Innovative performance from Hong Kong artist showcased in London (with photos)


     The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London (London ETO) supported the performance of a Hong Kong born dancer and circus performer, Hazel Lam, staged at Jacksons Lane in London on March 8 (London time).
     The performance, titled “Lighthouse”, is a 50-minute expressionist dance and circus performance inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse. Hazel Lam used PVC plastic tubes as props and aerial apparatus in the performance. She aims to highlight the power in gentleness and feminine movement qualities, as well as invite the audience to reflect their role in a world that is overflowing with plastic.
     The Director-General of the London ETO, Mr Gilford Law, greeted the audience before the performance. Mr Law remarked, “It is our great pleasure to support Hazel’s performance in London tonight, and also her upcoming performance in May at the Enable US Festival in Sheffield. Hazel’s performance tour in the United Kingdom (UK) showcases the vibrant cultural and creative scene of Hong Kong. The National 14th Five-Year Plan expresses clear support for Hong Kong to develop into an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, in full recognition of the flourishing and diverse growth of arts, culture and creative sectors in Hong Kong. With the passion of the creative practitioners, we are confident that Hong Kong will continue to thrive as a cultural hub.”
     Mr Law also introduced the “Hello Hong Kong” Campaign. “Hong Kong is back on the international stage, and is ready to receive guests from all over the world. We will be hosting more than 250 arts, cultural, business and sports events and festivals throughout 2023. In the next few months, outdoor events like the Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament and the 100-kilometre Trailwalker; as well as arts and cultural delights like Art Basel Hong Kong, Museum Summit and Hong Kong Arts Festival will be held in the city. We can’t wait to say hello in person to each and every one of you in Hong Kong,” he added. 
     Hazel Lam’s three-month UK tour started in Cambridge in February, to be followed by Bristol and London in March, and the final stop at the Sheffield Enable US Festival in May.