Discover Luchi Lewinski and Her Music

Luchi Lewinski is an aspiring independent artist. She was born in raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan a small city about 30 minutes west of Detroit, Michigan. Now she resides in Miami, FloridaShe has been making music for almost five years. Since she has began her musical journey she has accumulated over 500,000 views. She has thousands of followers on all of her social media platforms. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @luchi_lewinski she is also on tick tock Luchi Lewinski.

She is a R.I.A.A. registered artist. Her music is about what she has been through in her life. She has created her own lane in the music industry. With her drive and ambition there is no stopping her. Subscribe to her YouTube channel The Official Luchi Lewinski channel. Check out her video “All Blue” on YouTube it has almost 30,000 views on it.

She just released a new music video “I Need” it has over 10,000 views in two weeks. Stay tuned in It’s Lewinski Tho. She is very consistent when it comes to releasing new music. Her articulate flow keeps you tuned in to what shes going to say next on the song.

Luchi Lewinski being an independent artist has funded all of own her projects without the support of a major label’s money backing her projects. She is an inspiration to the younger generation. With her motivation music.

She makes her listeners get out an make something big happen in their own lives. More artist need to be like Luchi Lewinski when it comes to motivating the younger generation into to doing more positive things.

Discover Porsche’s good causes in the Far East

The Asia-Pacific market is one of huge importance to Porsche, but so too is the wider society that supports it. And for this reason, Porsche is investing in numerous international schemes aimed at promoting environmental, social and cultural causes around the region.

In Taiwan, Porsche has teamed up with the Society of Wilderness, extending its outreach to marine ecology conservation for the first time. Besides supporting SOW’s marine waste research and public awareness programmes, Porsche Taiwan has also extended its ‘Porsche Dream Together’ campaign with a beach cleaning event involving hundreds of employees, volunteers and partners, in Shimen, New Taipei City.

The Dream Together programme was initiated in 2019 with the aim of offering continuous, practical support for the sustainability and education sectors, and has been collaborating with BOYO Social Welfare Foundation to support Taiwan’s educationally disadvantaged.

In Korea, meanwhile, three new ‘Porsche Dream Playgrounds’ have recently opened in Seoul, Cheongju-si and Naju-si.  This initiative supports the development of indoor activity areas that allow children to express themselves in a playful environment. Porsche Korea has now built a total of seven indoor gyms in two regular and five special schools, featuring recreational equipment including a ball-pool for sensory development, trampoline for flexibility and growth plate stimulation, and playground stairs for muscle development.

‘Porsche Dream Circle’ introduced by Porsche Korea

Porsche Korea has also provided scholarships for children talented in arts and sports and to help young people who are no longer subject to social care to become self-reliant. Last year, the ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ was introduced to create forests in schools and install solar panels. In total, Porsche Korea provided 2.639 billion KRW in donations.

In parallel with its work in education, Porsche Korea has also launched a public art project aimed at promoting sustainable mobility. ‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’ saw 365 Seoul City bikes or ’Ttareungi’ made publicly available from last month, making it theoretically possible to ride a different art bike every day for a year. The project aims to helps Seoul’s citizens enjoy more art in their daily lives while contributing to the development of a more eco-friendly city.

‘Porsche Dream Art Ttareungi’ with artist Kippeum Park

Each bike was finished in a traditional patchwork design by artist Kippeum Park, with advice from Roland Heiler, chief designer of the Porsche Design Studio.  “It is an honour to have the pattern I personally designed directly reflected in ’Ttareungi’, a public bicycle that everyone enjoys,” said Park. “Focusing on the value of ‘Ttareungi’ as the bicycle representing Seoul, I tried my best to capture the traditional beauty of Korea and portray it onto the design.”

Porsche Korea provided a total of 300 million KRW in donations through the ’Dream Art Ttareungi’ public art project and a further 200 million KRW to support the creative activities of performing arts organisations and artists directly affected by COVID-19.

‘Porsche. Dream Together’ in Japan

In neighbouring Japan, under the name ‘Porsche. Dream Together’, Porsche is working towards a more sustainable society with a similar focus on the environment and its country’s youngsters. 

When the Porsche Experience Centre Tokyo was announced in 2020, Porsche Japan signed the Natural Environment Preservation Agreement to protect the local environment and establish designated wetland preservation areas. In 2021, it signed an agreement with its host city of Kisarazu to provide community support in the form of personnel, vehicles, and supplies in case of disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, wind and water damage, or major accidents.

Porsche Japan also supports initiatives ensuring organic food is provided in nearby schools, helps promote healthy living via local fun runs at the PEC Tokyo and offers ‘Learn with Porsche’ scholarship programmes that encourage students to pursue their dreams. In partnership with NPO Katariba, a development service for teenagers, Porsche hosted a special online lecture with Japanese exterior designer Shuichi Yamashita, discussing his path to achieving his own dream of becoming a Porsche designer.

Discover the Best Legally Compliant Cannabis Properties with Dana Wallace of 420Estates

SAN FRANCISCO, CA , June 11, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, As recreational cannabis continues to grow in popularity, Dana Wallace with 420estates has developed an innovative and unique boutique real estate company that focuses solely on properties that are legally compliant with the California Cannabis Industry. This innovative company has become a brokerage leader in specialist properties.

Since the legalization of cannabis in California, the demand for properties that meet current legislation has never been higher. As investors begin to become more comfortable with the legal cannabis market, finding high-quality licensed or license eligible premises can be particularly challenging.

Understanding the demands that investors are searching for, Dana Wallace wanted to create a unique prospect. Utilizing her 19 years of real estate investment experience, she created 420estates, a dedicated brokerage designed specifically for the legal cannabis market.

With an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges that the legal cannabis market poses, Dana is in a truly unique position. Her passion lies in helping her clients navigate through selling, buying and or leasing a cannabis business along with the real estate. Her goal is to build long-term relationships with her clients, giving them the ability to scale and grow their organization. Her transactions don’t just end at the closing table. Dana’s goal is to create long term relationships and to offer her client’s the resources they need to create success.

420estates prides itself on thinking outside the box, helping it to stay ahead in this ever-changing industry.

Dana Wallace, founder of 420estates, added, “As a California native, seeing the rise of the legal cannabis industry has been incredible. The amazing speed that the industry has grown, has meant there is a void in specialist properties, and the cannabis market requires a unique approach to real estate.

My mission is to use my years of real estate experience, coupled with my knowledge and passion for the legal cannabis industry, to create a myriad of solutions for organizations. I pride myself on creating the best opportunities for my clients, allowing them to find the perfect solution for their needs.”


Dana Wallace 

[email protected]

420 Estates, San Francisco, California

SOURCE: 420 Estates