RailRestro is the leading train e-catering service provider. It is a Patna-based food tech startup of Manish Chandra. He started the company in 2015 after realizing the lack of quality food on train. RailRestro works on the same concept as Swiggy and Zomato. It has tied up with thousands of FSSAI approved restaurants to serve food in trains. With the help of its app, you can order food on Delhi Junction, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Patna Junction, Bangalore junction, and many more stations from all over India. The e-catering company delivers hygienic, fresh, and hot food. It provides veg, nonveg, Jain, North Indian, South Indian, and regional food on trains.

Focusing on reaching more stations

RailRestro has served food to 3 lakh customers on trains and is eyeing to serve more customers. Presently, It is focusing on reaching more stations. It has a team to consult restaurant owners of different places to deliver food on the respective stations. The team is successfully leading towards it. However, during COVID-19, RailRestro has received fewer orders than the past 3-4 years.

“The food ordering rate went down in the third wave of COVID-19 as people were avoiding travelling until it was necessary. But the downfall is for a few months. We will have a normal life soon. We are optimistic and looking forward to expanding our services at more stations. By this year, RailRestro will be able to serve at over 450 stations,” CEO & Director of RailRestro, Manish Chandra, said.

Planning to Scale-up Delivery Services

Currently, the partner Restaurant of RailRestro takes care of food delivery independently. The passenger goes to the RailRestro app or website and enters their PNR number to order food on train. After entering the PNR No, the system automatically fetches the information and shows a list of restaurants from the upcoming station to order food. Passengers can choose their favourite food from the menu list of restaurants. When the order gets placed, the vendor/restaurant receives notification and proceeds with the order. If the vendor doesn’t see the notification, customer service informs them regarding the order. Now restaurants pack the food and deliver it to the passenger’s seat/berth.

To reduce the burden of partnered restaurant owners, the food delivery app also eyes to launch its delivery fleet. It is looking to start its delivery fleet at 30-35 stations and expand to 200 stations. “If you want to hire delivery persons, you need to have that amount of orders, as now we are getting it. We are about to launch our delivery fleet at major stations,” he added.

With its delivery facility, RailRestro will deliver food on the train in only 30 minutes. Currently, it takes a delivery order at least 45 minutes before.