New Season of the Hit Podcast Cheat! Returns Today With “Sister Swindler”, Kicking Off New Run of Episodes

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Cheat!, the hit podcast series from Somethin’ Else and Sony Music Entertainment, kicks off today with a run of new episodes, highlighted by today’s premiere of “Sister Swindler”. Hosted by journalist and storyteller Alzo Slade (Vice News), Cheat! dives into the epic stories behind some of the biggest global cheats and scandals, looking for answers about who they are, why they deceive others and asking the question, is it every okay to break the rules?

Today’s episode dives into the story of Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper, who for 30 years served as the principal of St. James Elementary—a Catholic school in Torrance, California. She implemented a curriculum that emphasized piety and Christian values—and was loved by parents, but financially, the small school struggled. There never seemed to be enough money for updated textbooks, field trips, or even lunch tables. Sister Mary Margaret decided to change all that—and spent years raising funds to help the school. But, despite the raffles, festivals, and calls to donate, nothing seemed to be getting better, that is, until the truth came out about where the money was really going – into her pockets. “Sister Swindler” touches on some foundational questions that guide the show: What makes someone cheat? And…if you were given the same circumstances, would you do the same thing?

Cheat!, which was nominated for Best Society or Culture Podcast in the 2022 Ambie Awards, brings stories of huge heists, online scams, questionable nuns and more, asking the listener to thoughtfully consider and reflect on the stories presented in the series.

Listeners can subscribe to Cheat! on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher. For more information on “Cheat!” and all other Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

Sugar Production in the current sugar season 2021-22 is expected to be 13% higher than the previous sugar season: Centre

Sugar production in the current sugar season 2021-22 is expected to be 13% higher than the previous sugar season. As per the revised estimates production of sugar in the current sugar season 2021-22 is estimated to be about 350 Lakh Metric Tonne (LMT) (after discounting diversion of 35 LMT of sugar to ethanol) against estimated domestic consumption of about 278 LMT. There was carry over stock of about 85 LMT at the beginning of the sugar season 2021-22.

Even after likely export of about 95 LMT, the closing stock for the current sugar season at the end of September 2022 is likely to be more than 60 LMT.  The availability of sugar in the country is sufficient to meet the domestic requirement. As such, there will be smooth availability of sugar and the sugar prices in the domestic market are expected to remain stable at reasonable levels.

A virtual meeting in this regard, was held under the chairmanship of Secretary (F&PD), Government of India with the State Principal Secretaries (Sugar) and Cane Commissioners/Directors (Sugar) of the State Governments to assess area under cane cultivation, Sugarcane and Sugar Production for Sugar Season 2021-22 (October-September) as well as export of sugar & diversion of sugar for production of ethanol here today.

            Government is also encouraging sugar mills to divert excess sugarcane to ethanol which is blended with petrol, which not only serves as a green fuel but also saves foreign exchange on account of crude oil import. In last 3 sugar seasons 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21 about 3.37 LMT, 9.26 LMT and 22 LMT of sugar has been diverted to ethanol. In the current sugar season 2021-22, about 35 LMT of sugar is estimated to be diverted & by 2024-25 about 60 LMT of sugar is targeted to be diverted to ethanol, which would address the problem of excess sugarcane as well as delayed payment issue as farmers would get timely payment.

            From Ethanol Supply Year (ESY) 2013-14 (Dec – Nov) to ESY 2020-21, about ₹53,000 crore revenue has been generated by sugar mills/distilleries from sale of ethanol to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). In the current ESY 2021-22, more than ₹ 18,000 crore revenue is expected to be generated by sugar mills from sale of ethanol to OMCs.

            In the previous sugar season 2020-21, out of cane dues payable of ₹ 92,938 crores, about ₹ 92,480 crores cane dues have been paid to farmers, as on 18.4.2022. Thus, 99.5% cane dues of previous sugar season have been cleared. In current sugar season 2021-22, out of total cane dues payable of ₹ 91,468 crores, about ₹ 74,149 crores have been paid to farmers as on 18.4.2022 which is more than 80%. It is expected that in the current sugar season, cane price payment of more than ₹ 1,00,000 crores would be made by sugar mills to farmers. Increase in export & diversion of sugarcane to ethanol has expedited cane price payments to farmers.



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Betcris Prepares to Welcome the New MLB Season and a New Season of Sports Wagers

Last year’s MLB season was affected by COVID-19, just like all leagues. However, with Opening Day rapidly approaching, Betcris, the official sponsor of the MLB in Latin America, is ready to hit a home run. It is adding a number of new and exciting elements to its platform, while bringing back some of the same ones that have been popular in previous years. As an official sponsor of MLB in Latin America, Betcris prides itself in what it offers the region.

Despite the unusual 2020 MLB season, Betcris still saw considerable sports wager activity across the region. Compared to the total volume of the 2019 season, the 2020 season produced an increase in average monthly volume. This was emphasized by an even better response during the playoffs and the World Series, which saw Betcris increase its volume by almost 90% compared to the previous season.

Just like last season, Betcris will be offering the benefit of live streaming of each game in the 2021 MLB season. It has also enhanced its attractive and easy-to-use platform, through which users can watch all the games and place live bets at the same time in a matter of just a few clicks.

One of the categories of bets that can’t be missed for the start of the season is future bets. Among the options, as has previously been included, are options to choose which teams are going to win the American League and the National League. Bettors also have the opportunity to bet on who will win the World Series.

Currently, the defending champion LA Dodgers are the favorites to repeat a World Series title, with a +300 moneyline. They are followed by the NY Yankees, at +525, and the San Diego Padres at +685. Other candidates are slightly further back, such as the Chicago White Sox, the NY Mets and the Atlanta Braves. They rank next in the lineup of teams with the best odds of winning the title.

Another type of future bets is the percentage of games won in the season for each team, MVP favorite of the season, the player with more home runs in the season, the favorite to win the Cy Award Young, Manager of the Year and even which manager will be fired first. There are also several types of bets Betcris is going to be offering regularly. For every game during the season, there are score totals for the first five innings, total runs per team, the team who will score first, total hits, runs and errors, total strikeouts or strikeouts of pitchers and many more. These are in addition to the usual moneyline to win the game and, of course, all the live betting options, which are adjusted as each game progresses.

Randall Aguilar, Betcris’ Head of Sponsorships, asserts, “We are very pleased and excited to be able to work hand in hand with the leagues on the planet, and MLB is definitely one of them. The news of the sponsorship had an incredible acceptance in the market of Latin American betting since we made the announcement last year, and we had a very pleasant experience in 2020 despite the difficulties who presented the season because of the pandemic. By 2021 we know that we’re going to get better results yet, as our alliance every is increasingly consolidated and we are becoming more comfortable with this responsibility to be the face of the major leagues.”