The Digital Employee ID badges from EntryLogic are stored directly in the employees’ Apple or Android-based smartphone wallets. Each secure ID has a QR Code that can be scanned on EntryLogic kiosks as employees enter or exit the workplace. In addition to reducing physical touchpoints, with EntryLogics Secure Digitial IDs ensure a safer return to work. With these devices, not only can users benefit from embedded security, but also provision, manage, or revoke access easily.

The use of secure wallets on employee smartphones greatly improves the efficiency and security of managing employee IDs, according to Michael Crincoli, CEO of EntryLogic. Aside from the health benefits of touchless sign-in, Digital IDs are inherently more secure than physical key cards and key fobs, which are easily misplaced”. In addition to being more secure, Digital ID badges provide another benefit. Digital IDs eliminate the need for companies to pay for physical cards’ production costs.

EntryLogic offers several plans starting at $49/month: Basic perfect for start-ups or companies with a single location with less than 25 employees; Business for companies with a single location with up to 50 employees; Business Plus for companies up to three locations (100 employees/location); and the Enterprise plan for larger employee-bases with multiple locations. EntryLogic also offers Building Manager, a unique plan specifically designed to support facilities with multiple tenants. The Building Manager plan provides lobby operation teams full control over the facility. FREE Trials for all plans are available on

EntryLogic also offers pre-configured bundles of their hardware. These bundles include all of the necessary hardware (tablets, badge printers, ID/Card scanners, and supplies) needed to provide a seamless experience. All of the EntryLogic hardware is designed to optimize the user experience, and performance of the platform, and deliver unrivaled ease of use and value for customers.