Horus: Million Dollar Air-Mail NFT Drop on Base

Roughly a month ago, NFT LA teamed up with NFT Punks to honor the memory of Michael Brooks, affectionately known as “The Rook” with a limited edition commemorative NFT celebrating his contributions sponsored by aivp.ai.

This NFT drop became a landmark event, as it is the largest Air-mail NFT drop ever on the Base Chain, directly sent to our community via email. No wallet is required on your end, as one will be automatically generated for you through Horus Wallet.

What happened next was absolutely unexpected!

The NFTs started trading at 0.5 ETH each, putting the 823 NFT collection at 411.5 ETH with a value topping $1,200,000!

If you are one of the lucky ones, simply visit https://horuswallet.com/, log in with your email, and a new wallet will be created for you, enabling you to claim the free NFT.

In 2022, NFT LA was created to bring together the people who are at the foundation of creating the Web3 future. There is no time more important than now to inspire, connect, and educate each other and grow the Web3 future together. NFT LA was the place where we, as a community, do exactly that.

NFT Punks was established to think differently and bring utility to NFTs, we believe that blockchain is all about community.

About Horus Wallet INTERFACE

The ZeHorus Walletrion Interface consists of the Horus Wallet web-hosted user interface, available at https://horuswallet.com/, and the Horus Wallet mobile application, each of which allows you to connect the Horus Wallet or a third-party digital asset wallet to store and transfer certain supported digital assets (including cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, digital asset indices, liquidity pool shares and staking tokens) in order to track and monitor a portfolio of digital assets as well as access and interact with certain supported decentralized protocols and decentralized applications (collectively “dapps”). Some of the dapps accessible using the Horus Wallet Interface may also involve accessing certain digital asset markets, boards, or interfaces allowing for complex financial transactions. In order to use the Horus Wallet Interface, you must already have a digital asset wallet that is supported in the Horus Wallet Interface. For more information, visit https://horuswallet.com/terms.

In an intense showdown, 15 qualified start-ups from around the world Audax, Xaults Technologies, Monak E-Services, YABX, ALTPAYNET, APPRO, Libeara, Letbloom, Myzoi, Vault22, Lordsystem, MOIN, Alphastream.ai, Validus, and Namara – pitched at the FWC Grand Finale to a room full of global investors during the 2nd day of DFS.

While APPRO emerged as the Winner of FWC and secured on the spot investment commitment of USD 500,000, other startups like Finix196 received commitment of USD 5 million by Dhruv Management, Motive Partners committed USD 3 million to Alpha Stream and Validus got commitment of USD 750,000 by Aum Ventures.

Mohammed Saleem, Founder and Chairman of Trescon, stated, “We were thrilled to host the Grand Finale of our FinTech World Cup at the Dubai FinTech Summit. By joining forces, we created an unparalleled platform for FinTech innovation, providing participants with access to Trescon’s international reach, a regulatory environment that fosters growth and most importantly access to much needed capital. As an FWC Jury Member & a fellow investor, I commit to investing in some of these start-ups too to walk the talk, including the USD 500,000 for FWC Grand Finale Winner Appro.”

Naveen Bharadwaj, Group CEO of Trescon, said, “The FinTech World Cup is an opportunity to solve real-world challenges through collaboration and capital. In addition to the investments totalling worth USD 9.25 million that were announced, I’m happy to share that the winner & first two runner ups will also gain access to mentorship by the esteemed jury, Trescon Credits & Amazon credits – enhancing their resources for growth and development, global brand exposure, industry recognition and a path to success through strategic synergies and partnerships. We are committed to shaping an ecosystem that not only celebrates FinTech excellence but also propels the industry forward.”

The FWC jury was comprised of distinguished professionals from various sectors of the FinTech industry, including Nasir Zubairi, CEO at The LHoFT Foundation; Hugo Bongers, Partner at Motive Ventures; Sara Tabana, Senior Director of FinTech Innovation Strategy at Visa; Melissa Cannon Guzy, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Arbor Ventures; Mohammed Saleem, Founder and Chairman of Trescon; Chetan Mehta, Founding Partner at AUM Ventures; Rana Abdel Latif, Partner at Speedinvest; Nacira Alioua, Head of FinTech Engagement at Emirates NBD; and Tunc Ozgul, Head of Startup and VC Ecosystem at Amazon Web Services.

