Product Developers: PathPro is a Cutting-Edge Feature Voting Software That Embraces Community-Driven Feedback

 PathPro LLC. Unveils Cutting-Edge Feature Voting Software to Embrace Community-Driven Feedback

PathPro LLC., a leading innovator in software-based product development, has officially opened up pre-orders for its revolutionary feature voting software, PathPro. PathPro allows software developers to embrace the power of their community in order to optimize their product’s development “path” based on feedback, feature suggestions, feature voting, and other data captured from customers actively using their product. What sets PathPro apart from similar products? While PathPro is a great project management tool unto itself, the software is primarily focused on a product’s community. PathPro captures community feedback through feature voting, collecting new feature ideas, and more, all while capturing valuable user data in order to inform product developers exactly on what to work on next.

In an era where user feedback is paramount, PathPro is a user-friendly tool that streamlines collaboration between software developers and the customers actively using their products. For product developers, PathPro essentially eliminates the age old question of “What do we work on next?” as they’re now able to capture all feedback from their entire user base to make informed decisions. With PathPro, a product developer will always know what to work on next while building truly next-level customer loyalty, all while saving on development costs that were previously wasted on features their community never really needed.

Key features of PathPro Include:

Community-Centric Product Growth: Whether a product developer sells a single software-based product, or multiple products, PathPro will build a community around each, unifying community feedback and organizing all data in an intuitive, “at a glance” dashboard that showcases community growth, feature submissions, and more.

Capture and Quantify Community Feedback: Product developers will establish a collaborative feedback loop with their customers, fostering an unrivaled sense of community while ensuring that users feel heard and valued. The path is simple: First, a customer submits a feature idea. Next, it is voted upon by other users. Lastly, the product developer’s team “adopts” in-demand features to their development path, while giving credit to all contributing community members.

Feature Voting: PathPro provides customizable “feature voting,” allowing customers and community members to offer feedback and upvote proposed features. Feedback is quantified via detailed analytics—upvote counts, most commented-on suggestions, and more—automatically raising the most in-demand features “to the top” so product developers always know what to work on next.

Roadmap-like “Product Paths”: PathPro presents upcoming releases to community members in an organized manner, ensuring that a product’s customers are constantly informed of upcoming releases, while also allowing members to take part in discussions on every planned update.

Community Stats and Ranks: Software developers can grow their community like never before, not only by directly interacting with customers, but also by assigning ranks (based on contributions and interactions), analyzing involvement via member analytics, and other powerful, stat-based details on their community.

Team Management: PathPro supports entire teams, and allows team members to be assigned to any project/product in order to manage its community and tasks.

A Customer / Developer Ecosystem: PathPro is unique in that it is a forward-facing, community-driven platform bridging the gap between product developers and their actual customers. It provides a truly collaborative development path that eliminates guesswork and wasted development fees, all while building a truly loyal community around any given product. With PathPro, community members are given a voice, while product developers can finally capture and analyze priceless feedback from actual customers. It’s truly a collaborative experience: Endless voices on a single, unified path.

Josh Sears, PathPro’s CEO and Lead Designer, says, “After designing and launching multiple software-based products, the biggest lesson learned is that customer feedback is key in ensuring our team can build the best product possible, while saving time on guesswork. Being able to have a customer base tell us exactly what to work on next has been essential, but capturing that feedback in an efficient manner had proven difficult in the past. Where previously we simply tagged emails or support tickets, we found that system was simply not manageable. PathPro is our answer to collecting and quantifying community-driven feedback, ensuring that PathPro customers can equally embrace the insight of users behind their own products.”

PathPro has been in development since 2021, and is officially launching in early 2024. Preorders are now being accepted, and those will save customers 25% for life, a rather aggressive promotion sure to appeal to early adopters. For those unsure, PathPro also has a very robust working demo, that doubles as the product’s very own “Product Path.” PathPro will offer multiple, tier-based plans to fit any user’s needs, from individuals to large teams. With a dedication to innovation and a customer-centric approach, PathPro delivers a cutting-edge solution that empowers businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape, all while providing an incredible customer support experience to boot. To find out more, please visit

PathPro LLC.
Josh Sears



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2023 sofi™ New Product Winner Comá Gourmet Foods Wins sofi™ New Product Award in the Fruit Spreads, Jams, and Jellies Category

 Xoconostle Spread (choko-nose-leh) has been named the 2023 sofi™ New Product Award Winner in the Fruit Spreads, Jams, and Jellies category. The Specialty Food Association’s (SFA) sofi™ Awards—which have been bestowed annually since 1972—are a top honor in the $175 billion specialty food industry.

The 2023 sofi™ Awards recognized a New Product Winner and a Gold Product Winner in each of 53 specialty food and beverage product categories. Products were judged on taste—including flavor, appearance, texture, and aroma—ingredient quality, and innovation. Nearly 2,000 products from domestic and international makers were entered into the 2023 competition.

