VA Approves New Rifle Scope Clip-on as Adaptive Recreational Equipment for Visually Disabled Veterans

 Providers of innovative adaptive hunting and shooting products Digital FOV, LLC announces the approval of their Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on by the Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center for issuance to eligible blind and low-vision veterans as adaptive recreational equipment.

Henry Johns and the rest of the team of forward-thinking professionals at Digital FOV, LLC have again achieved a landmark feat as the company’s new product, Digital Crosshairs 1,000 Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on for assisted blind, low vision, and mobility handicapped hunters was recently approved by the Veterans Administration Blind Rehabilitation Center for issuance to veterans as “Adaptive Recreational Equipment.” The approval came after the completion of a detailed evaluation in October by the VA Blind Rehabilitation Center in Augusta, Georgia, certifying it as a tool to support recreational therapy for blind and low vision Veterans.

“We are very excited that eligible blind and low vision Veterans can now be issued our product as part of their treatment plan. This will enable them to enjoy hunting and shooting sports as part of their recreational therapy treatment plans.” – Mr. Johns, founder of Digital FOV, LLC.

Digital Crosshairs 1,000 Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on was designed to enable disabled sports men and women to more independently enjoy recreational hunting and shooting sports. It is covered under the VHA Prosthetic Clinical Management Program (PCMP) Clinical Practice Recommendations (CPR) for the issuance of recreational and sports equipment to Veterans which includes adaptive devices for hunting.

“Many of our Veterans grew up hunting. What better therapy is there for a disabled Veteran that grew up hunting than to get back in the woods with family and close friends this hunting season? Many disabled Veterans are left behind on hunting trips. They think they can’t be taken along due to limited vision or mobility. This product changes that perception. Our assistive technology rifle scope clip-on enables many of them to get back in the woods!”

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on is used by hunters with limited vision due to eye injuries, macular degeneration, and limited vision due to various eye diseases. It is also beneficial to assisted blind hunters and shooters. It enables more independence in hunting and shooting sports by people with mobility handicaps that resulted from amputations, paralysis, cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, arthritis, and spinal cord injuries.

Digital Crosshairs Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on is already generating a lot of buzz, helping many visually impaired and mobility handicapped people. It has also been described by some as “amazing,” with the VA BRC recommending it for issuance to Veterans subject to their doctor’s advised recreational therapy treatment plan. This product is used by Buckmaster’s Life Hunts, Rural Institute – MonTech at the University of Montana, Wyoming Disabled Hunters Organization, and Kids S.A.F.E Foundation to help handicapped people of all ages enjoy hunting and shooting sports.

To learn more about Digital FOV, LLC and the Digital Crosshairs 1000A Adaptive Rifle Scope Clip-on product visit

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CCI approves acquisition of equity securities amounting up to 10% in YES Bank by Verventa Holdings

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) approves acquisition of equity securities amounting up to 10% in YES Bank by Verventa Holdings

Verventa Holdings Ltd. (Acquirer) is an investment holding company. Currently, it does not have any operations in India.

YES Bank Limited (Target) is a banking company engaged in providing a wide range of banking and financial services.

The Commission approved the Proposed Combination relating to the acquisition of equity securities amounting to up to 10% of the total paid up share capital and voting rights of the Target by the Acquirer (Proposed Combination).

Detailed order of the CCI will follow.



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Cabinet approves the Memorandum of Understanding signed on mutual recognition of academic qualifications between India and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Union Cabinet in its meeting held on 07.09.2022 chaired by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi granted ex post facto approval for the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on mutual recognition of academic qualifications signed on 25.04.2022.

Mutual Recognition of Qualifications between India and UK aims to promote academic collaboration and student mobility. The request from UK side to grant recognition to their One Year Masters Programme was considered, and during the meeting between the Education Ministers of the two countries held on 16 December 2020 in New Delhi, a decision was taken to set up a joint task force for this purpose. The first meeting was held on 04th February, 2021 and subsequently after detailed deliberations and negotiations both sides agreed on the draft MoU.

The MoU aims to facilitate the mutual recognition of educational qualifications, periods of study undertaken, documents related to academic degrees/qualifications and accreditation by educational institutions within the two countries. Professional degrees like Engineering, Medicine, Nursing and Para-Medical Education, Pharmacy, Law, and Architecture are out of the purview of this MoU. It will also facilitate establishment of Joint/Dual degree courses between Higher Education Institutions, one of our objectives under NEP 2020 for Intel-nationalization of Education.

This MoU will promote bilateral exchange of information about educational structure, programs and standards and increase mobility of students and professionals between the two countries. It will also encourage other areas of cooperation in education sector, development of study programs as mutually agreed upon by the Parties.

This MoU shall recognize equivalence in accordance with parity with regard to acceptability of qualifications as approved under national policy, law, rules and regulations of the two countries.



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Cabinet approves widening access of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) database to users, besides patent offices

The Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has approved the “Widening access of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) database to users, besides patent offices”. The opening up of the TKDL database to users is an ambitious and forward-looking action by the Government of India.  This will be a new dawn for Indian traditional knowledge, as the TKDL will drive research & development, and innovation based on India’s valued heritage across diverse fields.  The opening up of the TKDL is also envisaged to inculcate thought and knowledge leadership through Bharatiya Gnana Parampara, under the New Education Policy 2020.

