Innovative Model Eases Healthcare Employers’ Struggle to Hire Nurse Aides

 HomeChoice Healthcare just added three new Certified Nurse Aides (CNA’s) to their agency with the help of SembraSchool, a new CNA training program that partners with local healthcare employers to up-skill current caregivers into CNA’s in as little as three weeks.

“We are very excited to have our first graduates,” says Matthew Brown, Human Resource Director for HomeChoice Healthcare Group. “Offering our best PCA’s a career ladder that allows them to get certified as CNAs (NA1s) and increase their income has definitely improved retention. And, offering new hires the opportunity to get certified has greatly improved our recruitment efforts.”

Hiring and retaining professional caregivers has been a challenge for years—and the pandemic has only exacerbated this long-standing crisis.

Schaefer O’Neill, President of SembraCare and its related entities including SembraSchool, has been a long-term investor and builder within the home care industry for more than 20 years. Schaefer recalls, “I talked to home care owners nearly every day and the conversations just kept circling back to the same problem, recruiting and retaining professional Nurse Aides. I knew I needed to come up with a progressive plan of action.”

The SembraSchool Nurse Aide Training Program was officially approved by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services in November 2021. But, SembraSchool is not like other nurse aide training programs in the area. SembraSchool’s mission is to work directly with healthcare employers to provide students the opportunity to attend the program with tuition assistance and guaranteed job placement. Many of the students are also able to work with their sponsoring agency while attending the program.

“The response has been overwhelming,” reports Kathyrn Bunn, COO, and Director of SembraSchool. “Many of our partners are so eager to get new CNAs on their team, they are footing the entire bill for the tuition in exchange for a commitment to work for a specific period of time.”

Another option for agencies that can’t afford to absorb the cost of tuition is for the employer to pay the tuition upfront and have the student pay it back in small increments out of each paycheck with a commitment to work until the loan is paid off.

SembraSchool offers convenient 3 and 6-week programs that fast-track students toward obtaining their CNA certification quickly—allowing them to get into the community to care for clients ASAP.

· 3 Week Accelerated Program: The 3-week course is an accelerated program ideal for students already working in the health care field. Classes run from 8 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

· 6 Week Program: The 6-week course is designed with the working student in mind. Classes are just 4 hours a day, with afternoon and evening options available.

About SembraSchool CNA-I Training Program:

SembraSchool offers a Nurse Aide I training program for adult students. This program provides entry-level students with the skills and knowledge required to provide resident care under the general supervision of a registered nurse and to successfully meet the competency requirements for listing on the North Carolina Nurse Aide I Registry. SembraSchool’s mission is to increase the number of Nurse Aide I trained health care professionals in the health care workforce across the state of North Carolina to keep the aging population healthy and safe. For more information on SembraSchool, contact (919) 704-7690,, or visit

About HomeChoice Healthcare:

HomeChoice Healthcare is a multi-region Group of Providers serving In-Home Care Recipients. The HomeChoice Group is committed to caring for the aging population in North Carolina. Originally founded in 2005, HomeChoice’s mission is based upon the growing need for home care providers whose utmost concern is providing great healthcare. HomeChoice understands that its employees make the company a success. Their employees are compensated higher than the industry average because they believe it helps keep turnover low, allowing a bond to form between Caregivers and their Recipients. For more information on HomeChoice, contact (919) 897-8500,, or visit


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SQUAREAT an Innovative Food Concept, Meals in Squares for People of Any Age Who Are Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle

 The Taste has a shape now: Square.

Healthy, tasty, portable, long lasting and eco-sustainable portion-controlled meals. People have different dietary needs and with SQUAREAT you can finally fully customize your diet. The Squares are “ready to eat” 45g portions prepared with gourmet techniques in order to keep all their nutrients, they are 100% natural food, and you can eat them at your own time thanks to their long-lasting nature, up to 2 weeks without any additives or preservatives.

“Our goal is to make people’s lives easier without sacrificing taste,” Paolo Cadegiani, CEO, mentioned. SQUAREAT produces high-quality food and sells it at an affordable price.

SQUAREAT launched on December 3, 2021, in Miami but, a week after they have switched nationwide due to the high demand for our products.

DTC subscription is not an end point for us, but just the beginning. Indeed, we are already working on a “Pick Your Own” menu that will be available nationwide next month where customers will be able to select the Squares they like the most,” Maria Vacaflores, CCO said.


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BYD Introduces Innovative and Safe Type A Battery Electric School Bus with V2G technology


BYD (“Build Your Dreams”), the world leader in electric vehicles, Wednesday introduced its Type A battery electric vehicle, a zero-emission school bus that combines design, performance and safety together in a package built to meet the needs of students and administrators. 