“We are excited and truly honored that our beloved Xoconostle (choko-nose-leh) Spread has won a sofi™ New Product Award,” says Daniela Rubio and Patricia de los Santos, owners of Comá Gourmet Foods, a minority Latina- and women-owned company based in San Francisco. “Our jam/spread that plays homage to the Mexican cactus. It is the Wild Sour Prickly Pear. It does not have sugar and uses Agave Nectar instead. This spread is a lovely shade of pear with a fruity fragrance, featuring a refreshing tart citrus flavor. As entrepreneurs, we want to know that we are creating the best possible product for our customers, and this Award is one of the ultimate stamps of approval.” Our beloved Xoconostle Spread is found online at Weee!, Etsy, and through our personal D2C shop, In addition, several independent retailers are now selling it across California (San Francisco, Los Altos, Los Angeles, San Diego), Oregon, and Colorado.

The Xoconostle Spread will now compete against other category winners for the 2023 sofi™ New Product of the Year Award, which will be selected and announced at the Summer Fancy Food Show, June 25-27, in New York City. The Summer Fancy Food Show is the largest B2B-only specialty food industry event in North America.

“The sofi™ Awards recognize the best, most innovative products in the Specialty Food Industry and the creative, passionate people who make them,” said SFA President Bill Lynch. “Winning a sofi™ Award can open doors to new markets and expanded business opportunities for the winners, which is central to the SFA’s work on behalf of its member makers and manufacturers.”

The sofi™ Awards competition is open to product-qualified SFA members in good standing. New and Gold Award Winners in each category are featured in the sofi™ Spotlight Pavilion at the Summer and Winter Fancy Food Shows. Winning a sofi™ Award creates added exposure for products with food buyers from top names in supermarkets, specialty retailers, food service, distributors, and the media.

SFA partners with Rutgers Food Innovation Center in Bridgeton, NJ for sofi™ Awards judging and logistics management. Entries were judged strictly on a blind basis—without packaging, pricing, or any brand identification. Products were judged on taste—including flavor, appearance, texture, and aroma—ingredient quality, and innovation.

About Comá Gourmet Foods

Comá (Comida-mamá) represents a Mother’s heart. A company founded by a mother and daughter that creates innovative spreads, jams, and preserves Made in Mexico, it symbolizes families. Mothers are an important figure in this country. Our products are sugar-free, keto-friendly, diabetic-friendly, and use agave syrup to sweeten and sustain delicious sweet-tart flavors across our product portfolio.

We believe it’s important to protect our heritage because that’s deeply ingrained where the flavors of the Mexicans come from. We have such strong roots that are also related to food. There are many meals that we eat because they are rooted in the same culture. We have evolved in that we’ve both inherited generations of indigenous flavors and acquired our own unique flavors and essences for hundreds of years. At Comá, the mother-daughter relationship comes to fruition.

The company was founded in 2022 by Daniela and Patricia. Patricia (the mother) is based in Mexico City and is the Chief Innovator Officer of this partnership. She uses her creativity to bring new flavors by exploring markets, regions, and local source producers. Daniela (the daughter) is based in San Francisco, a seasoned entrepreneur and professional in the research and strategy industry. Comá Gourmet was founded in 2022 by Daniela Rubio and Patricia de los Santos.

Comá Gourmet Foods will be present at the Summer Fancy Foods Show in New York in 2023. More information can be found at

About the Specialty Food Association

The not-for-profit Specialty Food Association (SFA) is the leading membership trade association and source of information about the $175 billion specialty food industry. Founded in 1952 in New York City, the SFA prides itself on being an organization by the members and for the members, representing thousands of specialty food makers and manufacturers, importers, retailers, buyers, distributors, brokers, and others in the trade. The SFA owns and operates the Fancy Food Shows—which are the largest specialty food industry events in North America—as well as the sofi™ Awards—which have honored excellence in specialty food and beverage annually since 1972. The SFA produces the Trendspotter Panel annual predictions, the State of the Specialty Food Industry Report, Today’s Specialty Food Consumer research, the Spill & Dish podcast, year-round educational programming for professionals at every stage in their business journey, and SFA Feed, the industry’s go-to daily source for news, trends and new product information. Find out more online and connect with SFA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Specialty Food Association Media Contact:

Comá Gourmet Foods Media Contact:
Daniela Rubio

Comá Gourmet Foods
Daniela Rubio



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Innovation in Product Development

 It’s a smart world after all.