The 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit was supported by global corporate partners, including Founding Partners VISA, Emirates NBD (ENBD), Etisalat & (E&) and Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD).

About Dubai FinTech Summit

Dubai FinTech Summit is an annual mega event organised by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the leading global financial centre in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region. The 2nd edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit will bring together over 8,000+ global industry leaders, 1,500+ investors and policy makers, signalling increased appetite for growth opportunities in the region.

Dubai FinTech Summit signals new wave of financial innovation, opportunity, transformation, and growth for the international financial services sector.  As a rising FinTech hub, Dubai is also spearheading the evolution of the financial services industry, with investments in FinTech projected to grow by 17.2 per cent CAGR to USD949 billion from 2022 to 2030. The Summit aligns with the Dubai Economic Agenda D33’s strategic goal of propelling Dubai into the ranks of the top four global financial hubs by 2033.

The expanded programme of Dubai FinTech Summit is set to exceed expectations by delving into key tracks, including the future of FinTech, embedded and Open Finance, climate finance, Web3 and digital assets. The summit stands as a thought leadership-driven platform, addressing industry challenges head-on and championing innovation.

Visit www.dubaifintechsummit.com

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For further enquiries, please contact:

Samia Ahmad Assistant Manager
Marketing at DIFC Innovation Hub
E: samia.ahmad@difc.com
Phone: +971 4 362 2657

Shadi Dawi
Director of PR & Strategic Partnerships
Trescon Global
Mobile: +971 55 498 4989

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Sema4.ai Raises $30.5 Million to Bring Open Source Powered AI to Mission-Critical Enterprise Work

Acquires open source automation pioneer Robocorp to ignite a new era of intelligent agents for enterprise knowledge work.

Atlanta, GA – WEBWIRE

Sema4.ai is on a mission to build intelligent agents that transform how knowledge workers collaborate with AI. Led by open source pioneers and fueled by $30.5M from investors, including Benchmark, Mayfield, and Canvas Ventures, Sema4.ai is poised to become the leader in the $88B autonomous agent market. Today, the company announced the acquisition of open source automation innovator Robocorp, accelerating their position to build, run, and manage intelligent agents for the enterprise.

For the worlds billion knowledge workers, the promise of AI has yet to be realized. Large Language Models (LLMs) can summarize vast amounts of information and converse with humans but struggle to support and streamline the complex end-to-end workflows of knowledge workers. Existing enterprise automation solutions are limited to simple, repetitive, point-to-point tasks because they lack the fundamental competencies for knowledge work, such as the intelligence and reasoning to manage ambiguity, and the ability to adapt to changing enterprise context and take real-time action.

Sema4.ai enables meaningful human-AI collaboration, supporting and streamlining the complex decision-making of knowledge workers. Customers can now leverage the power of LLMs safely and securely across their most mission-critical workflows moving from low-level, low-value automation to native, ground-up, AI-based agents.

Sema4.ais founding team is made up of proven industry leaders Rob Bearden, Ram Venkatesh, Suds Menon, and Paul Codding, with deep expertise and decades of experience spanning data management, distributed systems, application development, and open source from companies such as Cloudera, Docker, Hortonworks, SpringSource, and JBoss. With this acquisition, Robocorp founder and CEO Antti Karjalainen joins the founding team, adding further depth of experience in open source and automation.

Our founders each have a proven track record of building significant enterprise software businesses, said Rob Bearden, CEO of Sema4.ai. Our acquisition of Robocorp was borne out of a deep conviction that intelligence without action is incomplete, and action without intelligence is, at best, non-strategic. Together, were well-positioned to build category-defining intelligent agents that connect context to action, changing how work gets done in the enterprise.

Benchmarks relationship with Rob Bearden has spanned 20+ years of open source success stories with over $2B in current product revenue from JBoss to, more recently, Cloudera, said Peter Fenton, General Partner at Benchmark. The pillars of his leadership, open source AI, and the agent technology of Robocorp will allow major enterprises to safely build, run, and manage paradigm-shifting AI applications, with the potency of an open source foundation that will only grow in strength with time.

