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October 11, 2019; LSoft Technologies, one of the world’s industry leaders in data recovery and secure erasure solutions, is proud to announce the release of version 12 of Active@ KillDisk. This secure data erasure software ships with the latest version of Active@ Boot Disk, which has been upgraded to WinPE based on Windows 10 build 1903. It also offers improved support for SATA and PCI-Express NVMe M.2 solid state drives, and the boot disk creator application has been overhauled. Active@ KillDisk 12 also features better disk serial number detection, including for USB disks, improved stability when working with failing or damaged drives, and customizable sound notifications for completed jobs. The certificates and reporting have also been redesigned to offer a better user experience and allow you to print customizable labels with essential compliance information about the disks erased.

Why do you need Active@ KillDisk?

Most people assume that emptying the recycle bin, formatting a drive, or resetting a device to factory defaults is final. After all, the operating system will warn you that any such action will result in the complete loss of all data on the drive or device. Only that’s not really the case, since the only thing that changes is the entry in the master file table, which is deleted to make the previously occupied disk space available to other file copy or creation operations. But until something physically overwrites the original data, anyone can use data recovery software to get it back. If you’re selling or donating an old computer, that’s probably not something you want to happen! For business users, which often hold a treasure trove of valuable personal and financial information, it’s critical that you have a documented process for securely erasing retired storage devices. That’s exactly where Active@ KillDisk 12 comes in. Get started today by visiting