace with multiple products at its online store. They have a wide variety of custom brand products, mostly from the textile industry. Their business model enables them to connect with buyers, directly cutting the middlemen’s costs. In this way, they are able to offer the best least market rates to international traders.

Shipping is one of the crucial parts of importing products from direct manufacturers internationally. Mir Creations as the leading textile products supplier helps traders & buyers from the global market to easily outsource what they need. This bridge is created with the help of many different shipping agencies and courier service companies. When they give their potential buyers an easy way out to get their consignments delivered on time, they create an impact in online B2B trading.

The additional headache is the insurance of the products. Mir Creations offers their clients multiple Incoterms so that buyers can pay as per their interest and with ease. Their Incoterms include:

· FAS Free Alongside Ship

· FCA Free Carrier

· FOB Free On Board

· DDP Delivered Duty Paid

· CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight

Manufacturers and traders offering such convenience get a competitive edge in the international market, and Mir Creations is surely doing their work on this side.

The prominent product line of Mir Creations private label manufacturing includes polo shirts, school uniforms, linen bath towels, linen bathrobes, bedsheets, workwear, staff uniforms, and much more. Their manufacturing units are in Pakistan as the textile quality there is excellent. The cost-cutting structure of Mir Creations by reducing the commissions of intermediaries is a win-win situation for them for offering wholesale rates. Their website (www.mircreations.com) is now live, helping global traders to outsource their desired products at a low cost.

Mir Creations

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