When families search for plagiocephaly treatment in New York, they count on Short Hills Cranial Center. They offer treatment for many disorders related to the skulls of infants. Infants wear special helmets for 23 hours a day. Their skulls are malleable, so the misshapen head adjusts to the helmet over time. If all directions are followed, treatment should occur quickly. A second headband or helmet is a rare occurrence.

What is Deformational Plagiocephaly?: Deformational Plagiocephaly is an unusual shape of a baby’s head induced by outside forces. The baby’s head may seem to be distorted or asymmetrical after birth, or the irregular shape may grow prominent in the initial months of life.

What are the causes?: There are different causes of Deformational Plagiocephaly. Most of them happen before the birth of the baby. Limited space inside mother’s womb can putexcessivepressureon some areas of the baby’s head. This can cause problems down the line. The various methods of extraction used by doctors can also affect baby’s head shape. There are many reasons this issue occurs, but it shouldn’t cause major alarm. The condition is usually treatable!

WHAT YOU CAN DO?: The first thing you need to do is talk to your baby’s doctor who can provide expert advice on the matter. The doctor will measure the severity of the situation. If your baby is diagnosed with brachycephaly, plagiocephaly, or some other related condition, the doctor will refer you to a specialist who can construct and fit your child for a plagiocephaly helmet.

Short Hills Cranial Center is in the business of making these helmets for infants in need. They use plastic and foam to help gently guide your child’s skull growth. The process is easy for everybody involved. For top service in New York, New Jersey, and beyond: www.shorthillscranialcenter.com.

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