Dr. Hansjörg Rodi becomes member of the Management Board of Kuehne+Nagel

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The Board of Directors of Kuehne + Nagel International AG has appointed Dr. Hansjörg Rodi to its Management Board effective August 1, 2022. Hansjörg Rodi will assume responsibility for Road Logistics and thus succeed Stefan Paul, who will become the new CEO of the Kuehne+Nagel Group on the same date.

Hansjörg Rodi, born in 1966, has held management positions at Kuehne+Nagel since 2016, most recently as the head of the European region with almost 44,000 employees. He has been active in the logistics industry for over 25 years in various management positions. Hansjörg Rodi studied economics and earned his doctorate at the Westphalian University in Münster, Germany.

With CHF 3.7 billion in net turnover in 2021 and around 9,700 employees, Kuehne+Nagel’s business unit Road Logistics is one of the world’s leading providers of ground transportation. Kuehne+Nagel customers are offered maximum flexibility and service quality for their general cargo, full truckload (FTL) or part truckload (LTL) shipments. In 2021, the unit handled 24.4 million shipments.

Jens Drewes (born 1969) has been appointed to succeed Hansjörg Rodi in Europe. Jens Drewes has held management positions at Kuehne+Nagel in Asia since 1997, and has been responsible for the Asia Pacific region since 2013.

About Kuehne+Nagel

With over 78,000 employees at almost 1,300 sites in over 100 countries, the Kuehne+Nagel Group is one of the world’s leading logistics providers. It operates in sea logistics, air logistics, road logistics and contract logistics, with a clear focus on integrated logistics solutions.

Yungtay Becomes a Wholly Owned Subsidiary, to Be Renamed Hitachi-Yungtay Elevator

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501, “Hitachi”) today announced that the acquisition of all the outstanding shares of Yungtay Engineering Co., Ltd. (“Yungtay”), a Taiwan-based subsidiary engaged in the manufacture, sale, and service of elevators and escalators, with a view to strengthening its elevator and escalator business base in the People’s Republic of China (“China”) and other parts of Asia. The acquisition has been implemented through a share exchange (“the share exchange”) at TWD65.1 per share (approximately 285 yen(1)), making Yungtay a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi.

Prior to the share exchange, Hitachi held 71.1% of the total number of outstanding shares in Yungtay, including those held by its wholly owned subsidiaries. The acquisition cost for shares acquired through the share exchange will be approximately TWD7.6 billion (approximately 33.3 billion yen(1)). Yungtay’s shares had been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, and were delisted at the time of the share exchange.

Moreover, at the Board of Directors meeting of Yungtay held today, Yungtay passed a resolution to change its company name to Hitachi-Yungtay Elevator Co., Ltd. (“Hitachi-Yungtay Elevator”). We are proceeding with the formalities to effect the company name change in June 2022.

Yungtay was founded in 1966 and is the largest company in the elevator and escalator business in the Taiwan region. It is also one of the major suppliers of elevators and escalators in mainland China, mainly for apartment complexes. Yungtay has been a business partner of Hitachi for over 50 years since right after its foundation, with Hitachi’s capital participation in 1968. In 2019, Hitachi made a tender offer for shares of Yungtay, acquiring shares equivalent to 28.0% of the total number of outstanding shares (excluding treasury shares), increasing its share ownership to 39.7%(2). Hitachi continued to acquire additional shares and made Yungtay a consolidated subsidiary in October 2020(3).

The share exchange and delisting were approved at an extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of Yungtay held on November 16, 2021, and were implemented by Yungtay today after obtaining approval from the relevant Taiwanese authorities.

Hitachi will accelerate its collaboration with Hitachi-Yungtay Elevator, strengthening Hitachi- Yungtay Elevator’s product competitiveness and enhancing its preventive maintenance services by introducing digital technologies such as IoT, which is one of Hitachi’s strengths, as well as environmental technologies. By maximizing the synergy of the two companies, Hitachi aims to become a global leader in the building solutions field, increasing the number of new elevator and escalator installations in China and other parts of Asia, and expanding the scale of preventive maintenance volume to improve profitability.