As a People First investor, it is an honor to partner with the experienced founding team behind Sema4.ai as they pursue a transformational GenAI opportunity to accelerate the $88 billion AI economy, said Navin Chaddha, Managing Partner at Mayfield. Our investment in Sema4.ai reflects our belief that plumbing layers drive enterprise adoption during paradigm shifts. In the age of AI, we think of this as cognitive plumbing, as models/middleware/tools, data, infrastructure, and semis/systems automate cognitive tasks to unlock new possibilities.

Sema4.ai also announced a community release of a new AI Actions framework that integrates directly with LangChain and OpenAI.

With Sema4.ais Python-based AI Actions framework, teams can create intelligent agents that act against their enterprise systems using LLMs. Intelligent agents transform LLMs from information processors to active participants in enterprise systems, enabling completely new and practical use cases for Generative AI.

We see Python as the language of choice for developing intelligent agents, and thats why we expanded the Robocorp platform to focus on automation as code, said Antti Karjalainen, founder and CEO at Robocorp and co-founder of Sema4.ai. Our new integration with LangChain makes it possible for AI developers to use LLMs to take direct action against their enterprise applications and data, closing the loop from conversation to action to get real work done.

Over the coming months, Sema4.ai will focus on growth and hiring for key automation product areas. Open positions are posted on LinkedIn.

About Sema4.ai

Sema4.ai is on a mission to define the future of knowledge work by building intelligent agents that transform how knowledge workers collaborate with AI. With a founding team of proven industry leaders from companies such as Cloudera, VMware, Hortonworks, and JBoss, and the acquisition of open source automation pioneer Robocorp, Sema4.ais category-defining intelligent agents connect context to action, changing how work gets done in the enterprise. Sema4.ai is where the promise of AI meets the potential of people.


Contact Information
Natalie Bartels
Media Contact
VSC on behalf of Sema4.ai

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Contents.com $18 Million in Series B Funding to Fuel Global Expansion and Technological Advancements for AI Content Creation and Orchestration

Contents.com today announces a new Series B funding round of $18 million, supported by major European and American venture capital funds.

This funding aims to consolidate its leadership position in the market for generating and orchestrating multilingual content for medium and large enterprises, thanks to its proprietary all-in-one technology platform based on artificial intelligence. AI is revolutionizing the way people acquire information and satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

Founded in 2021, Contents.com has rapidly expanded its international presence, now boasting clients in Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia. Worldwide, medium and large enterprises use the Contents.com SaaS technology platform to manage integrated and coordinated workflows for producing multilanguage and multi-format digital content, including images and videos. The Contents.com platform offers an optimized user experience, integrated with major CMS, eCommerce, and DAM solutions in the enterprise sector. It simplifies the use of the most famous international LLMs (Large Language Models) to produce original content, thereby reducing time and costs while maintaining quality. This facilitates the work of the marketing, ecommerce, and media management departments of client companies.

Since its establishment in 2021, Contents.com has experienced remarkable growth, attracting thousands of customers globally, including several billion-dollar companies, and achieving double-digit year-over-year growth. The company’s mission is to integrate AI seamlessly into business operations. This funding will enhance their technological capabilities and expand their global team, reinforcing their leadership in the AI content creation industry.

Sinergia Venture Fund of Alkemia Capital is leading Contents.com’s operation, with participation from Thomson Reuters Ventures and others. The capital raised from this initiative is earmarked for significant expansion of Contents.com’s international business. This includes enhancing their technological capabilities and solutions, as well as a strategic increase in their corporate staff, with a particular emphasis on growing their Innovation Technology and Sales teams.

“In an era where innovation drives progress, Contents.com aims to assist global companies to stay ahead. On this extraordinary journey, our fundraising philosophy has remained the same: to seek not just funding, but collaborations that align with our values and innovative vision. Series B isn’t just a financial milestone, but a demonstration of our bold challenge to the conventions of the tech world. This funding will push us beyond traditional boundaries, revolutionizing high-quality, multilingual content creation globally. We’re committed to transforming global communication, connecting ideas and cultures through AI-based advanced solutions. Together with our partners, we’re redefining the global tech landscape, making an impact well beyond our corporate growth. We are here with Contents.com to influence global content creation,” declares Massimiliano Squillace, CEO & Founder of Contents.com.

