Select Page For Autumn? Well, yes! The original quote is never getting old, isn’t it?! I love to wear florals. It is a jump that took me some time to make, but once I had done it, no regret. Whether in spring, summer or winter, I love the floral print! And turns out, I have a thing for see-through as well!

It is not on purpose, just so you know. Usually I mean. I pick a piece that looks amazing on the website and turns it is see-through when I put it on. And since I also have a thing for dark underwear, then I let you do the math! However, for this one particular maxi dress here?! Hell yes I did it on purpose!

wholesale jacketmoose knuckles , I did buy an under dress to wear underneath the sheer floral dress. Because it was more than see-through, it was revealing it all. The black slip dress works really well however and I am quite pleased with this outfit. My husband said “this is peak New York” when he saw the outfit. Because of the hat I assume. I think it is romantic grudge meets Parisian women lost in New York. What do you think?