As the product development industry heads into 2023, the team at ARRK North America, Inc. are ecstatic about this well overdue return to a sense of normalcy. And, while we continue to navigate this new world outlook, ARRK kicked the year off right by attending CES® 2023 in Las Vegas this past January. Joined by over 115,000 industry professionals in attendance, the ARRK North America team was full boots on the ground ready to partake in all the activities CES® 2023 had to offer. It came as no surprise that ARRK’s exceptional Sales team was excited to return to these in-person gatherings, and while catching up with longtime customers was at the top of the team’s list, the focus was to keep a close eye on the market and what the upcoming trends are. As the world continues its traverse through this new era of wellness, health awareness and family prosperity, it is no surprise that the smart industry was featured as the leader of the trend pack. With an emphasis on in-home health, security, and wellness devices, it is safe to say that this trend isn’t veering off course anytime soon.

ARRK North America, Inc. continues to be at the forefront of product development innovation, and the smart home market is no exception. For over two decades, ARRK has worked hand-in-hand with top-notch clients to develop everything from smart appliance casings to smart home lighting and state-of-the-art home thermostat systems. Using the experience that over 70 years as a world leader in product development innovation brings, ARRK confidently meets the expectations of smart home projects using Urethane Casting and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining processes to develop mockups, prototypes and ultimately low-volume production providing one-stop development support. With an extensive range of materials and finishes at the ready, ARRK is perfectly equipped to meet the clients’ specifications all while respecting unique project geometrical dimensions. Weight matching, silk screen and paint, are some of the skills that the ARRK in-house team have masterfully developed to exceed all expectations when bringing concepts to life.

With a market size estimated at $62.69 Billion USD in 2021 and an expansion estimated at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.04% from 2020 to 2023, ARRK continues to look to the future of the smart home market with remarkable projects on the horizon. As the ARRK North America team continues to dive deeper into the smart home world, the entire ARRK global team continues ongoing market training, ensuring they’re up to date with innovative and progressive processes to meet smart home project challenges head on. ARRK North America, Inc. holds true to its commitment to advocate internal growth, continuous market research and education to provide the utmost stellar results ARRK is known for.

To learn more about ARRK North America Inc.’s capabilities and expert services, please visit

ARRK North America, Inc.
Francisco Garcia
(858) 552-1587



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LANG Showcases New Product Category: Luxe Christmas Cards & Luxe Puzzles


The LANG Companies, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of new Luxe Christmas Cards and Luxe Puzzles.

The new Luxe Christmas Cards are elegantly crafted cards featuring various, unique details including foil accents, glitter and 3D die-cut tip-on. Each set contains 8 cards & 8 envelopes on linen embossed paper stock adorned with full-color artwork inside and out.

LANG Luxe 500 Piece Puzzles offer an upscale finish to a classic product category. With a soft touch finish, decorative storage box, and foil or glitter accents, you can both see and feel the quality of these new puzzles.

LANGs Luxe Christmas Cards are scheduled to be available July 2023. LANG Luxe Puzzles are scheduled to be available April 2023. For more information on new LANG products, including the 2022 LANG product catalog, please visit


About LANG
The LANG Companies, Inc. is a division of IG Design Group Americas Inc. Since 1982, the LANG Companies has been an industry leader in producing art and design-driven gift and specialty products, and sports licensed goods including calendars, drinkware, and stationery. Our diversified product portfolio is marketed under several widely recognized, company-owned brands: LANG, Wells Street by LANG, Artisan by LANG, SKYZ by LANG and Turner Licensing. Each unique brand has a long-standing heritage, is differentiated in the marketplace and dominant

MYKE Technologies’ New Product Rollout-Spigots and Clamps for Balustrade and Glass Pool Installations

 MYKE Technologies today announced a new product rollout of Spigots and Clamps for Balustrade and Glass Pool installations (including heavy-duty models).

A spigot is a metal stand or post used to clamp, hold, or suspend a panel. The panel in question can be toughened glass (for pool fencing), railings, balustrades, or any handrail. MYKE Technologies’ spigots offer a new way for providing a strong secure hold up, say, the fence, rail, or panel without the need for any cumbersome or grotesque structures which can obstruct, impede or worst of all create a hazard, especially in a home setting.

MYKE Technologies’ marine grade stainless steel 2205 duplex (UNS S32205) spigots come in round and square sizes, from regular sizes to large, but more hardy models. The spigots are well polished to enhance a mirror glaze or glint lustre, so there is no need to involve extensive upkeep or care. MYKE Technologies’ spigots are sold in full kits which include corresponding stainless steel cover plates, clamps, screws, etc., to augment ease of installation.

Another great advantage of MYKE Technologies’ stainless steel 2205 duplex material spigots is they can also be used directly on the concrete base with concrete structure grouting. These types of spigots are heavy-duty versions. Other spigots include base mounts on the concrete floor, timber decks or tiled or cement floors.

Besides mirror-polished finishing, MYKE Technologies can also offer similar spigots but an in-ring brushed matt finish.

Contact MYKE Technologies today for spigots and parts.

About MYKE Technologies: MYKE Technologies’ Metal Division manufactures steel casting and stamping products. To date, it has accomplished 228 projects.

MYKE Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Christopher Chew




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