(1) Calculation based on 1 TWD = 4.38 JPY
(2) News release dated April 23, 2019 titled, “Results of Public Tender Offer for Shares of Yungtay, Elevator Company Based in Taiwan”
(3) News release dated October 15, 2020 titled “Hitachi Acquired Additional Shares to Hold Majority of Shares of Yungtay, Elevator Company Based in Taiwan”

About Hitachi, Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, contributes to a sustainable society with a higher quality of life by driving innovation through data and technology as the Social Innovation Business. Hitachi is focused on strengthening its contribution to the Environment, the Resilience of business and social infrastructure as well as comprehensive programs to enhance Security & Safety. Hitachi resolves the issues faced by customers and society across six domains: IT, Energy, Mobility, Industry, Smart Life and Automotive Systems through its proprietary Lumada solutions. The company’s consolidated revenues for fiscal year 2020 (ended March 31, 2021) totaled 8,729.1 billion yen ($78.6 billion), with 871 consolidated subsidiaries and approximately 350,000 employees worldwide. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company’s website at https://www.hitachi.com.

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Japan – NEC Becomes First Global Reseller of D-Wave’s Leap Quantum Cloud Service

NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701), a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies, and D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in quantum computing systems, software, and services, and the only provider building both annealing and gate model quantum computers, today announced that NEC has become the first global reseller of D-Wave’s Leap quantum cloud service.

In addition to reselling quantum cloud access through Leap, NEC will initially provide quantum consulting services in Japan, as well as professional services internationally, starting in Australia, then gradually expanding to new markets in the 38 countries where Leap is available today.

This joint go-to-market will extend NEC’s deep quantum experience with enterprises developing quantum computing use-cases and in-production applications, while furthering the rapidly expanding usage of D-Wave’s cloud-based quantum computing and quantum hybrid solver services.

As expectations for digital business increase, enterprises are looking to quantum computing to help solve problems that cannot efficiently be solved by classical computing within a practical timeframe or for economic reasons. In response, NEC began collaborating with D-Wave in 2020(1) and has utilized Leap to promote applied research in a variety of areas, including delivery planning, personnel management, manufacturing planning, and portfolio creation for a range of customers across diverse industries.

The features of Leap and support services provided by NEC include the following:

Quantum Cloud Access via Leap

– Flexible cloud access, which is easy to use for anyone in the 38 countries where Leap is available today, and provides NEC customers with the only service delivering real-time access to quantum computers and hybrid quantum solvers.
– NEC’s clients will have access to the Advantage quantum system, which leverages more than 5,000 qubits and 15-way qubit connectivity, in addition to an expanded quantum hybrid solver service that can run problems with up to one million variables. The combination of the computing power of Advantage and the scale to address real-world problems with the hybrid solver service in Leap enables businesses to run performant, real-time hybrid quantum applications.
– NEC’s global customers can work directly with their account teams to benefit from cloud-based quantum computing via Leap.
– Quantum annealing and ever more powerful quantum hybrid solvers are proving to be the best quantum systems for optimization problems, which make up a wide range of complex business problems.
– An integrated developer environment (IDE) and Ocean software development kit (SDK)(2) are part of Leap and can be coded utilizing Python, without any previous knowledge of quantum computing.
– With flexible access, developers and businesses can get started today building in-production hybrid quantum applications. Flexible purchase plans allow developers and forward-thinking businesses to access the D-Wave quantum system in a way that works for them and their business.
– Leap offers educational resources, demos, sample code, example use cases, and a growing community of likeminded developers, all building quantum applications and interested in sharing their learnings, accelerating adoption.

Support Services in Japan

– Supporting Q&A in Japanese on how to leverage Leap, gain real-time access to a quantum computer, and begin building hybrid quantum-classical applications.

Professional Services

– NEC will also offer customers a phased, “get-started” program, built on the D-Wave Launch program. This program is a four-phased process designed to help enterprises go from problem discovery through production implementation. NEC will offer all elements of the D-Wave Launch program, including professional services support, access to the Leap quantum cloud service, and training.
– Customers of NEC will also be able to purchase seats in D-Wave’s training courses, teaching users how to use the quantum computers and quantum hybrid solvers to build business-scale, in-production quantum applications.

Going forward, NEC and D-Wave will develop and seek to expand the classical hybrid services in Leap, combining powerful simulated annealing systems like the NEC Vector Annealing Service on SX-Aurora TSUBASA(3) into the hybrid workflows. This collaboration will add even more value to enterprises, helping them solve increasingly larger-scale optimization problems.

