In the present day scenario, we all get to see that the kind of knowledge we gain throughout our years of graduation and higher education does not really comply with the work that we do!

Do you know the reason for this? Well, it simply lies in the fact that we only acquire theoretical knowledge on various subjects, but are not taught their practical implementation.

Today, there is a plethora of institutes that advertise about “100% Placement” to tempt students. But according to AICTE only 35% of graduates are able to find a job. This situation in turn has made the policy makers increasingly concerned with the gap between fresh college graduates and the jobs available.

While, the number of courses offered may have increased, offering students with a lot more career options, but the core nature of those jobs on offer also require certain corporate skill sets. For example, today, it is virtually impossible to find a job that does not require basic application of the Google Suite for conducting simple tasks. Similarly, having basic IT skills is considered to be a prerequisite in any job function irrespective of the profile. Hence, job seekers must be flexible and adaptive to the ever-changing industry requirements!

Piyush Nangru, COO & Co-founder, Sunstone Eduversity said that “In the long term, an opportunity also lies in the challenge of tailoring, the pedagogy to the ever-changing job requirements. There should be a close-knit apparatus between the industry and the academic world to make the youth aware of the industry protocols and prepare today’s students for a dynamic workplace culture. Institutions and organizations should also provide soft-skills training to students so that they can develop their communication skills and problem-solving skills, and manage cross-functional teams. Industry exposure through on-the-job training can also effectively mitigate the skills crisis”.

To conclude, the root cause lies in the fact that we need to change the education scenario and have it in sync with the industry requirements to meet this mismatch!

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