The BYD Type A offers innovative vehicle-to-grid technology, allowing the vehicle to serve as a power storage resource when it’s not transporting students. The Type A can seat up to 30, and can be equipped with an ADA liftgate capable of lifting 800 pounds. The bus has a range of up to 140 miles on a single charge. 

“This is a timely solution: BYD’s Type A battery electric school bus is designed to be there for school districts 24 hours a day, both as a vehicle and power storage resource, said Stella Li, President of BYD North America. “The BYD combination of top-notch safety features, innovative design and reliable performance makes this a practical and highly affordable zero-emission solution.” 


BYD made safety the top priority in its school bus design. Standard safety features include a high strength steel construction body, electronic stability control to aid handling, and an electronic braking system to ensure more evenly distributed brake force. 

At the heart of the BYD Type A is its lithium iron phosphate battery, the safest and most reliable in the electric vehicle industry. 

In addition, BYD adds an additional layer of protection with its Predictive Stop Arm™, which monitors approaching traffic and notifies students as they exit the bus when it is safe to cross. 

With length options of 26.7-feet, 24.5-feet and 22.9 feet, BYD’s Type A battery-electric school bus is perfect for routes with fewer students and for transporting those with disabilities. 

BYD buses can be equipped with HSM 3-point lap-shoulder belts, integrated child seats, and portable restraints. These school bus seats are not only designed to keep children safer, but they have the benefits of improving behavior, reducing bullying, and minimizing driver distraction. 

Driver Comfort 

With the driver being the first safety element, BYD drew from the experience of thousands of bus operators to enhance comfort and ergonomics in designing the driver’s cockpit. The driver’s area features comfort seats, a 16.5-inch power steering wheel and telescopic steering column, high level of visibility, and easy to reach control switches. The driver can also control the air conditioning over the cockpit in addition to controlling the system for passengers. 

Our Technology 

“Just like our Type D bus introduced last year, our Type A bus bi-directional charging capability is a game changer,” said Samuel Kang, BYD’s Head of Total Technology Solutions. “School buses can be charged overnight when energy demand is low, and clean emission free energy can be fed back into the classroom during school hours when the bus is parked keeping classrooms well-lit and students and teachers plugged-in.” 

BYD offers two kind of charging solutions to meet different needs. The150 kw DC charging solution is available with high charging power and efficiency. BYD also provides 19.2 kw single phase AC charging. 

BYD’s innovative battery-electric technology can cut fuel costs by as much as 60% compared to diesel vehicles. With fewer moving parts and less vibration, maintenance costs can be cut by as much as 60%. 

For more information, contact Samuel Kang, BYD’s Head of Total Technology Solutions at Sign up for our school bus newsletter at: 


The Official Sponsor of Mother Nature™, BYD, the world’s leading electric vehicle company, is dedicated to creating a “total solution.” Globally, BYD has committed to corporate social responsibility, deeply monitoring our supply chain in terms of human rights, environmental safety, hazardous substance control and intellectual property rights. We only select suppliers who share our commitment to just labor practices, human rights standards and the environment. 

For more information, please visit or follow BYD on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Contact: Jim Skeen/media relations specialist at 

One more innovative step towards sustainability: Don Agro has started to use sediments from the bottom of lakes to fertilize arable land

Don Agro International Limited (the “Company” or “Don Agro”) and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group”), one of the largest agricultural companies based in the Rostov region of Russia, is pleased to announce the launch of a joint pilot project with a startup, Octaviana, which produces a new generation of fertilizer called Live Soil(TM).
The main ingredient of this fertilizer is sapropel, also known as bio deposit. This is freshwater organic-rich mud sediment formed from the remains of plankton, water plants, and other marine-dwelling organisms and is the same mud that is used for treatment at balneological resorts. The substance has a complex chemical composition with a broad range of values and is also an efficient and ecologically friendly natural material.

“Our fertilizer is an immunity amplifier and a bio-stimulator for plant growth. It is used as a soil amendment to increase its nitrogen, phosphorous, humus, and microelements’ content and it helps to transfer nutritional elements to plants faster. Sapropel also accelerates plant growth and increases the protein content in wheat”, explained Irina Soloveva, Chief Executive Officer of Octaviana.

She added that Octaviana had recently received a report from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Angola that indicated faster growth for crops that were treated by Live Soil(TM). Both photos were made on the 42 days after seeds were sown. Plants on the left photo have not been treated with anything while, plants on the right photo were treated by Live Soil(TM).

At Don Agro, seeds of winter wheat that were processed with the Live Soil(TM) have been sown on 210 hectares of arable land.