Indian traditional knowledge (TK) offers immense potential to serve national and global needs, therewith providing societal benefits as well as economic growth.  For example, the traditional systems of medicine and wellness from our country, namely Ayurveda.  Siddha, Unani, Sowa Rigpa, and Yoga are serving the needs of people from India and abroad even today.  The recent COVID- 19 pandemic has also been witnessing extensive use of Indian traditional medicines whose benefits range from immune-boosting to symptoms-relief to anti-viral activity.  Earlier this year in April, the World Health Organization (WHO) established its first off-shore Global Centre for Traditional Medicines (GCTM) in India.  These demonstrate the continued relevance of traditional knowledge in address the current and emerging needs of the world. 

The approval of the Cabinet to widen the access of the database beyond patent offices lays emphasis on integrating and co-opting traditional knowledge with current practices towards enhancing innovation and trade.  The TKDL will act as an important sources of TK information for advancing knowledge and technology frontiers.  The current contents of TKDL shall facilitate                 wider adoption of Indian traditional medicines, while also propelling new manufacturers and innovators to gainfully build enterprises based on our valuable knowledge heritage.

The TKDL can cater to a vast user base that would include businesses/companies {herbal healthcare (AYUSH, pharmaceuticals, phytopharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals), personal care, and other FMCG}, research institutions: public and private; educational institutions: educators & students; and others: ISM practitioners, knowledge holders, patentees and their legal representatives, and government, among several others.  The access to the TKDL database would be through a paid subscription model with a phase-wise opening to national and international users.

In future, more information on Indian traditional knowledge from other domains will be added to the TKDL database from the perspectives of the “3P – Preservation.  Protection and Promotion”.  While catering to its primary mandate of preventing grant of wrong patents on Indian traditional knowledge, the TKDL database will also push creative minds to innovate for better, safer and more effective solutions for a healthier and technology endowed population.  India’s rich heritage shall lay a strong foundation for newer socio-economic developments.

About TKDL: The Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) is a prior art database of Indian traditional knowledge established in 2001, jointly by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homeopathy (ISM&H, now Ministry of AYUSH).  The TKDL is a first of its kind globally and has been serving as an exemplary model to other nations.  The TKDL currently contains information from existing literature related to ISM such as Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Yoga.  The information is documented in a digitized format in five international languages which are English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish.  TKDL provides information in languages and format understandable by patent examiners at Patent Offices worldwide, so as to prevent the erroneous grant of patents.  Until now, access to the complete TKDL database is restricted to 14 Patent Offices worldwide for the purposes of search and examination.  This defensive protection through TKDL has been effective in safeguarding Indian traditional knowledge from misappropriation, and is considered a global benchmark.



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CCI Approves Acquisition of Citrix Systems, Inc.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has  approved the acquisition of Citrix Systems, Inc. (Citrix) by funds managed by Vista Equity Partners Management, LLC (Vista) and funds and investment vehicles managed by Elliott Investment Management L.P. (Elliott)

The proposed combination relates to acquisition of Citrix by funds managed by Vista and funds and investment vehicles managed by Elliot approved by the Commission in its meeting held on 17th June, 2022. The proposed combination will be implemented pursuant to an Agreement and a Plan of Merger entered into and among Citrix, Picard Parent, Picard Merger Sub, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Picard Parent) and TIBCO Software Inc. (TIBCO). Specifically, TIBCO, a Vista controlled portfolio company will combine with Citrix, and Vista and Elliott will ultimately acquire joint control of the combined Citrix/TIBCO business.

The names of the parties to the combination are:

(a) Elliott Alto Aggregator GP LLC (Elliott Aggregator)

(b) Picard Parent, Inc (Picard Parent);

(c) Picard HoldCo LLC (Holdco); and

(d) Citrix Systems, Inc. (Citrix).

Vista and Elliott have been collectively referred as Acquirers. The Acquirers and Citrix are collectively referred to as the Parties.

Vista is a US-based investment firm focused on empowering and growing enterprise software, data and technology-enabled businesses. Vista controls a number of portfolio companies that are active in the provision of IT services such as the provision of business software.

Elliott is a US-based investment firm whose flagship fund, Elliott Associates, L.P., was founded in 1977. Elliott employs a multi-strategy trading approach that encompasses a broad range of strategies, including, without limitation: equity-oriented, private equity and private credit, distressed securities, non-distressed debt, hedge/arbitrage, real estate-related securities, commodities trading and portfolio volatility protection.

Citrix is a multinational enterprise software company headquartered in Florida, United States of America. Citrix is focused on helping organisations deliver a consistent and secure work experience. Citrix delivers a digital workspace solution that provides unified, reliable and secure access to all work resources (apps, content, etc.) and simplifies work execution and collaboration across every work channel, device, and location. Broadly, Citrix is mainly active in (i) desktop virtualization space, (ii) workspace solutions, and (iii) networking and IT security software.


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