Automobili Lamborghini at the Motor Valley Fest

The House of Sant’Agata participates in the event with talks on the challenges of the future and with models on display in Bologna and Modena

Sant’Agata Bolognese – WEBWIRE

Automobili Lamborghini is once again participating in Motor Valley Fest 2022, the open-air festival of Emilia-Romagna’s Motor Valley to be held from May 26th to 29th between Modena and Bologna. The brands of excellence of the “motor lands” will be celebrated with conferences, shows, exhibitions, and activities designed for all two- and four-wheel enthusiasts.

Stephan Winkelmann at the Motor Valley Top Table

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini, was one of the key panelists this morning at the Motor Valley Table, a round table discussion that brought together the top officers of the major Motor Valley brands and closed the inaugural conference in the presence of important institutional figures. Moderated by TV anchor Barbara Pedrotti, the discussion focused on the theme “Challenges and opportunities for continuing to be leaders in the high-performance driving experience and the communication of tomorrow.”

Lamborghini at the talks on Finance and Talent

Also on Thursday May 26, at 2.30 p.m., in the Sala Calandra of Unicredit bank (Via Selmi 19, Modena), Paolo Poma, Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director of Automobili Lamborghini, will participate in a round table discussion entitled “The competitive forces of the world of finance for old and new tech companies, services, and the role of open innovation”, moderated by Skytg24 journalist Mariangela Pira.

At 4.00 p.m. in the same location, a second talk will follow entitled “The challenge of challenges: new technical and digital skills in a different social context”, in which Umberto Tossini, Chief Human Capital Officer of Automobili Lamborghini will take part, giving his contribution and vision on the new skills emerging under the impetus of digitalization and electrification.

Stand and Talk at Innovation and Talents

On May 26 and 27, Lamborghini will be present with its stand at “Innovation and Talents”, the section of Motor Valley Fest conceived as an ideal meeting place for companies, universities, and young innovators, featuring initiatives to raise awareness of the professional and training opportunities in Emilia-Romagna’s Motor Valley. On May 27 at 2.30 p.m., a talent talk is scheduled on the theme of skills and training, held by representatives of the company’s Human Capital & Organization Department.

Lamborghini displays in Bologna and Modena

Throughout the event, Lamborghini models will be showcased in the main venues of the Motor Valley Fest. From May 25th to 28th, a Huracán STO and an Urus will be on public display at the Autopromotec show in Bologna, the International Biennial Exhibition of Automotive Equipment and the Aftermarket, a world reference for the entire automotive sector. Lamborghini’s futuristic Terzo Millennio hypercar will also be on display in the Electric City area.

In Modena, on the other hand, an Aventador Ultimae will be on display in the prestigious setting of the Accademia Militare for the entire duration of the event.

Automobili Lamborghini supports Global Recycling Day

Recycling and upcycling projects steering towards an increasingly sustainable future

Sant’Agata Bolognese – WEBWIRE

Automobili Lamborghini is supporting Global Recycling Day. Falling on 18 March every year, it was launched by the Global Recycling Foundation in 2018 to promote recycling, which has a crucial part to play in preserving our natural resources, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring that our planet has a future. Automobili Lamborghini was first awarded ISO 14001 certification in 2009 and in the same year a waste upcycling initiative was introduced throughout the Sant’Agata Bolognese plant.

In 2021, the company recovered 51% of all special waste produced during its manufacturing activities. In 2020, it introduced two recycling and upcycling initiatives that have breathed new life into production waste materials. It turns them into new resources instead of disposing of them, to the benefit of both society and the environment.

Leather that does not pass the quality control process is considered to all intents and purposes to be a raw material, as are any offcuts that cannot be used due to their size or the presence of small natural defects. Therefore, they can be given a new life by being transformed into small-customized leather goods. This activity was developed thanks to an agreement with the Cooperativa Cartiera in Marzabotto (near Bologna), which upcycles leather and fabric by-products otherwise destined for landfill. The organization scrupulously adheres to the principles of social inclusion, fine craftsmanship, and environmental sustainability. The first four products to be presented by the “Upcycled Leather Project” are a tote bag, a smartphone case, a cardholder and a key ring. Available at and from Lamborghini dealers, they are all customized with the shield logo and the words “Reduce, reuse, recycle”.

Lamborghini utilizes a significant quantity of carbon fiber composite materials in vehicle production. The waste produced during the use of these refined materials can be recycled. Automobili Lamborghini has been reusing carbon fiber scraps for a number of years in research and development activities that regenerate the material and bring out the best of its lightness and mechanical performance in automotive components. Since 2020, the company has reclaimed approximately 27 tons of carbon fiber waste that could not be used for other purposes. As an alternative to regeneration, materials are also donated to training organizations such as the Experis Academy in Fornovo di Taro and university associations like Bologna Motorsport, which reuse them for educational purposes during the training of new technicians and engineers. This form of material recycling takes place in tandem with the development of merchandise and accessories that are produced on a small scale for Lamborghini events and customers, in order to gain know-how and try out new technologies and processes that can subsequently be used on vehicle components.

Sustainability is one of the pillars of Lamborghini’s corporate strategy and it leads to greater awareness and responsibility among all members of staff in all departments. Lamborghini’s environmental policy is a key part of a business approach that takes into account every aspect of operating a company within a community. Over the years, there has been growing dedication to initiatives, projects and activities that aim to make the company increasingly green. The holistic vision and all-embracing approach apply throughout an area of 160,000 square meters that has been certified CO2 neutral since 2015. This has remained the case even after the production site doubled in size in recent years.

Automobili Lamborghini is a Top Employer Italia 2022, receiving the award for the ninth year in a row

was characterized by an important well-being project with the launch of the Lamborghini Feelosophy program (its name combining “feel” and “philosophy”), developed by the Sant’Agata team with the aim of taking care of its people in a holistic sense.

The Lamborghini Feelosophy program is based on three pillars – body, mind and purpose – and promotes initiatives aimed at cultivating the growth and well-being of people from the perspective of listening and continuous improvement. The project includes longstanding initiatives related to physical and mental well-being, and is now enriched with new proposals dedicated, for example, to sustainable nutrition and the importance of sleep.

Another central topic is that of Diversity&Inclusion. Lamborghini provides its employees with a number of initiatives to support them in balancing private life and work. For this purpose, the company provides dad and mom coaching courses, thanks to which mothers and fathers working at Lamborghini can talk to a coach about the changes that inevitably come with the arrival of a child.

Furthermore, the company has a strong commitment to transforming all forms of diversity into an added value, addressing its various aspects in regular studies, talks and podcasts available to employees on the WeLambo app. Numerous different cultures coexist at Lamborghini (its employees come from 35 countries around the world) and workers with disabilities and mental health issues are fully integrated into the working environment. As regards generational diversity, over the years the company has implemented cross-mentoring initiatives designed to stimulate the transfer of knowledge between junior and senior employees, with a view to the continuous improvement of skills.