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Ever since the start of the creation, Sun has been an essential part of life. But there are times we rarely acknowledged its presence except when it is burning hot because of its unbearable heat. Despite all of that, Sun is still one of the primary reasons why there is life on Earth.

It offers a lot of benefits from mankind. In countries like Philippines, solar energy is harvested form the solar panels that are considered to be alternative energy source.

More than Earth’s Giant Lamp
Sun, as the center of the solar system, accounts for 99.86% of the mass of the Solar System. People have understood its importance for a long time already. Because of that, it also became the center of many mythologies as well as systems of worship. Cultures like Mayans, Ancient Sumerians, and Romans to name a few. They see Sun as the central deity mainly because people see it as the bringer of light and life.

Scientifically speaking, plants can perform photosynthesis all thanks to the Sun. It is a process where plant cells convert sunlight to food energy. In this process, a plant will capture the sun’s rays in a chloroplast and a conversion happens where it gives plants the ability to be a source of calories to any life form.

A Ball of Warmth and Happiness
According to science, the light of the Sun takes eight minutes to reach us. Sun also partakes a big portion for us to do the things we enjoy the most. Taking a scenic spots without the natural light is not good idea, right?

Its warmth is also responsible for the existence of life on Earth. In planets like Mercury and Venus, it is so hot that most earth organisms will die. Waters will be turned into steam. The moon, on the other hand, gets some of the sun’s rays but it is still cold compared to Earth. All thanks to the radiant light and Earth’s atmosphere, the heat is evenly distributed which allows plants, animals and humans to live in this planet.

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