Angela Berquist Pens Novel Based on the True Story of Casanova’s Escape From Prison

The book is a historical fiction written in the first person.

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Catch the book display for “Twice across the Bridge of Sighs” by Angela Berquist at the LA Times Festival of Books.

What is there to know about Giacomo Casanova, one of history’s most intriguing figures? Author Angela Berquist wrote a book about him titled “Twice across the Bridge of Sighs: Based on the True Story of Casanova’s Escape From Prison” (ReadersMagnet; 2022).

Who is Casanova? Casanova was an Italian adventurer and author who was known for his autobiography and memoir in which he describes his observations of customs and norms of 18th-century European social life. He was, however, notorious for his many romantic affairs, thus his name became synonymous with womanizing.

The book title refers to Casanova’s two attempts to escape imprisonment from the Piombi (The Leads in English) or the Old Prisons inside the Doge’s Palace, which is connected to the New Prison by the Bridge of Sighs.

“Twice across the Bridge of Sighs” centers around Casanova’s imprisonment and subsequent escape. Although there are some fictional elements, much of the story contains actual events in his life Including his storied exploits with women. His was like no other, he was an attractive man who understood women and what they wanted, but love eluded him. When he met the woman who was his perfect complement, he fell deeply in love. He was devastated when she left him, and he carried that pain with him for the rest of his life.

“We have to give thanks that Casanova kept a detailed diary of everything that happened to him,” Berquist wrote in the preface of “Twice across the Bridge of Sighs.” “As a result, we know the young Casanova went through quite a bit that we don’t hear much about.

“He wrote so much that we don’t take the trouble to know why his name is associated with someone who ‘loves women and leaves them.’ It is little known that he learned this technique of abandonment from a woman who left him and that he spent some time in jail for dissolute behavior, connected with gambling (not with the woman).

“No, he was not royalty; he just learned how to pretend he was royal. It is curious to see how much we don’t know before we make judgments.”

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“Twice across the Bridge of Sighs: Based on the True Story of Casanova’s Escape From Prison” will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 208 for the 2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 23-24, 2022, at the USC Campus, Los Angeles, CA.

Twice across the Bridge of Sighs: Based on the True Story of Casanova’s Escape From Prison

Author | Angela Berquist

Published date | March 2022

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Book retail price | $10.42

Author Bio

Angela Berquist is a philosopher and free thinker. She is a former professional ballet dancer with Frankfurt Ballet. She had lived in Germany for 13 years. She has a BA in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in East/West Psychology with Emphasis on Women’s Consciousness. She has written thirteen books so far (with a fourteenth on the way) and numerous articles.

Dr. Angela Butts Chester Talks Legacy and Family with Stardom 101 Magazine

 Stardom101 Magazine is an American entertainment, business and lifestyle online and print publication that publishes annually. Since 2010, Stardom101 Magazine remains to be the destination for featured news, upcoming musicians, in-depth interviews, fashion trends, new products, entertainment, events and continues to be the source for entrepreneurs, businesses and cultural millennials abroad.

Today, STARDOM is recognized for taking its combination of culture and lifestyle to the next level with a clear, authentic point of view that’s relatable to the modern-day citizen. Stardom 101 Magazine interviewed Dr. Angela Butts Chester, as part of its Black History Month Legacy Edition.

When asked what’s the inspiration behind what you do, Dr. Angela Chester answers with enthusiasm, “To help people get unstuck and find clarity.” She continues, “We are hearing more and more about how people are experiencing anxiety and depression, midlife crisis, and general feelings of being overwhelmed or exhausted. Unfortunately, these are all too common expressions when one’s life path is uncertain.”

As part of the Black History Month Legacy Edition, Dr. Chester, talks about her family and how they are in part a driving force for her to add to that legacy. Stardom asked what message are you hoping to get across to the people by doing what you do? Dr. Angela, says. “Live a full life. I look at my grandfather, Atty. William D. Butts, my uncle Rev. E. Wellington Butts (both of whom have been mentioned in several books including Hidden Figures) my father Robert, and my mother Naomi. Each of them doing something bigger than themselves.”

“As an attorney, my grandfather helped the Black community gain access when dealing with inequality. My uncle the first President of Black Presbyterians United (now the National Black Presbyterian Caucus) helped bring the community together through faith. My father helped beauty to the community through design as an architect. My mother brought kindness and care to the community as an elementary school nurse’s assistant. Each of them helps the next person be their best. So, it is in my DNA.”

Dr. Angela has a firm understanding of what it means to be leader. “In service to another, you find meaning, direction, and purpose. My tagline which I mention every day on my radio show Daily Spark with Dr. Angela, or weekly on Daily Spark TV, to “enlighten, inspire, and empower” reminds me of my purpose; I understand the assignment.”

Dr. Angela Chester

Dr. Angela Butts Chester


FB/IG/Twitter: @drangelachester



  • African American

Angela P. Starnes Honored as a Professional of the Year for 2021 by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide Publication

Angela P. Starnes of Golden, Colorado has been honored as a Professional of the Year for 2021 by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide for her outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of education.

About Angela P. Starnes
Angela Starnes is the owner and director of 5280 Early Childhood Education Center which provides early education and childcare for ages 6 weeks through to 6 years in Golden, Colorado. It focuses on the development of a child as a whole person from six weeks through five years of age. For almost 8 years, Ms. Starnes has provided early childhood education with a strong focus on community, kindness, ethics and morals. Students at 5280 Early Childhood Education Center will participate in many different experiences designed to cultivate creativity, curiosity, and knowledge about the world around them. She oversees the operations, administration, and management of the preschool.

Mrs. Starnes is an entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of Hillcrest Investment Properties since December 2015.

Angela Starnes and her 5280 Early Childhood Education Center were awarded Best of the Best from 2016-2020, Best of Golden Child Care from 2018-2020, and received the Business Hall of Fame from Golden, Colorado. She was recently honored on the famous Reuters Billboard in Time Square in New York City. Times Square, where the Reuters Billboard is placed, is considered the busiest area in Manhattan with approximately 330,000 people passing through daily, many of them tourists. It is also the hub of the Broadway Theater District and the world’s entertainment industry.

Born April 18, 1976 in Lake Wales, Florida, Angela obtained a B.S. in Horticulture from Auburn University. She was the recipient of the Presidential Fellowship Scholarship for a Master’s degree. She obtained her Director Certification in Early Childhood Education and Teaching from Red Rocks Community College starting in 2011 through the present. Mrs. Starnes served as a teacher and assistant director at Cradle to Crayons. Previously, she was also employed with Kleinfelder (an engineering firm), and Central Admixture Pharmaceutical Services.

Angela is married to Jason Starnes and they have two children, Carter and Emerson. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening.

For further information, contact

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