was characterized by an important well-being project with the launch of the Lamborghini Feelosophy program (its name combining “feel” and “philosophy”), developed by the Sant’Agata team with the aim of taking care of its people in a holistic sense.

The Lamborghini Feelosophy program is based on three pillars – body, mind and purpose – and promotes initiatives aimed at cultivating the growth and well-being of people from the perspective of listening and continuous improvement. The project includes longstanding initiatives related to physical and mental well-being, and is now enriched with new proposals dedicated, for example, to sustainable nutrition and the importance of sleep.

Another central topic is that of Diversity&Inclusion. Lamborghini provides its employees with a number of initiatives to support them in balancing private life and work. For this purpose, the company provides dad and mom coaching courses, thanks to which mothers and fathers working at Lamborghini can talk to a coach about the changes that inevitably come with the arrival of a child.

Furthermore, the company has a strong commitment to transforming all forms of diversity into an added value, addressing its various aspects in regular studies, talks and podcasts available to employees on the WeLambo app. Numerous different cultures coexist at Lamborghini (its employees come from 35 countries around the world) and workers with disabilities and mental health issues are fully integrated into the working environment. As regards generational diversity, over the years the company has implemented cross-mentoring initiatives designed to stimulate the transfer of knowledge between junior and senior employees, with a view to the continuous improvement of skills.