“We are excited about our role as the lead investor in the recent capital increase of Contents.com. Our trust in Massimiliano, the founder, and his exceptional team is the foundation of this decision. We strongly believe in their vision and Contents.com’s innovative approach to the generative AI market. The generative AI market is in a phase of exponential growth, with forecasts indicating a global market value that could exceed $50 billion by 2026. This technology is opening new frontiers in various sectors, from digital marketing to industrial automation. Contents.com is perfectly positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and drive innovation in this rapidly evolving sector,” says Simone Cremonini, Partner of Sinergia Venture Fund of Alkemia Capital.

“The Contents.com team has built an application that enables the practical use of generative AI for enterprise content creation. We are excited to work with them to bring the application’s rich capabilities to our teams and to our customers so that in turn, they can create high quality multilingual content,” says Tamara Steffens, Managing Director of Thomson Reuters Ventures.

For this Series B transaction, Contents.com was represented by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. An experienced team led by Partner Attilio Mazzilli and Of Counsel Livia Maria Pedroni provided strategic legal advice, underscoring Orrick’s commitment to supporting innovation and growth in the technology sector.

About Contents.com

Contents.com is Series B company leader in AI content creation for enterprise, providing a robust AI platform that facilitates the generation of diverse content types including text, audio, video, and animations. The platform is equipped with advanced tools tailored to support a variety of content needs. Its innovative Brand Voice service stands out, allowing businesses to craft content that resonates with their unique brand identity through AI-driven customization. Designed for a wide range of users, from small bloggers to large corporations, Contents.com makes content creation more efficient, creative, and accessible in multiple languages, catering to a global audience. 

For more information, please visit the website www.contents.com and follow us on LinkedIn

Press Contacts
Email: hello@contents.com
Press Office Email: press@contents.com

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304 S Jones Blvd #6089 – Las Vegas, NV 89107

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KJTS to Raise RM58.9 Million from ACE Market IPO

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – KJTS Group Berhad (“KJTS” or the “Company”), and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “KJTS Group”), a building support services provider in Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, is pleased to announce the Company’s launch of the prospectus for upcoming initial public offering (“IPO”) on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”).

1. Dr. Teoh Pek Loo, Independent Non-Executive Director, KJTS Group Berhad
2. Mr. Ng Kok Ken, Independent Non-Executive Director, KJTS Group Berhad
3. Mr. Sheldon Wee Tah Poh, Executive Director, KJTS Group Berhad
4. Ms. Lee Jim Leng, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad
5. Mr. Lee Kok Choon, Managing Director, KJTS Group Berhad
6. Ms. Elaine Law Soh Ying, Independent Non-Executive Director, KJTS Group Berhad
7. Mr. Phang Siew Loong, Head of Equity Markets, Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad

The IPO aims to raise RM58.9 million through the issuance of 218.03 million new shares at a retail price of RM0.27 per share. The proceeds from the IPO will be allocated as follows:

  • RM44.9 million for business expansion, including RM40.4 million specifically for the expansion of the Cooling Energy Segment and RM4.5 million for expansion of offices in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.
  • RM8.1 million for working capital.
  • RM5.8 million to defray listing expenses.

Executive Director of KJTS Group Berhad, Mr. Sheldon Wee Tah Poh stated, “I am proud to be part of this pivotal moment with our prospectus launch. This step marks a significant milestone for KJTS, symbolising our commitment to growth and innovation in the building support services industry. It paves the way for us to enhance our services and expand our reach in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. We are optimistic about the future and the opportunities this IPO opens for our company.

Our IPO also marks a significant step in scaling our operations and enhancing our service offerings in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The focus on expanding our Cooling Energy Segment and our regional office network reflects our commitment to meeting the growing demand for high-quality building support services.”

Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad, Ms. Lee Jim Leng, expressed her support, stating, “As we step into an era where sustainability and efficiency are valued, KJTS is well-positioned to meet these challenges head-on. KJTS’s strategic vision, combined with operational excellence, ensures their continued growth and competitive edge in the building the support services sector.”

KJTS has demonstrated consistent growth, underpinned by the Group’s expertise in EPCC of cooling energy systems, cleaning services, and FM services. The Company’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and sustainability has established it as an established provider in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Hong Leong Investment Bank Berhad is the Principal Adviser, Sponsor, Sole Underwriter, and Sole Bookrunner.

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