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Ikegel is ideal for women tightening pelvic floor and bladder control. Save 50% on the New Ikegel Remote NOW! Ellis Harper Ikegel is available on Amazon.

Can you fix a prolapse with pelvic floor exercises? This question is common for women. Women need to perform Kegel exercises to prevent or control urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor problems. Ellis Harper Group, a company that specializes in wellness products, is releasing new women’s Ikegel Remote pelvic floor exerciser. This small device is ideal for tightening the pelvic floor and improving bladder control that every woman needs. The Ikegel founder said, “Our Ikegel Remote can regain your confidence, you don’t have to live with bladder leakage or weakness. Ikegel offers a simple, effective, and economical way to maintain healthy pelvic floor muscles.”

During the product launch, Ellis Harper Group offered Ikegel with a 50% discount price and available at their promotion page Ikegel is a new way to maintain healthy pelvic floor muscles for women. This easy and fun to use device offers many features including remote control, premium quality silicone and ergonomic design make this vibrating device comfortable to use.

Ikegel’s founder explained, “For the best result on pelvic floor exercises prolapse, you can use Ikegel for 15 minutes per day, it’s super easy for women to do the exercise, and easy to clean as well,”. Ikegel is a device with 12 adjustable vibration modes and is easy to operate. For a much better experience, Ikegel is also supplied with an instructional eBook. This eBook will explain everything, including how to insert the Kegel exercise weight, various daily exercises, and instructions on cleaning the Kegel ball.  In addition to this, Ikegel founder said, “You will get all instructions on using this Ikegel, and a warranty. We are aware that a healthy pelvic floor is essential for every woman.” 

About Ikegel

Ikegel is a pelvic floor dysfunction constipation solution and a woman tightening pelvic floor product from Ellis Harper Group. Ellis Harper Group is a company that specializes in providing wellness products. To know more about the product and save 50% on RRP, kindly visit the official website at or Ikegel Amazon US: and Amazon UK:



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