D-Wave is the only company in the world building both annealing and gate-based quantum computers. By offering both annealing and gate-model quantum computers, the company will impact the lifecycles of industry. In pharmaceuticals, annealing systems will ensure patient trial optimization, while gate-model systems will assist with drug discovery. In manufacturing, new meta materials will be designed with gate-model systems, while factory automation improvements will deliver those new products to market more efficiently using quantum annealing. The company’s mission is to bring quantum computing to business and society, today. Customers are already seeing business value. Applications include peptide design, employee scheduling, last-mile vehicle routing, paint shop scheduling, financial portfolio return optimization, farm-to-market food delivery, digital marketing, Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) materials development, financial risk reduction, marketing campaign optimization, shipping container logistics, ribonucleic acid (RNA) folding, and clinical trial optimization.

NEC has a long history of work in quantum computing and, along with D-Wave, was one of the world’s first companies to successfully manufacture quantum bits, which are at the core of quantum computers. The company is also participating in projects led by the Japanese government and conducting research activities for the practical application of quantum computers. In 2020, NEC established a “Quantum Computing Promotion Office” to explore use cases for solving business issues at various companies by engineers who are familiar with quantum computing technologies and AI.

NEC will provide these new services to various customers in fields such as finance, manufacturing, logistics, and academia, and will promote the use of quantum computing and contribute to the resolution of social issues.

(1) NEC and D-Wave Begin Joint Quantum Product Development, Marketing and Sales
(2) Ocean SDK
An SDK (software development kit) that contains a set of open source Python tools that are available on GitHub. Ocean SDK has an API for using a QPU (Quantum Processing Unit), enabling customers to smoothly build a system that performs quantum computing via an application.
(3) NEC launches simulated annealing service utilizing vector supercomputers

About D-Wave Systems Inc.

D-Wave is the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems, software and services and is the world’s first commercial supplier of quantum computers and the only company developing both annealing quantum computers and gate-model quantum computers. Our mission is to unlock the power of quantum computing for business and society, today. We do this by delivering customer value with practical quantum applications for problems as diverse as logistics, artificial intelligence, materials sciences, drug discovery, scheduling, cybersecurity, fault detection, and financial modeling. D-Wave’s systems are being used by some of the world’s most advanced organizations, including NEC, Volkswagen, DENSO, Lockheed Martin, USC, and Los Alamos National Laboratory. With headquarters near Vancouver, Canada, D-Wave’s US operations are based in Palo Alto, CA. D-Wave has a blue-chip investor base including PSP Investments, Goldman Sachs, BDC Capital, NEC Corp., Aegis Group Partners, and In-Q-Tel. For more information, visit: www.dwavesys.com.

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation has established itself as a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies while promoting the brand statement of “Orchestrating a brighter world.” NEC enables businesses and communities to adapt to rapid changes taking place in both society and the market as it provides for the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. For more information, visit NEC at https://www.nec.com.

A Runt-of-the-Litter Pup Becomes a Tae Kwon Do Master, Helping Other Down-and-Out Dogs Find Their Power Within in This Inspiring Debut Middle-Grade Series Title

 No longer the bone-thin, nearly bald little dog he used to be, the strong and powerful Tae Kwon Dog, or Master, shares the skills and philosophy of his martial art with other dogs who doubt themselves and need to find courage, confidence, and self-assertion. Artfully written by Diane DiRoberto, “Tae Kwon Dog: The Power Within” is the first title in this fun middle-grade series that explores topics of self-esteem, kindness, bullying and teamwork.

In a current time where dogs are able to communicate with humans and have become respected members and leaders of society, Tae Kwon Dog, or the Master, spends his days teaching Tae Kwon Do, a martial art that is part self-defense and part sport, yet also a form of artistic expression.

The Master is at a local park and observes a meek and quiet dog named Max attempting to enjoy a park picnic with his owner, Dan. But the two are being harassed by a pair of menacing Rottweilers, two brothers named Rufus and Squeaky Ratwailer, and the Master scares the bullying dogs away by showing his brute strength, crushing a nearby boulder with his paw. Dan and Max are grateful and are told by the Master to send the shy dog over to his dojang to learn how to defend himself.

Unbeknownst to Max, the Master also seeks out the Ratwailer brothers and invites them to his dojang as well. He is aware that they act like bullies because they know they are feared due to the way that they look. The Master knows that the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do will benefit the unruly duo: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. The brothers agree to train at the dojang only if the Master will reveal his special power to them, the one that gives him such strength.

