It is quite common in life to face rejection and dismissal. Almost all of us would have faced it, at least once in our life. When Her Best Friend Kissed Me, the latest book from India’s largest self-publishing firm, Notion Press is an interesting take on how a girl handles rejection from a guy she just met and fell in love.
The book chronicles the incidents that follow when a rich, pampered and spoilt girl is rejected by the protagonist Samrat, with whom she had fallen in love. A series of hilarious, idiotic, adventurous and scary events take place that fateful night, making life hell for everyone concerned and turning Samrat’s life upside down.
The author Samrat Mukhra penned down his thoughts in this book after having been inspired by some incidents that occurred when he was young. Brought up in Chandigarh, Samrat Mukhra is an entrepreneur, traveller and is also a restaurateur. He is multi-faceted with talents in diverse fields like poetry, guitar, reading, writing, canvas painting, etc. He is a keen explorer and has covered almost half of India in his car. He also has an eye for details and is curious to know about historical events and how scientific knowledge comes into play.
This book partially inspired by his college days is a riveting read and is bound to crack you up. Why does Samrat reject her? How does she handle it? What are the events that ensue?
When Her Best Friend Kissed Me is available in ebook and print format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce platforms including Amazon and Flipkart.