At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

In the present day, every call for celebration has a zone to party hard. That is why every home nowadays has a wine rack inside their home so that there is always a quick fix to a party aura.

Keeping this in mind, Wooden Street has cooperated to the same by instigating wine racks with assortments of so much fanciness. There are many wall-mounted wine racks that are meant to serve the party place ravishingly.

Each of the wine racks is made of solid wood of sheesham and mango. Along with solid wood, each product is available in different polishes like teak, walnut, honey and mahogany, for a more exotic appeal.

Some have small and stylish flats while some live in big fat bungalows. So, not every home may have a space to dedicate to the bar counter. But that cannot restrict someone’s love to show their wine collection.

So, below are some of the distinct wine racks that Wooden Street offers to fix inside every homely living:

1. Storage Wine Racks
While wine racks have been known for a place to give a stand to the bar stuff, there are some wine racks that are also full-fledged with the additional boon of storage space.
For instance, Wooden Street has Ferris wine rack which is furniture with everything from a glass holder, bottle holder to storage drawers. This makes it perfect furniture with so much serviceability for the party nook in the living room.

Also, the storage facility with the wine rack adds to the functionality of the furniture.

2. Inverted Wine Racks
A wine rack does not only call for a flat plinth or segments that can keep the wine bottles in it but these are also forged to make sure that the rack is the most stunning piece in the abode.

Like Hobart wine rack of Wooden Street which is one such epitome. This wine rack is fabricated such that the wine bottles and the glasses are not just kept but hanged.
Also, being horizontal and wall mounted it becomes a complete space saviour.

3. Vertical Wine Racks
There are some of the wine racks that are vertical in shape. These are tall figures with segments inside for holding the wine racks in an organized and exciting way.
The Osborn wine rack from Wooden Street is one such example of it. This wine rack is a tall rack with shelves inside. Each of the shelves is made with circular ends at the two sides.

So, you get to insert from one side and the bottle can be taken out easily from the other side. It will give a fancy appeal to the wine bottles while the furniture altogether will be one that stands by the utility as well.

4. Wine Racks with a Table
Lastly, there are wine racks that are not only to store the beer bottles but also there to serve well.
The Hansvon wine rack from Wooden Street’s collection is an example of the same. This is a wine rack which is in the shape of a hut. The hut opens up to ample storage with segments for wine glasses and bottles. And the lid opens up to be a broad plinth to serve the little bar in a more snugly manner.
So, together this small hut acts as the most splendid furniture to serve the boozing hours in the comfiest way.

Not only these but Wooden Street has a wide catalogue to serve in terms of wine racks. To ease the dilemma for a wine rack that should fit properly in a given space, Wooden Street offers “customization” services, so that one gets what they want.

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