Max isn’t thrilled when he shows up to the dojang and sees the Ratwailers there, and the brothers then enjoy playing pranks on the anxious Max. The Master sees their behavior but rather than call attention to it, he wants Max to learn how to stand up to the brothers himself.

Tae Kwon Do doesn’t come easy for Max, like it does for the Ratwailers, but he dedicates himself to learning the martial art and incorporating its creed into his daily life.

“I intend to develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health. I intend to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. I intend to use what I learn in class to help myself and others and never be hurtful or aggressive.”

After some unusual and unexplained surprises occur to the students, over time they come to support each other, even being glad at each other’s successes. This is a feeling that is unfamiliar to the Ratwailer brothers, and they find that other positive behaviors have begun to influence them. They learn that feeling good about doing good feels better than lying, stealing, or bullying others. Squeaky, Rufus and Max realize that Tae Kwon Do isn’t just about physical strength, it’s about one’s own power within, the one that has been there all along.

Published author Diane DiRoberto expertly weaves a story that not only is a fun and entertaining tale of talking dogs who are a regular part of our society, but also threads in the principles of Tae Kwon Do and its philosophy for life. The back of the book contains an extensive glossary outlining Tae Kwon Dog’s guide to words, terms and characters within the story. “Tae Kwon Dog: The Power Within” is the first volume in this middle-grade series and features whimsical spot art throughout.

If you would like more information about author Diane DiRoberto and “Tae Kwon Dog: The Power Within,” please contact author@taekwondogbooks.com or visit https://taekwondogbooks.com/about-1.

Tae Kwon Dog Books

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Big Four Partner Becomes Two-Time Self-Published Poet

T.H. Gillis, managing partner for the greater Washington, DC offices at KPMG LLP, has announced the self-publication of his second book of original poetry, entitled “Eye Sight: What I Saw,” released May 3, 2021.

Prior to the start of the pandemic in 2020, Gillis set out to contemplate his daily scenery and write one poem per week without self-judgment or unhealthy self-criticism. The practice evolved into a journey of self-discovery, giving way to the compilation of “Eye Sight.”

Gillis discovered his interest and gift for poetry later in life, following a thirty-year career in accounting and tax law. By training, he is a global business person and works as a managing partner at one of the most prominent accounting firms in the world. But despite his business career, Gillis sought a new outlet; one that led to self-contemplation.

“I needed some way to process life, as it happens to be. Through the ups and downs. As it is,” said Gillis. “Writing poetry allowed me the opportunity to more fully experience my surroundings and circumstances, and to say things that I can’t communicate any other way.”

Gillis’ poetry has resonated with critics and the public alike. William Paul Young, New York Times best-selling author of “The Shack,” praises Gillis’ Eye Sight: “A seasoned poet takes the usual and seemingly mundane and with the sharp edges of words in a craftsman’s hand scrapes its surface to reveal the true, the real and all that is finally too astonishing and too beautiful for words,” Young writes. “Tim Gillis is a seasoned-by-life poet. Take your time and let these scar your senses, pierce you to the depths of your longings and help teach you the truer way to see.”

Eye Sight is Gillis’ second self-published collection of poems. He also authored “Evensong: Poems for Pilgrims,” which was published in 2017. Gillis will donate all book proceeds from Eye Sight and Evensong to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) to alleviate suffering caused by mental illness. BBRF awards grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research.

About T.H. Gillis
With over 30 years of professional experience as an auditor, lawyer, tax and technology professional, Gillis has served in many diverse industries and led several KPMG businesses locally, nationally, and globally. Gillis enjoys serving the community and was recently invited to join the Board of Visitors of the Georgetown University Law Center, where his term will officially begin July 1, 2021. Find out more at https://www.thgillis.us.

About the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation awards research grants to develop improved treatments, cures, and methods of prevention for mental illness. These illnesses include addiction, ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, and schizophrenia, as well as research on suicide prevention. Since 1987, the Foundation has awarded more than $418 million to fund more than 6,000 leading scientists around the world, which has led to over $4 billion in additional funding. 100% of every dollar donated for research is invested in research. BBRF operating expenses are covered by separate foundation grants. BBRF is the producer of the Emmy® nominated public television series Healthy Minds with Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, which aims to remove the stigma of mental illness and demonstrate that with help, there is hope. Find out more at https://www.bbrfoundation.org.