“We plan to see the result of this pilot project in summer 2022 when we harvest the yields. One of the main benefits of using Live Soil(TM) fertilizers, is that it is basically organic and eco-friendly. Our mission is to be an agricultural company that introduces new technologies to provide a sustainable future for all. Every year we will increase the amount of arable land that is dedicated to no-till farming and organic wheat cultivation. This should help us not only to increase the level of production but also to cut down carbon emissions”, said Ivan Kalaytanov, Chief Agronomist of Don Agro International.

Since the initial public offering in February 2020, the Company had made a number of strategic investments to acquire new machinery and expand facilities in an effort to fuel ongoing growth and sustainable initiatives. In June 2021, Don Agro applied the Cognitive Agro Pilot(TM) autonomous driving system for agricultural machinery to its crop harvesters. This helped to improve productivity and reduce the consumption of fuel and carbon dioxide emissions by 5%.

About Don Agro International Limited

Don Agro is one of the largest agricultural companies in the Rostov region in Russia principally engaged in the cultivation of agricultural crops and production of raw milk. The Group is also engaged in crop production in the Volgograd region in Russia. The Group has a total controlled land bank of 67,340 hectares, of which more than 54,420 hectares are arable land. The Group owns approximately 17,200 hectares of its controlled land bank.

The Group’s operations are principally located in the Rostov region, one of the most fertile regions of Russia, situated close to the Azov and Black Seas and the Don River which house major international ports. The Group’s second operating division in the Volgograd region is located in close proximity to key trading routes including the Volga River. This allows the Group’s customers, who are mainly traders and exporters, to save on transportation costs and, as a result, be able to offer higher prices for the Group’s crops. Within the crop production segment, the Group is primarily engaged in the farming of commercial crops such as winter wheat, sunflower, and corn.

In addition, the Group is the largest milk producer in the Rostov region and owns more than 4,000 heads of dairy cattle which includes approximately 2,200 milking cows.

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India to look for Innovative Partnerships at EXPO2020 to become Preferred Sourcing Partner for Global Textile Industry;

India will pitch for becoming the preferred sourcing partner for the global textile industry during the textile week at the India Pavilion in EXPO2020, at Dubai, starting on Friday, the 26th Nov, 2021 . Minister of State for Textile & Railways, Smt. Darshana V Jardosh will inaugurate the ‘Textile Week’ virtually and is slated to invite the global investors to invest in the Indian textile value chain and make it a preferred sourcing partner. Talking about the upcoming textile week (26th Nov – 2nd Dec), Smt. Jardosh said, “Indian textile is world renowned as it not only represents country’s glittering past but also matches up to the demands of the modern times. India is the world’s second largest exporter of textile and clothing and focuses on both quality and scale of production to become the global manufacturing hub and represents immense opportunity for global investors and buyers.”

The ‘Textile Week’ at India Pavilion will see many activities including roundtable discussions on India as a sourcing and investment destination for textiles along with the production linked incentive (PLI) scheme.

Interestingly, India is recognized as one of the best sourcing destinations for garments, textiles & accessories. Textile share in India’s GDP is estimated at around 2.3% and is the largest employer, employing about 45 million workers. India’s FDI policy is recognized as the most liberal in emerging economies, which allows 100% investment under the automatic route in the entire textile value chain.  Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Textiles, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Shri Piyush Goyal has urged the textile industry ‘to focus on speed, skill and scale and get into innovative partnerships.’

The government has also recently approved a PLI scheme worth ₹10,683 for domestic technical textiles firms, and manufacturers of fabrics and apparel in the man-made fibre segment.

A high-level delegation led by Shri Vijoy Kumar Singh, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Textiles will be meeting global business federations along with various industry chambers during the ‘Textile Week’ to explore potential business tie-ups through investor connect programmes.

These meetings will also see participation from Shri Jay Karan Singh, Trade Advisor, Ministry of Textiles, Dr. A Sakthivel, Chairman, Apparel Export Promotion Council, Shri Chandrasekaran Thuvarapalayam Visvanathan, Chairman, Handloom Export Promotion Council, Shri Dhiraj Rai Chand Shah, Chairman, Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council, Shri M.A Ramasamy, Chairman, Powerloom Development & Export Promotion Council, Shri Umar Hameed, Chairman, Carpet Export Promotion Council, Shri Sanjeev Dhir, Chairman, Wool & Woollens Export Promotion Council, Shri Naresh Kumar Sadh, Chairman, Indian Silk Export Promotion Council, Shri Prem Malik, Past Chairman, Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council & CITI and Vice Chairman, NSL Textiles Ltd., Mr T. Raj Kumar, Chairman, CITI, Shri Siddharth Lohariwal, Vice-Chairman, Jute Products Development & Export Promotion Council & Shri Rakesh Kumar Verma, Executive Director, Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts and other industry stalwarts.

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